Permalink Medvedev: Kiev's Security Guarantees Project is 'Prelude to World War Three'

Earlier in the day, Volodymyr Zelensky's office presented a project of future "security guarantees" for Ukraine after Russia's special military operation ends. The plan includes massive militarization, as well as intervention by foreign guarantors in the event of an attack on the country.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has harshly criticized the project of security guarantees for post-conflict Ukraine, which was presented by Kiev, warning that its implementation will become a "prelude to World War Three".  Medvedev said that the presented project is basically equal to extending NATO's military protection over Ukraine. He warned that if the bloc's members don't stop sending more weapons to Kiev, the conflict might grow to a different level, become less predictable and will start involving more and more countries.

💬 "Then the [people in] western countries will not be able to sit in their clean houses and apartments, laughing at how they weaken Russia using proxies. Everything around them will go up in flames. Their citizens will get their fair share of woes. The earth will literally burn and the concrete will melt around them," Medvedev warned.

Medvedev describes Kiev’s draft of "security guarantees" as prologue to WW III (TASS)

Permalink US involved in Ukrainian strikes on nuclear plant – Moscow

Top Russian security official suggests the US is creating the conditions for the attacks | Washington has been supplying Kiev with crucial intelligence to designate targets for shelling around the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), the head of Russia’s Security Council Nikolay Patrushev has claimed.  Speaking at a security meeting on Monday, Patrushev said there was a “serious threat” to radiation safety posed by Kiev’s shelling. He insisted that attacks near the plant are carried out using NATO-supplied weapons while Washington is providing Ukraine’s forces with the targets.  The security official noted that the continued firing around the ZNPP could lead to an unprecedented nuclear disaster.

💬 “The consequences of these provocations could be very catastrophic not only for the majority of the population of Ukraine and Russia but also for Europe, and in terms of their scale they could surpass the tragedies that occurred at the nuclear power plants in Chernobyl and Fukushima,” Patrushev warned.

According to a Sunday report from Russia’s Defense Ministry, Kiev’s forces have carried out a total of 26 separate attacks on the nuclear power plant, as well as the nearby city of Energodar, since September 1. Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov reported that the city and nearby areas have lost electricity as a result of the attacks.

Permalink Special Military Operation, Season 2

💬 "...Ukraine is a pseudo-state, which is supplied, financed, and increasingly managed by NATO. Western agencies cannot resist bragging - Britain identified itself as the party responsible for planning and organizing the Kherson operation, while the USA claims credit for the more successful Kharkov attack.  It is difficult to overstate the extent to which Ukraine is sustained solely by the west. Ukrainian soldiers are trained by NATO officers, armed with NATO weapons, accompanied in the field by NATO soldiers foreign volunteers, and the Ukrainian pseudo-state is kept running by cash injections from the west. Videos from the Kharkov front abound with English speaking soldiers and foreign weapons." (Source)

Permalink Civilians Killed in Ukrainian Shelling of Russian Region

Ukrainian forces shelled the town of Logachevka in Russia’s Belgorod region on Monday, the region’s head, Vyacheslav Gladkov said on his Telegram channel. The shelling killed an elderly woman and left four injured, he said, adding that they had been taken to a local hospital.

The deceased woman and three of the injured people were all Ukrainian citizens, Gladkov said, adding that the fourth person is a local resident, RT reported.  There was also “partial destruction” of several private houses, cars and a power transmission line, the official said, adding that local emergency services had to temporarily halt gas and electricity supply to the town. Local authorities were also ordered to evacuate Logachevka residents in the wake of the shelling.  Logachevka is located close to Russia’s border with Ukraine, with a border crossing located nearby. According to Russian media, the Russian military responded to the shelling with an airstrike that forced the Ukrainian troops to leave their position and “disperse”.  Since the start of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, Kiev’s forces have carried out numerous strikes on settlements and border checkpoints in Russia’s regions of Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk. The attacks, which mainly involved drones and mortars, have hit both infrastructure and residential areas, resulting in destruction, injuries, and several civilian deaths, local authorities reported.  In mid-August, officials in the Belgorod region reported discovering anti-personnel mines in several municipalities. At that time, Gladkov said that mines were found near an urban area shelled by the Ukrainian military back in May.  In August, a boy lost his hand after trying to disassemble ammunition that he had found in his village in the Belgorod region. He had also severely damaged his face and eyes, Gladkov said. In May, a truck driver was also killed in a mortar strike in the neighboring Kursk region.

Permalink Germany has ‘crossed red line’ – Russia

There will be no turning back after Berlin supplied arms to kill Russians, Moscow’s envoy says | Germany has crossed a red line with Russia by sending arms to Ukraine, Moscow’s ambassador in Berlin said on Monday. The decision undermined decades of reconciliation since the end of World War II and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the diplomat added.

💬 “The very fact that the Ukrainian regime is being supplied with German-made lethal weapons, which are used not only against Russian military service members, but also the civilian population of Donbass, crosses the red line,” Ambassador Sergey Nechaev said in an interview with Izvestia newspaper. He added that Berlin should have known better, “considering the moral and historic responsibility that Germany has before our people for the Nazi crimes.” “They have crossed the Rubicon,” Nechaev stated, using an idiom for passing the point of no return.

Scholz Urges Putin To Agree To Cease-Fire, Withdraw Troops From Ukraine (Ground News)
Germany's Arms Pipeline To Ukraine Has 'Crossed Red Line', Kremlin Says (ZeroHedge)

DIANA JOHNSTONE: The Specter of Germany Is Rising | [...] Germany’s military buildup will give substance to Robert Habeck’s notorious statement in Washington last March that: 💬 “The stronger Germany serves, the greater its role.” The Green’s Habeck is Germany’s economics minister and the second most powerful figure in Germany’s current government.  The remark was well understood in Washington: by serving the U.S.-led Western empire, Germany is strengthening its role as European leader. Just as the U.S. arms, trains and occupies Germany, Germany will provide the same services for smaller EU states, notably to its east.  Germany’s Green Party foreign minister Annalena Baerbock is every bit as intent on “ruining Russia.” Proponent of a “feminist foreign policy”, Baerbock expresses policy in personal terms. 💬 “If I give the promise to people in Ukraine, we stand with you as long as you need us,” she told the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy (NED)-sponsored Forum 2000 in Prague on Aug. 31, speaking in English. “Then I want to deliver no matter what my German voters think, but I want to deliver to the people of Ukraine.”

Permalink New Zealand DROPS COVID Mask and Vax Requirements

New Zealand is dropping mask and vaccine mandates in sweeping COVID changes | Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has declared it “time to safely turn the page” on New Zealand’s Covid-19 restrictions, scrapping all but a handful of remaining rules.  New Zealand, which once eliminated the virus through the toughest pandemic rules in the world, has made relaxations similar to Australian or European conditions.  Mask-wearing will no longer be mandatory in public places, and the last vaccine mandates will be ditched in two weeks under sweeping changes announced by the prime minister on Monday.“  For far too many people, this is too little, too late. For them, the damage is already done; either from losing jobs due to Vax Mandates, or from getting sick (or dying) from the experimental vaccines themselves.

The Nerve of This Woman (A Paul Joseph Watson Video)

Permalink 2nd huge eruption from the sun hammers Venus

Georgo Ho, a solar physicist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, told SpaceWeather.com that the latest eruption was "no run-of-the-mill event." 💬 "I can safely say the Sept. 5th event is one of the largest (if not THE largest) Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) storms that we have seen so far since Solar Orbiter launched in 2020," Ho, who is one of the lead investigators of the Energetic Particle Detector Instrument aboard Solar Orbiter, told SpaceWeather.com. "It is at least an order of magnitude stronger than the radiation storm from last week's CME."

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