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The world is a confusing place. People do things that don’t make any sense, think things that aren’t supported by facts, endure things they do not need to endure, and viciously attack those who try to bring these things to their attention. If you’ve ever wondered why, you’ve come to the right place.  Any casual reader of the alternate media landscape will eventually come up with a reference to Stanley Milgram, or Philip Zimbardo, the “Asch Experiment” or maybe all three.  “Cognitive Dissonance”, “Diffusion of Responsibility”, and “learned helplessness” are phrases that regularly do the rounds, but where do they come from and what they mean?  Well, here are the important psycho-social experiments that teach us about the way people think, but more than that they actually explain how our modern world works, and just how we got into this mess. (MORE)

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A woman begs for the violence to end after a shell hit the
residential area where she lives in Donetsk, Ukraine. Two
people were killed. MANU BRABO / AFP-Getty Images

This special project was launched to shed light on what has happened in Donbass over the past eight years, with the aim to show not only episodes of crimes by the Kiev regime against the civilian population, but also to explore the roots of the disaster occurring in the region.

Donbas war (Conservapedia)
Kiev’s military op in E. Ukraine ‘crime against own people’ – ex-Ukrainian President Yanukovich (NexusNewsFeed)
Donbass through the eyes of the special project MIA “Russia Today” (TopWar)
Украинская нацгвардия ведет интенсивный обстрел Луганска (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (odnarodyna.org)(DeepL Translator)
Удар по Станице Последствия военных действий в Луганской области (lenta.ru)(DeepL Translator)
More than 160+ people were buried inside Odessa Labor House building.EXTREME VIDEO + PHOTO
Ukraine's Whitewashed Odessa Massacre Report (Stephen Lendman)
Tornado battalion" Criminals Are Still Being Released (04/07/22)
Ukraine: Shelling Residential Areas Puts Civilians at Risk (ReliefWeb)
Mortar hits hospital in eastern Ukraine; 1 killed (Daily Herald)
At least 19 civilians killed by shelling in Ukraine as government and rebels blame each other (The Independent)
The West is silent as Ukraine targets civilians in Donetsk (Sott.net)
Ukrainian defense officials face criminal charges in Russia over Donbass genocide (Sott.net)
Shells devastate entire streets in eastern Ukrainian town (SeeMoreRocks)
Humanitarian catastrophe: Lugansk, E. Ukraine, left with no water, power (RT.com)
250 civilian persons killed in Luhansk region of Ukraine since beginning of summer - OSCE (TASS)
It’s war on Russia, and The West’s game plan for it is public (05/02/21)

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We Will Be Gods - Yuval Noah Harari | "Yuval Noah Harari, lead advisor to Klaus Schwab….Strongly deceived and carries the spirit of ANTI-Christ around with him. Lover of self and thinking that he can alter God’s creation of mankind by merging humans with AI to make God’s image bearers “better”. Anyone who thinks God’s creation needs to be altered or “corrected” will not fare well when they stand face to face with him at the appointed time unless they change their way of thinking (repent). You can see how easily pushing Antichrist will be in the 7 year Tribulation (Time of Jacob’s/Israel’s Trouble)."

[Comment by "Less Prone":] The people in the ranks of the Usury Cabal Satanic cult are a motley group and doesn't represent just one race. Some things they have in common; greed, self-righteousness, cunning, Satanic occultism that goes together with abuse, torture, blood sacrifice and pedophilia, psychopathy or sociopathy. However, one has to acknowledge that it requires intelligence to take over all humanity under their rule, but intelligence falls short of wisdom. They have, in their smug illusions of superiority, not realized that all deception starts with self-deception. Setting themselves separate from and above of the rest of humanity they justify all their crimes. And it does not stop even there.

Permalink Swiss "Democracy:" Swiss leaders shrug off referendum on F-35 deal

Lawmakers in Bern have approved the controversial purchase of US fighter jets without waiting for a public vote on the issue | Swiss legislators have given final approval for the country’s controversial purchase of F-35 fighter jets from the US, ignoring a successful petition drive that was supposed to force a public vote on the issue.  Switzerland’s lower house National Council voted to approve the $6 billion deal with US defense contractor Lockheed Martin on Thursday. The upper house, the Council of States, had previously approved the purchase of 36 F-35s.  The Swiss government, which received voter approval in 2020 to modernize the country’s fleet of fighter jets at a cost of up to $6.3 billion, reached a preliminary agreement with Lockheed Martin last year after choosing the F-35 over France’s Rafale, Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet and the multinational Eurofighter Typhoon.  Opponents have argued that although voters narrowly approved the fleet's modernization, they didn’t agree to the F-35, which has been branded too expensive and not a good fit for militarily neutral Switzerland’s defense-focused air force.

Permalink Leaked documents expose Ukrainian attempts to destabilize Russia and draw NATO into a full-scale war with Moscow

Plans concocted by the special services reveal Kiev’s aggressive strategy over many years | As Ukrainian documents now at the disposal of the media show, Moscow apparently had something to defend itself from when it launched its offensive in Ukraine. Over the past eight years, Kiev’s military and special services have been preparing numerous operations aimed at undermining Russia’s international ties, and internal peace itself.  In June, a hacker Telegram channel dubbed ‘Beregini’ published the action plan of the Information and Psychological Operations Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces (SSO). According to official information, the tasks of this unit include working with the population of foreign countries, creating agent networks, and infiltrating special services and military organizations to conduct espionage and destroy people who pose a threat to the Ukrainian government (including in other countries), as well as preparing coups and the overthrow of regimes.  The SSO plan was prepared back in 2017, and this is just one of many similar secret documents created by Ukrainian spooks. It was just one that became public. But the presence of these plans and the real political and military steps taken by Ukraine, which coincide with SSO programs to a surprising extent, indicate that KI’ve has been actively carrying out anti-Russian activities since at least 2014, when a Western-backed coup took place in the country.

Permalink Big Tech steps up censorship after Biden speech

The US President has called on technology giants to crack down on the “venom and violence” of white supremacy | Biden has long insisted that such extremists are “the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland,” and the president referenced several high-profile incidents to reinforce his argument, like the vehicle attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 and racially motivated shootings by white gunmen in Texas in 2019 and New York this year – the latter of which was livestreamed by the killer on Twitch.

However, FBI crime statistics show that white Americans do not disproportionately commit hate crimes compared to other races, and are the least likely demographic group to commit homicide against other races. The above statistics are raw totals, meaning the disparity in crime rates between whites and other races is even starker considering whites make up 58% of the US population, with Hispanics accounting for 18%, African-Americans 12.5% and other races 11.5%.

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