Permalink Medvedev: Kiev's Security Guarantees Project is 'Prelude to World War Three'

Earlier in the day, Volodymyr Zelensky's office presented a project of future "security guarantees" for Ukraine after Russia's special military operation ends. The plan includes massive militarization, as well as intervention by foreign guarantors in the event of an attack on the country.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has harshly criticized the project of security guarantees for post-conflict Ukraine, which was presented by Kiev, warning that its implementation will become a "prelude to World War Three".  Medvedev said that the presented project is basically equal to extending NATO's military protection over Ukraine. He warned that if the bloc's members don't stop sending more weapons to Kiev, the conflict might grow to a different level, become less predictable and will start involving more and more countries.

💬 "Then the [people in] western countries will not be able to sit in their clean houses and apartments, laughing at how they weaken Russia using proxies. Everything around them will go up in flames. Their citizens will get their fair share of woes. The earth will literally burn and the concrete will melt around them," Medvedev warned.

Medvedev describes Kiev’s draft of "security guarantees" as prologue to WW III (TASS)


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