Permalink Russia will gain more new regions – ex-president

The military operation in Ukraine will continue until “original Russian territories” are liberated, Dmitry Medvedev says | Moscow will add even more new regions to its territory, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said on the first anniversary of the country’s unification with the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. The residents of the four territories took part in referendums a year ago and made the decision “to be with their Fatherland,” Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on Saturday.  Speaking about the ongoing fighting in Ukraine, Medvedev, who now holds the position of deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, insisted that Moscow’s military operation would continue until the current regime in Kiev is “destroyed and the original Russian territories are liberated from the enemy.”

Permalink NATO Admits that Ukraine War is The War of NATO Expansion

Jeffrey D. Sachs | Last week, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg committed a Washington gaffe, meaning that he accidentally blurted out the truth | In testimony to the European Union Parliament, Stoltenberg made clear that it was America’s relentless push to enlarge NATO to Ukraine that was the real cause of the war and why it continues today. Here are Stoltenberg’s revealing words:

💬 “The background was that President Putin declared in the autumn of 2021, and actually sent a draft treaty that they wanted NATO to sign, to promise no more NATO enlargement. That was what he sent us. And was a pre-condition for not invade Ukraine. Of course, we didn’t sign that.  The opposite happened. He wanted us to sign that promise, never to enlarge NATO. He wanted us to remove our military infrastructure in all Allies that have joined NATO since 1997, meaning half of NATO, all the Central and Eastern Europe, we should remove NATO from that part of our Alliance, introducing some kind of B, or second-class membership. We rejected that.  So, he went to war to prevent NATO, more NATO, close to his borders. He has got the exact opposite.”

To repeat, he [Putin] went to war to prevent NATO, more NATO, close to his borders. Why does Russia oppose NATO enlargement? For the simple reason that Russia does not accept the US military on its 2,300 km border with Ukraine in the Black Sea region. Russia does not appreciate the US placement of Aegis missiles in Poland and Romania after the US unilaterally abandoned the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty.  Russia also does not welcome the fact that the US engaged in no fewer than 70 regime change operations during the Cold War (1947-1989), and countless more since, including in Serbia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, and Ukraine. Nor does Russia like the fact that many leading US politicians actively advocate the destruction of Russia under the banner of “Decolonizing Russia.” That would be like Russia calling for the removal of Texas, California, Hawaii, the conquered Indian lands, and much else, from the U.S.

17 Dec 2021: Russia calls on US to stop NATO eastward expansion in draft security treaty (09/16/23)

Permalink Thousands of Ukrainian Troops Surrender via Russian Radio Hotline [???]

Amid Kiev's botched counteroffensive, which has shown no progress since its initiation in early June, there is a growing number of Ukrainian soldiers opting to surrender by raising a white flag. | Clayton Morris, an American journalist, has expressed his astonishment at a series of videos showcasing the significant surrender of Ukrainian armed forces (UAF) servicemen. This surrender was seen even through the utilization of a newly established Russian radio frequency. “This is amazing. This is a story the Western media does not want you to see,” Morris said on his YouTube channel, referring to “tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers laying down the weapons and surrendering to the Russian troops.”  According to a reliable source, recently there has been a significant increase in the number of Ukrainian troops utilizing a dedicated radio frequency to communicate their willingness to disarm. The revelation comes after the individual's statement was reported by Russian media. The frequency was set up by Russian forces in mid-summer.

Permalink Vučić: "We possess evidence and we will prosecute the cold-blooded killers" VIDEO

Vučić stated that he had a long conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken about Kosovo. [...] Vučić stated that they did not agree on the nature of what happened in Kosovo, especially the one related to Kosovo's sovereignty.
💬 "I don't care what anyone in the world thinks about it. We have evidence that at least one, and possibly two people were literally liquidated in cold blood, when they were not liquidated in battle, but only wounded, they were alive and surrendered, and then they were liquidated from a short distance. I didn't want to agree that it was any kind of perfectly professionally done action," said Vučić.

President of Serbia stated that he asked Blinken why EULEX was not allowed to participate in the operation in the north of Kosovo and Metohija. Vučić said that the US secretary also spoke about possible measures against Serbia "if we do not behave appropriately".
💬 "You are a big country, a superpower, it's yours to do what you think you have to, I'm completely against that and I think it's very bad, but there are things we have to stick to, and that's first and foremost the truth," Vucic said. "Our country has evidence, we will prosecute cold-blooded killers, we have statements and photos that confirm it," said Vučić. "Our country has evidence, we will prosecute cold-blooded killers, we have statements and photos that confirm it," said Vučić.

Permalink Sasha Latypova: I will be speaking at the Swedish Parliament Today. Live Stream Available.

On Friday 29 September at 15:00, the seminar "How safe and effective are vaccines against COVID-19?" will start. The event will be hosted by Independent Member of Parliament Elsa Widding. Invited are all Members of Parliament and other specially invited guests. MoD Media will be there filming and you can watch the seminar live here: The seminar in the Parliament on 29 September will focus on the safety and effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines. It has been over two years since mass vaccination began, and now that the WHO has cancelled the pandemic, recommendations for certain groups continue. Before Sweden decides on the WHO's powers for future pandemic measures, it is important to have a clear picture of the safety of the vaccines and how quickly they were authorised, and whether other effective treatments were available when the pandemic began. Experts are invited to shed light on different aspects of the topic. (Translation: DeepL.com)

How safe and effective are the vaccines against Covid-19? - Watch the seminar live from the Riksdagen - from 1 pm, 29/9 (EXITWHO.SE)

Permalink Russia to Hold First Nationwide "Nuclear Attack Exercise" - all 11 Time Zones - Oct 3

It seems no small coincidence this is announced to take place just one day BEFORE the US Emergency Alert System (EAS) test, scheduled for October 4. | With all the bru-ha-ha about the U.S. conducting its first nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) test on October 4, it is eerily unsettling that Russia has just announced its first nationwide CIVILIAN nuclear attack exercise one day earlier, on Oct. 3. This first nationwide nuclear attack exercise across 11 time zones is openly stated by Russia to be "in preparation for potential nuclear war." It is scheduled to take place on October 3 and will see Vladimir Putin’s regime present the West as a nuclear aggressor. The one-day nuclear attack exercise, which has only ever been done region by region, will include preparation for the destruction of up to 70% of Russian housing stock and life support facilities. It will assume, for the exercise, that martial law has been introduced in Russia and that is has gone through full mobilization.


Permalink Scientists ‘shocked’ and ‘alarmed’ at what’s in the mRNA shots

In particular, McKernan was alarmed to find the presence of an SV40 promoter in the Pfizer vaccine vials. | Early in 2023, genomics scientist Kevin McKernan made an accidental discovery. While running an experiment in his Boston lab, McKernan used some vials of mRNA Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines as controls. He was "shocked" to find that they were allegedly contaminated with tiny fragments of plasmid DNA. McKernan, who has 25 years of experience in his field, ran the experiment again, confirming that the vials contained up to, in his opinion, 18-70 times more DNA contamination than the legal limits allowed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In particular, McKernan was alarmed to find the presence of an SV40 promoter in the Pfizer vaccine vials. This is a sequence that is "...used to drive DNA into the nucleus, especially in gene therapies," McKernan explains. This is something that regulatory agencies around the world have specifically said is not possible with the mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Peter McCullough: COVID Vaccines Promote Cancer & Inhibit The Body's Ability To Fight Cancer! (09/02/23)

Permalink Putin eases entry rules for Ukrainians

The decree signed by the Russian president allows Ukrainians to come into the country on the basis of expired national passports | Ukrainian citizens will now be able to enter Russia even if their national passports have expired, a new decree signed by President Vladimir Putin stipulates. Moscow and Kiev ratified a visa free travel agreement back in 1997, with Ukraine refusing to renew it and allowing it to lapse on January 1, 2023. Moscow, however, chose to unilaterally let Ukrainian nationals cross the border without a visa.  The decree, which was approved by the Russian head of state and published on Friday, also lists other alternative forms of ID that will be treated as sufficient for entry. These include an external passport (intended for international travel), a diplomatic passport, and a special sailor or pilot ID. Children under 16 can cross into Russia with only a birth certificate. Additionally, according to the document, “Ukrainian citizens can enter the Russian Federation from Ukrainian territory on the basis of documents … whose validity has expired.”

Permalink Putin meets Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar

Their discussion focused on the situation in Libya and the surrounding region, according to the Kremlin | Russian President Vladimir Putin has held a meeting in Moscow with the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday. 💬 “Yes, we confirm this meeting. Indeed, it took place today in the Kremlin. The situation in Libya and in the region as a whole was discussed,” said Peskov. LNA officials said Haftar discussed “bilateral relations between the two countries, ways of their strengthening and development, as well as issues of mutual interest” during his meeting with the Russian leader. The Libyan commander arrived in Russia for an official visit on Tuesday, when he was greeted by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.  A Russian Defense Ministry delegation visited Libya for the first time on August 22. According to the department’s press service, Yevkurov and Haftar planned to discuss the potential for collaboration in the fight against international terrorism and other issues of mutual interest.

Putin meets with South Sudanese president (RT.com)
Russian cars to be produced in Africa (RT.com)

Permalink Pentagon discloses military deal with Elon Musk

The billionaire entrepreneur continues to insist that the Starlink network should not be a “participant to combat” | SpaceX has signed its first contract with the Pentagon to provide satellite services as part of its new ‘Starshield’ program. CEO Elon Musk described the effort as a military alternative to the “civilian” Starlink system, although it will apparently rely on the existing constellation of satellites.  In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, Musk weighed in on reports that SpaceX had reached a deal with the US Space Force, confirming that the Starshield project would be “owned by the US government and controlled by [the Department of Defense].” However, despite Musk’s stated reluctance to be involved in the fighting, the new Space Force contract will see SpaceX effectively lease out part of its Starlink network to the Pentagon, providing service over the same satellites, according to Bloomberg.

Permalink Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on the acts of sabotage at the Nord Stream pipeline

💬 Colleagues, It has been a year since the sabotage in the Baltic Sea and almost as much since the Security Council convened on this issue for the first time. During that time, we have heard numerous assertions that national investigations by Germany, Denmark, and Sweden would allow to identify the perpetrators very soon. However there have been no results so far despite the seven UNSC meeting in both open and closed formats.  At the same time, more and more evidence is emerging in the expert community that it is Washington who stood behind the disruption of the Nord Stream pipeline and went ahead with this outrageous criminal act guided by a narrowly self-interested desire to consolidate its dominance in Europe, which is in dire need of Russian energy.  The sad anniversary today is a good opportunity to recover the timeline. Let’ briefly recall the major developments.

Seymour Hersh: A YEAR OF LYING ABOUT NORD STREAM (09/27/23)


Permalink Russia Issues Warning: American M1 Abrams Tanks Entering Ukraine ‘Will Burn’

Russia has issued a chilling warning in response to reports that the United States has sent the first batch of American M1 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine. | The Ukrainian government has been boasting that the tanks will help Ukraine’s military punch through the front lines. However, German Leopards and UK Challenger 2 tanks have already been destroyed by Russian forces.  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded to Ukraine’s receipt of the U.S. tanks by warning that “they too will burn.” 💬 “All this can in no way affect the essence of the special military operation, its outcome,” Peskov explained. “There is no panacea, no single weapon that can change the balance of power on the battlefield.” Washington had pledged 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, beginning this year. The first ten were reportedly transferred to Ukrainian forces as of Saturday. More are expected to arrive this fall.

US tanks will be ‘destroyed’ in Ukraine – ambassador (01/25/23)

Permalink Russia does not support Armenia’s intent to sign Rome Statute — Kremlin

According to Dmitry Peskov, this decision by Armenian authorities is "extremely hostile" with regard to Russia | Moscow is disappointed about Yerevan’s intention to sign the Rome Statute, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. 💬 "Armenia knows very well that we are not a party to [the Rome Statute], and Armenia is fully aware of the hardly digestible decision [of the International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin] made based on this statute. We know that Yerevan is well aware of this. This is not something we approve of," the Kremlin official said, commenting on Armenia’s actions on the matter.  According to Peskov, this decision by Armenian authorities is "extremely hostile" with regard to Russia.

Tensions rise between Armenia, Russia (eurasianet)(george soros/open society = be warned!)
Russia scrambles as EU surges in Caucasus (M. K. BHADRAKUMAR)
L'Azerbaïdjan agresse le Haut-Karabakh : trahison finale de Pachinian (Karine Bechet-Golovko)

Permalink Ukraine’s counteroffensive is done on foot – Kiev’s intelligence chief

Kirill Budanov says the use of armored vehicles by Ukrainian forces is minimal | Most of Kiev’s counteroffensive operation is being conducted without the use of vehicles, Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kirill Budanov revealed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Thursday.  “Unfortunately, most of our offensive is now on foot,” Budanov said, noting that the use of heavy armor is “minimal.” Budanov drew parallels to the battle for the city of Artyomovsk, also known as Bakhmut, where he said Russian forces also primarily waged war on foot.  As noted by the WSJ, the Ukrainian military appears to no longer believe that tactics being taught by the West can work on the modern battlefield.

First Batch of US-Made Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine (09/26/23)

Permalink Mr. Mike’s Mondo Imbroglio, or: How Not to Launch a Global Anti-Censorship Movement

CJ Hopkins | Mike’s movement is preparing to publish a declaration. | It’s a good declaration. I contributed to it. I signed it, although my name will not appear on it now, as Mike has threatened to remove it if I published a piece like this. Mike is an extremely smart guy, but he doesn’t seem to get that I don’t respond well to threats … or, rather, that this is how I respond to threats. Or, who knows? Maybe he actually wanted me to publish this piece, and goaded me into it, which, I can see how that could be a shrewd PR move.  In any event, it’s a good declaration (or it was the last time I had access to it). There is nothing wrong with the declaration. What has taken up most of the last three months of the coalition’s time and energy, and has led to my excommunication, is the hunt for Very Important Persons to be included as signatories when the declaration is released.  The irony is, when you’re “building a movement,” when you know you are succeeding is when you lose control of it, when the movement doesn’t need you to “lead” it, when it starts moving in directions you never imagined and starts doing things you never intended. But you can’t get there if you suffocate it in its infancy, if you are so obsessed with maintaining control that you snuff out every idea and impulse that doesn’t conform to your vision of it.



Seymour Hersh | The Biden administration has acknowledged neither its responsibility for the pipeline bombing nor the purpose of the sabotage | I do not know much about covert CIA operations—no outsider can—but I do understand that the essential component of all successful missions is total deniability. The American men and women who moved, under cover, in and out of Norway in the months it took to plan and carry out the destruction of three of the four Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea a year ago left no traces—not a hint of the team’s existence—other than the success of their mission.  Deniability, as an option for President Joe Biden and his foreign policy advisers, was paramount. No significant information about the mission was put on a computer, but instead typed on a Royal or perhaps a Smith Corona typewriter with a carbon copy or two, as if the Internet and the rest of the online world had yet to be invented. The White House was isolated from the goings-on near Oslo; various reports and updates from the field were directly provided to CIA Director Bill Burns, who was the only link between the planners and the president who authorized the mission to take place on September 26, 2022. Once the mission was completed, the typed papers and carbons were destroyed, thus leaving no physical trace—no evidence to be dug up later by a special prosecutor or a presidential historian. You could call it the perfect crime.

Nord Stream Blast: Why the West Still Can't Name the Culprit (09/26/23)

Permalink Katherine Watt: On the European Union lawmaking process

The Monster *really* wants its victims to believe the core lie: that all Monster acts and programs are legitimate, benevolent and supported by morally-sound treaties, laws and other legal instruments. | Katherine Watt | Feb. 15, 2023 - European Commission regulations implementing the global pharma-military kill box:

The EU provisions correspond with the US provisions related to “medical countermeasures” and establishment of home- and business-based concentration camps (prohibition of free human association, commerce and movement within countries and across borders) in case of “natural or man-made disaster.
To recap, the American biomedical police state — controlled by the World Health Organization operating as the military branch of the Bank for International Settlements — came into force through statutes passed by the US Congress; executive orders issued by US Presidents; administrative/Cabinet agency regulations published in the Federal Register; and state and local versions of same. See footnoted executive summary of American Domestic Bioterrorism Program.
The European biomedical police state came into force through analogous regulations passed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, published in the Official Journal of the European Union.”

[...] I’ve been reading more on European Union law and lawmaking procedures in recent weeks, ahead of the Oct. 4, 2023 event in Reykjavik, Iceland: My basic understanding from that reading, is that Christine Anderson and the other Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have no authority to draft and introduce new laws or bills to repeal existing laws, under the terms of the many treaties that created and amended the legal relationships between the European Commission, European Council, Council of the European Union, European Parliament (four of the seven institutions of the European Union), the National Parliaments of member-states and individual men, women and children who live in EU member-states. This lines up with what former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato stated in 2003 as he and other Satanic technocrats were working on a European Constitution:

💬 [Giuliano Amato:] “The [European] Commission in Brussels, for example, must act as if it were a technical organism, in order to operate like a government...and so on, camouflaging and toning down. The sovereignty lost at a national level does not pass to any new subject. It is entrusted to a faceless entity: NATO, the UN and eventually the EU.”

[...] There is no mechanism by which MEPs can change the EU system from within. They can only publicly invoke a massive crisis of legitimacy to reveal the Monster’s core lies to more people.

On enforcement mechanisms wielded against non-compliant nation-states (Katherine Watt)

Permalink History of Fascism in Ukraine Part III: 1944-1963 UPA War, Ratlines, and the Assassination of Stepan Bandera

Hugo Turner | Ukraine was merely the biggest of these Western backed covert wars that are usually completely ignored by mainstream accounts of the Cold War. | This article will tell the story of these early Cold War years. It will cover the UPA war, the ratlines and the resettling of 120,000 Ukrainian fascists around the globe. It will discuss riots, torture and assassination the OUN/B conducted in displaced person camps and prisons. It will discuss the OUN/B in exile and its split into two factions: the MI6 and Gehlen backed Zch OUN led by Stepan Bandera and Stetsko and the CIA backed ZP UHVR led by Mykola Lebed. It will cover the OUN/B and MI6 creation of the largest fascist umbrella group of the postwar years the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations or ABN which united escaped fascist war criminals from across Eastern and Central Europe. The ABN would form close ties with the Asian People’s Anti-Communist League and the two would eventually launch the World Anti-Communist League. Finally it will discuss the assassination of Stepan Bandera.  I recommend you read parts one and two for a detailed account of the origins of the OUN and its role in helping the Nazis murder masses of Slavs and Jews during World War 2. However, I will attempt a recap along with new details discovered in my many months of research over the last year.


Permalink First Batch of US-Made Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine

The tanks are armed with toxic depleted uranium ammunition | Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Monday that the first batch of US-made Abrams tanks have arrived in Ukraine, which are armed with toxic depleted uranium (DU) ammunition. [...] US officials confirmed the arrival in comments to The New York Times, saying they were the first of 31 tanks Ukraine would receive and that more would be delivered in the coming months. They said so far, Ukraine has received two tank platoons, which puts the number of Abrams between eight and 10.  The US is supplying Ukraine with refurbished M1A1 Abrams, an older variant of the tank. When the Biden administration first announced it would arm Ukraine with Abrams, they promised new M1A2 tanks, but they needed to be manufactured and would have taken years to be delivered, so the Pentagon chose to send older tanks to speed up the timeline.

US tanks will be ‘destroyed’ in Ukraine – ambassador (01/25/23)

Permalink Nord Stream Blast: Why the West Still Can't Name the Culprit

Exactly a year ago three out of four Nord Stream pipelines running from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea to provide Western Europe with natural gas were destroyed. Western investigators have so far failed to find the saboteurs behind the blast. | Gas leaks from the Nord Stream pipeline system were detected on 26 September 2022, with the EU leadership admitting that this could be the result of a "deliberate attack".  Two days later, on 28 September, the Kremlin announced that Russia was ready to consider applications from EU countries for a joint investigation into the Nord Stream incident. However, not only did the West snub Moscow's request but also blamed Russia for destroying its own pipelines. Later, European and American officials backtracked on their accusations but fell short of naming a potential perpetrator.  On 12 October 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident "an act of international terrorism". Meanwhile, as gas prices soared and US energy producers secured lucrative liquefied natural gas (LNG) contracts with European countries, it became clear that Washington had been the major beneficiary from the Nord Stream destruction. Furthermore, the US leadership had previously issued several threats that it would destroy the pipelines. 💬 "We know that the United States President Joe Biden, threatened openly that he would stop Nord Stream 2 if the Russians were to militarily intervene in Ukraine," Philip Giraldi, former CIA station chief and now an executive director of the Council for the National Interest, told Sputnik. "That was repeated by Victoria Nuland, who was Number Three at the State Department. She said basically the same thing. So we had the President and a senior official both saying that they would stop the pipeline if this were to happen. So we have a statement coming from the government itself saying it would do this." On 8 February 2023, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh dropped a bombshell, detailing an apparent plot by Team Biden and the US intelligence community to blast the Nord Stream pipelines with the help of Norwegian operatives. Reflecting on Hersh's version, Giraldi said that he feels that Hersh's narrative is "correct in every detail."

Denmark refusing to engage on Nord Stream probe – Moscow (RT.com)
West ‘not so eager to find out’ who bombed Nord Stream – WaPo (RT.com)
US media leaks on Nord Stream sabotage intended only to confuse — Russian embassy (TASS)
Nord Stream investigator recalls hidden history of US-Norway covert ops (RT.com)
How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline (Seymour Hersh)

Permalink USAID Chief Power Visits Armenia, Highlights Pashinyan's Ticklish Position

The red carpet welcome at Yerevan's airport for the American officials has not gone unnoticed, emphasizing the delicate position of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. | Amidst heightened tensions, the visit of US Agency for International Development (USAID) chief Samantha Power and US State Department acting Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasian Affairs Yuri Kim to Armenia has added a new layer of complexity to the evolving dynamics in the region.
This visit marks a significant development, being the first time senior US officials have set foot in Armenia since the ceasefire agreement that ended the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.  The US Embassy in Armenia released a statement emphasizing their support for Armenia's independence, territorial integrity and democracy. Deputy Foreign Minister Paruyr Hovhannisyan and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Narek Mkrtchyan extended the warm welcome, showcasing the importance attached to Power and Kim's arrival.

How is the US involved in Armenia? (RT.com)
Russia scrambles as EU surges in Caucasus (M. K. BHADRAKUMAR)
L'Azerbaïdjan agresse le Haut-Karabakh : trahison finale de Pachinian (Karine Bechet-Golovko)


Permalink Ukraine to either surrender on Moscow’s terms or cease to exist — top Russian lawmaker

According to Vyacheslav Volodin, the outcome also includes economic problems in Europe and the US, as well as a lack of manpower for the Ukrainian armed forces | Ukraine is fated either to capitulate on Moscow’s terms or cease to exist as a state, Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament), said. 💬 "When speaking about the conflict in Ukraine, [US President Joe] Biden, [NATO Secretary General Jens] Stoltenberg and other Western officials have started calling it 'a war of attrition.' They have put huge amounts of money into militarizing the Kiev regime. Where has it gotten them? The simple facts are these: the West is experiencing weapons and ammunition shortages, people in Europe and the US have lost trust in politicians, and the Kiev regime’s counteroffensive has failed," Volodin stated. According to him, the outcome of the "war of attrition" also includes economic problems in Europe and the US, a lack of manpower for the Ukrainian armed forces, and ultimately bankruptcy and demographic disaster for Ukraine. "These seven facts speak for themselves: Ukraine will cease to exist as a state unless the Kiev regime capitulates on Russia’s terms," Volodin stressed. "More than 10.5 million people have fled Ukraine. Another 11.2 million residents of Crimea, Sevastopol, the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions decided to join Russia. Ukraine has lost 53.7% of its population since 2014," the State Duma speaker highlighted. Volodin noted that, in June, then-British Defense Minister Ben Wallace stated that Western countries had run out of stockpiles of those weapons that they could send to Kiev from their own national arsenals. Biden, in turn, admitted in July that the decision to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions had been driven by the fact that stocks of conventional ammunition were exhausted.

White House Close To Providing Kiev With Cluster-Armed ATACMS (antiwar.com)

Permalink Canada under fire for applauding 'literal Nazi' in parliament during Zelenskyy visit

Commenters and Jewish groups demanded an apology | Canadian Jewish organizations and social media critics are slamming the Canadian Parliament for giving a man who fought for the Nazis a standing ovation during an event featuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to the country. [...] Video and photos show the Canadian Parliament erupted into cheers on Friday during Zelenskyy’s visit to the country’s capital of Ottawa, when Canadian lawmakers also honored Yaroslav Hunka, a 98-year-old Ukrainian immigrant who fought for the First Ukrainian Division, according to the Toronto Star. That division was also known as the Waffen-SS Galicia Division, which fought for the Nazis as its paramilitary arm under the Schutzstaffel organization, according to the outlet.

Untold Story of How Canada Became a Safe Haven for Ukrainian WWII-era Nazis (Sputnik Globe)
Zelenskyy joins Canadian Parliament’s ovation to 98-year-old veteran who fought with Nazis (Forward)(arch.)
Canadian parliament speaker ‘regrets’ honoring Ukrainian Nazi SS veteran (RT.com)
Canada’s Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to 98-Year-Old Nazi SS Ukrainian (Eric Zuesse)

Permalink Von der Leyen's Rather Remarkable Speech...

Maria Zakharova | On September 21, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented awards to the Atlantic Council, a well-known American think tank under NATO that promotes the ideas of Euro-Atlanticism and also specializes in generating Russophobic, anti-Russian meanings.  One of this year's laureates is Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Von der Leyen made a rather remarkable speech. She praised the head of the Japanese government for supporting the Kyiv regime and fighting Russia. She recalled that his family came from Hiroshima, and his relatives died there during the nuclear bombing in 1945. Not a word about the US and the Washington executioners who dropped bombs on Japanese cities and civilians. But the figurehead of the largest corruption scandals in the history of the EU went further - she blamed the tragedy of Hiroshima... on Russia... on Russia.  Here are her words verbatim: 💬 "Many of your relatives died when the atomic bomb leveled Hiroshima to the ground. You grew up with the stories of survivors and you wanted us to listen to those same stories, to look to the past and learn something about the future..... Russia is threatening to use nuclear weapons again. It's disgusting, it's dangerous, and under the shadow [in context] of Hiroshima, it's inexcusable." What is disgusting and dangerous is the way Ursula Von der Leyen lies. (Translation: DeepL.com)

Europe, Its Head. (Andrei Martyanov) | Yes, it is disgusting but it is also the main reason why Russia has nobody to talk to in modern West. Ursula Von Der Lugen is a typical Euro (German) politico with no morals, honor or decency. This is also how history is taught across universities in the West. But then again, Mearsheimer quotes Fukuyama, that liberalism defeated Nazism. They do have issues, don't they?


Permalink US 'deeply concerned' about allegations raised by Canadian PM Trudeau against India: Blinken

Speaking at a press conference here on Friday, Blinken said the US has engaged directly with the Indian government on the issue and the most productive thing would be the completion of this investigation | The US is deeply concerned about the allegations raised by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau against India on the killing of a Khalistani separatist in Canada, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said and Washington was "closely coordinating" with Ottawa on the issue and wants to see "accountability" in the case.  Speaking at a press conference here on Friday, Blinken said the US has engaged directly with the Indian government on the issue and the most productive thing would be the completion of this investigation.

India’s Canadian riddle – To be, or not to be (M. K. BHADRAKUMAR)
US envoy confirms Canada received intelligence from Five Eyes partners before Justin Trudeau went public with allegations against India (The Telegraph Online)

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