Permalink Nato Intel Classified as "Secret" Being Given to Ukraine

💬 Military documents Classified as "SECRET" from NATO, have been revealed publicly, and they show the extent to which NATO is actively assisting Ukraine with targeting info to KILL Russian troops. The release of these documents proves that NATO is, in fact, an actual facilitator of combat against Russia in Ukraine. What NATO is doing is actually CAUSING Russian troops to die.

💬 The documents below were secured by criminal computer hackers working against Ukraine. The hacker group calls themselves "BEREGINI." I have had no contact with anyone from that group and I did not solicit these documents, or participate in any of the efforts which got them. The Hackers posted the documents publicly on the Internet. That's where I got them. Below, you will see screen shots of SOME what the Hackers made public. For the most part, they are GPS targeting coordinates, with Identifying categories listing what type of Russian military hardware is at each location, so Ukraine can attack them and destroy or kill them.

Ukraine is using NATO weapons to kill innocent civilians in the Donbass (Eva Bartlett -RT.com) | On Monday, Ukraine slaughtered 16 civilians, including two children, with 155mm NATO shells, according to the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin. The projectiles hit two adjacent neighborhoods, decimating residential and commercial areas – including a market that had previously suffered fatal attacks.  Scenes of death are nothing new for residents and reporters here in Donetsk, which is intermittently the target of Ukrainian attacks, like the one that hit its central region on August 4, killing six people, including an 11-year-old ballerina, her grandmother, and her ballet teacher.  But the carnage on Monday was worse than anything I’ve seen in my months of reporting here. Chunks of flesh littered the street – part of a hand, a foot, an ear. Someone had put a dead man’s phone on his stomach. It was ringing, the cheery ringtone incongruous with his lifeless body and the scenes and stench of death around him.  For most people, the concept of war is a distant one, and deaths are normalized by media reporting the numbers of victims and destroyed buildings – so most who hear of civilians being killed don’t really understand what a scene like this looks or smells like.  For the locals, it is also normalized, in its own way, after over eight years of Ukrainian attacks – a tragically grotesque kind of normality, where the post-bombing routine starts soon after the last explosions die down.

Eva Bartlett, RT.com, Sep 23 2022 (Niqnaq) Multiple deaths in Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk market (RT.com)

Permalink ‘We’re Ready To Team Up With Russia’, Xi Tells Putin

At the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan Xi told Putin that “We’re ready to team up with Russia” and the two countries performed joint naval patrols and military drills in the Pacific Ocean just hours before the conference.

The two leaders agreed that the end of a unipolar world where the US dominates is just around the corner during their highly anticipated bilateral encounter on Thursday outside of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan. In his opening remarks, Putin referred to it as “ugly” and emphasised that the “vast majority” of countries have rejected American control.

💬 The West’s “attempts to create a unipolar world have recently taken on an absolutely ugly shape and are absolutely unacceptable to the vast majority of nations on the planet,” the Russian leader told Xi, according to a state media translation, were “absolutely unacceptable to the vast majority of nations on the planet.”

Permalink Main Points From Sergey Lavrov's Statements at the Un Security Council

🔹 Referendums in Donbass, Zaporozhie and Kherson regions are a response to Zelensky's call for Russians to leave Ukraine;
🔹 Residents of Donbass were killed and are being killed only because they did not recognize the results of the coup d'état in     Ukraine;
🔹 The Kiev regime waged a total attack on the Russian language and infringed upon the Russian-speaking population. In     Ukraine, they destroy books in Russian, acting as in fascist Germany;
🔹 All those responsible for Ukraine's war crimes will be brought to justice;
🔹 The Russian Federation has facts of the participation of citizens of Britain, Canada, the USA, the Netherlands in hostilities     on the side of Ukraine.

Permalink Voting has started in Donetsk

Eva Bartlett | Voting has started in Donetsk. I just went to Kalinskiy district where voting started at 8:30 am. Pretty straight forward: people show their ID, write their home address, get a ballot and cast their yes or no, behind a shield for their privacy, put the ballot in a sealed container.  Of course, western pundits have already decided this is this is sham referendum, but the people here don't care what the west says. The west has been arming Ukraine, which is is raining bombs down on Donetsk, killing 6 people yesterday, 16 people Monday, 4 people Saturday...and thousands over the past 8 years. Enough is enough, the people are voting and don't be surprised if the results are for the DPR to join Russia.

Permalink China Criticizes the U.S. Over Syria, Urges Washington to Stop Stealing the Oil

Since early August, there have been at least 10 oil thefts by US troops in Syria. Some 800 tankers were used to transport stolen oil to US bases outside of Syria. In the meantime, Syrian people have had to queue for hours to fill up at the gas station.
By June 2022, US military’s extraction, smuggling and illegal transaction of Syrian oil, gas and mineral resources has brought an estimated $18.2 bln of direct losses on Syria, making Syria’s humanitarian disaster much worse.
Syria is yet another victim of the US’s “rules-based order” just like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Under this order, the rights and lives of the Syrian people are being taken away, instead of being protected.
We urge the US to respect Syria’s sovereignty & territorial integrity, respond to the call of the Syrian people, stop plundering Syria’s national resources at once, and take concrete action to remedy the pain they have inflicted on Syria.

Permalink It’s as-if voters want to remain deceived

Eric Zuesse | Right now, most Governments do things that are commonly said to be evil when perpetrated by an ‘enemy’ country but which are simultaneously considered to be okay when one’s own Government does it | America’s voters don’t want to acknowledge that they were fooled, by lying Presidents and by their stenographic ‘free press’ transmitting Governmental lies — they were thus deceived into invading and destroying Iraq in 2003, and Libya in 2011-, and Syria in 2011-. U.S. is globally the most frequently mentioned nation as being “the greatest threat to peace in the world today.” The biggest threat to peace isn’t Iran, and isn’t Russia, and isn’t China, and isn’t Venezuela, but it is, in fact, their mutually shared and actually aggressive enemy, the United States of America, which wants to dictate to them all — this imperialistic dictatorship demands to impose its ‘democracy’ throughout the world, as it has tried to do in hundreds of coups and invasions. It destroyed Iran’s democracy in 1953. It destroyed Guatemala’s democracy in 1954. It destroyed Chile’s democracy in 1973. And there are many other such instances, less well-known — including many even after the so-called ‘ideological’ Cold War ended in 1991. But the American people obviously don’t want to know, and don’t even care, about the ugliness of the Government that they allegedly ‘elect’ (but really do not — and they don’t want to know that, either). Americans aren’t physical slaves, but are mental slaves — they don’t even want to know the reality, of the regime that rules them. [...] Americans prefer to remain deceived, and to blame-the-victims — Iran, Russia, China, Syria, Venezuela, etc. — even as our Government imposes entirely unjustified and unjustifiable strangulating economic blockades (“sanctions”) against countries that America’s voracious and vicious megacorporate aristocracy (America’s billionaires) want to control.

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