Permalink Borrell could single-handedly cause a very cold winter...

If it is confirmed that the head of European diplomacy really called Russia a “fascist state”, Moscow will raise the question of any further business with the EU. 💬 "Mr. Borrell's office denied the reports, saying that Borrell spoke Spanish and there was an inaccuracy in the English translation. We asked for a transcript of the speech in Spanish. We will seek full clarity, and if we do not receive this transcript today, we will make the appropriate call."

PS. 27 million Soviet citizens died in the fight against fascism. Borrell could single-handedly cause a very cold winter.

Russia requested transcript of Borrell’s ‘fascist Russia’ remark, no result yet — Lavrov (TASS)
Borrell’s ‘fascist regime’ remark on Russia nullifies him as diplomat — Kremlin spokesman (TASS)
Lavrov: Moscow requested the text of Borrell’s speech de-fascistizing Russia (Hungary Posts English)

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Moscow’s UN envoy is disappointed at the IAEA’s refusal to say who is shelling Zaporozhye and its proposed solution | It is regrettable that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would not identify the culprit for the shelling of the Zaporozhye power plant, while its proposal to demilitarize the facility is “not serious,” Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, said on Tuesday.  IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi personally led a team of inspectors to the Russian-held facility last week, and witnessed an artillery attack firsthand. However, the IAEA report on the visit, published earlier on Tuesday, made no mention of who was shelling the Zaporozhye NPP, even though the Ukrainian General Staff has publicly admitted to targeting nearby Energodar.

The IAEA releases its “non-report” about the ZNPP (The Saker)

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The evaluation of a study of Twitter accounts that serve the topic of the war between Russia and Ukraine showed that between 60 and 80 percent are potential bot accounts. Accounts that position themselves pro-Ukrainian could even be up to 90 percent automated | One investigation by scientists from the University of Adelaide, Australia, analyzed publications from Twitter accounts that focus on the content of the Russia-Ukraine war. The title of the publication is: “The Interaction of Bots and Humans in the Discussion of the Russia/Ukraine War”. It took into account 5.2 million Twitter posts – tweets, retweets, quotes and replies to tweets – published and shared between February 23 and March 8 of this year.  The investigation wanted to show how so-called bot activities could influence online discussions about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The result showed that it can be assumed that between sixty and eighty percent of the Twitter traffic that served the topic of war are potential bot accounts. “Pro-Ukrainian” posts even showed a “bot quota” of ninety percent.

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