It’s war on Russia, and The West’s game plan for it is public

The West’s game plan for World War Three is public

Zbigniev Brzezinski’s mujahedin-creation to give Russia its own Vietnam was no isolated point, and Natalia Poklonskaya’s post that World War III has already begun is correct. Events show that the RAND Corporation’s planning is being used. You can access and read the entire document EXTENDING RUSSIA: Competing from advantageous Ground. But for now, you can use the RAND table of contents as a checklist.

Measure 1 Provide lethal aid to Ukraine
There will be no peace here. The simplest road to peace is for Ukraine to just stop bombing the Republics. But the whole point of the Special Envoy for Ukraine was that the Republics do not exist, and talking to them would only legitimize them. To see the implications, one need only suppose that King George III refused to talk to the American Colonies. You cannot make peace with people who don’t exist, but you can certainly keep right on killing them.

Measure 2: Increase support for the Syrian rebels
Going on right now. We read in the news this week of yet another US base being built in Syria. And notwithstanding Trump’s expressed desire to get out, his other tweet “We’re keeping the oil” is the truth, and the oil being pirated under US guard is going to Syria’s enemies.

Measure 3: Promote regime change in Belarus
As I write this, there is news that the West’s darling Svetlana Tikhanovskaya — who claims she won the recent election if the votes had only been counted right — will be interviewed on US television tonight; she already addressed the UNSC in August, at the invitation of Estonia.

Measure 4: Exploit tensions in South Caucasus
No need to spell out this one: FRN readers already are well-informed about Azerbaijan’s bloody assaults on Ngorno-Karabakh and the cost in human lives. For the ghouls in charge, our planet is just a sandbox to play in, with zero thought of the human cost.

From the onset, at the destruction of the Soviet Union, the West has insisted on the “Territorial Integrity” of Azerbaijan to fan the embers of war for Hejdar Alieev, and now his son, the ruling strongman of Azerbaijan. Well, that “Territorial Integrity” argument boils down this: whatever the USSR assigned to an SSR, the SSR gets to keep when the SSR becomes a country. So the war is to maintain the will of a commissar. Self-Determination is in the UN Charter, and there was an overwhelming plebiscite to get OUT of the Azeri SSR, but At no time has there been any recognition of self-determination.

The pressure on the EU and Germany to block Nordstream II needs no elucidation here. The recent Navalny farce is simply the latest step.

Summing up: The US pressure on AllSeas that drove them from the Nordstream II project, and which is still ongoing; the US insistence that Ukraine NOT talk to the Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk — guaranteeing that peace will not happen — the new war on Russia’s ally Armenia, the riots in Belarus, are no grand coincidence. They area all in the plan.


Two more screen capture from the RAND document:

Studie der RAND-Corporation hat 2019 geschrieben, was 2021 Realität geworden ist

EVIL DEFINED: "Overextending & Unbalancing Russia" (Rand Corporation) (09/16/22)


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