Folks, I don't want to scare you, but we are rapidly running out of time . . .

Harold Turner
Hal Turner Show

As reported on this site earlier today, the President of Poland publicly proposed the forcible break-up of Russia into "200 ethnic states." He did this in Switzerland in front of 78 other countries attending the "Peace Conference" for Ukraine. So that's 78 countries against Russia . . . i.e. "world war."

This idea of breaking-up Russia was first proposed by Gunther Fehlinger, Chairman of the Austria NATO non-governmental organization (NGO) of Austria, in April of 2023 (Original Story Here). His idea called for breaking-up Russia into 41 separate countries, and he was traveling here in the United States at the time (Hudson Institute in Manhattan) to push his idea. He even created a "map" showing how he envisioned Russia being broken apart. [Image to the right]

At the time, I thought his idea was so ridiculous as to be laughable. Now, I see it has gained official traction, with the President of Poland formally proposing to 78 other nations at the ongoing Switzerland "peace conference" that Russia be divided not into 41 countries, but into 200 ethnic countries. Gunther Fehlinger's idea has not only gained traction, it has gotten far worse!

President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s speech at the meeting with senior staff of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow, June 14, 2024

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia
Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow, June 14, 2024

Vladimir Putin: Colleagues, good afternoon.

I am pleased to welcome all of you and express my gratitude for your active work in the interests of Russia and our people.

We last met in this extended format in November 2021, and since then, there have been many pivotal and even fateful events, without exaggeration, both in Russia and around the world. Therefore, I think it is important to assess the current situation in global and regional affairs, as well as set the appropriate tasks for the Foreign Ministry. All of these tasks are aimed at achieving our main goal: creating conditions for Russia’s sustainable development, ensuring its security, and improving the well-being of Russian families.

In today’s challenging and unpredictable conditions, our work in this area demands that we concentrate our efforts, initiative, perseverance, and abilities not only to respond to current challenges, but also to set our own long-term agenda. We should propose possible solutions to fundamental issues that concern not only us, but also the entire international community. It is crucial to discuss them with our partners in an open and constructive manner.

Let me repeat: the world is changing rapidly. Global politics, the economy, and technological competition will never be the same as before. More countries are striving to strengthen their sovereignty, self-sufficiency, and national and cultural identity. The countries of the Global South and East are gaining prominence, and the role of Africa and Latin America is growing. Since the Soviet times, we have always acknowledged the importance of these regions, but today the dynamics have completely shifted, and this is becoming increasingly evident. The pace of transformation in Eurasia, where many significant integration projects are underway, has also accelerated significantly.

This new political and economic reality now serves as the foundation for the emerging multipolar and multilateral world order, and this is an inevitable process. It reflects the cultural and civilisational diversity that is inherently part of humanity, despite all attempts at artificial unification.

Kyiv rejected the ultimatum - Russia: 'There will be only a narrow strip of land left of the former Ukraine - Anyone with a brain today understands.'

Evangelos L. (Ευάγγελος Λ.)
War News 24/7

Russia delivers to all EU countries a humiliating ultimatum of unconditional surrender of Ukraine: Its rejection opens "Pandora's box" (Text in Greek)

President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s speech at the meeting with senior staff of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow, June 14, 2024 (Text in English below)

Events are unfolding according to a catastrophic scenario before one's eyes. Ukraine has rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin's ultimatum. Russian officials "reacted with anger" to Kyiv's expected decision.

State Duma Deputy Chairman Pyotr Tolstoy said that "this is the last peace proposal from Moscow's side, the next one will be a demand for Ukraine's capitulation ( or whatever is left)" while Lavrov said:

💬 "President Vladimir Putin is a patient person. He who has ears will hear. He who has brains will know what this is all about. I’m not sure these people have these organs functioning properly, but hope dies last."

Russian analysts note that "with this peace proposal by Vladimir Putin, Ukraine would hold Kharkiv and Odesa. Ukraine lost the opportunity to preserve its statehood."

Ukraine has rejected the ultimatum announced today by Russian President Vladimir Putin as "absurd". Ukraine's Foreign Ministry described his words as "manipulative statements aimed at misleading the international community (and) undermining diplomatic efforts to achieve a just peace".

The Petrodollar Ended On June 9th; Sauds No Longer Ally w. U.S.

Eric Zuesse
Oriental Review

U.S.-Saudi Petrodollar Pact Ends after 50 Years

“U.S.-Saudi Petrodollar Pact Ends after 50 Years”
T. 11 June 2024, analysis by Paul Hoffman:

The 50-year-old petrodollar agreement between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia was just allowed to expire. The term “petrodollar” refers to the U.S. dollar’s role as the currency used for crude oil transactions on the world market. This arrangement has its roots in the 1970s when the United States and Saudi Arabia struck a deal shortly after the U.S. went off the gold standard that would go on to have far-reaching consequences for the global economy. In the history of global finance, few agreements have wielded as many benefits as the petrodollar pact did for the U.S. economy.

A Boon to U.S. Bonds—The petrodollar agreement, formalized after the 1973 oil crisis, stipulated that Saudi Arabia would price its oil exports exclusively in U.S. dollars and invest its surplus oil revenues in U.S. Treasury bonds. In return, the U.S. provided military support and protection to the kingdom. This arrangement was a win-win situation for both; the U.S. gained a stable source of oil and a captive market for its debt, while Saudi Arabia secured its economic and overall security.

Status as the Reserve Currency—Oil being denominated in U.S. dollars alone has significance beyond the categories of oil and finance. By mandating that oil be sold in U.S. dollars (DXY), the agreement elevated the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. This, in turn, has profoundly impacted the U.S. economy. The global demand for dollars to purchase oil has helped to keep the currency strong, making imports relatively cheap for American consumers. Additionally, the influx of foreign capital into U.S. Treasury bonds has supported low interest rates and a robust bond market.

From North to South, ‘Israel’ isolated, cornered, and dealt blows

Ahmad Karakira
Al Mayadeen English

“Israel’s” actions and numerous violations since October 7 have dealt the occupation entity mighty blows, one of which is that the world, including its allies, can no longer tolerate its crimes, at least nominally.

“Israel” is losing the battle of public opinion as its ongoing atrocities against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are being exposed daily, reflected in a plummeting approval rate of its actions by citizens of its biggest ally, the United States.

A March survey conducted by Gallup found that the majority of people in the US (55%) now disapprove of “Israel’s” actions in Gaza, compared with 45% in November 2023, while the approval percentage has significantly dropped from 50% to 36%.

This comes as the Israeli occupation forces have so far killed almost 39,000 people since the start of the genocidal war on Gaza on October 7, 2023.

But the results of the aforementioned survey are not just figures posted online. In fact, they can be attributed to “Israel’s” diplomatic, legal, and military failure in the now-eight-months war.

Georgia has decided against foreign influence

Patrick Poppel

Since the 1990s, Western structures have gained great influence in the Balkans and the Caucasus. Many different peoples and cultures live together in a small territory there. This has been a very good playground for geostrategic experiments. With various actions of soft power and provocations, the Western secret services very often succeeded in organizing disorder and problems.

Currently, Armenia and Georgia in particular are victims of the West's political influence.

The aim is to integrate these two states ever more closely into Western structures and to indoctrinate the population against Russia.

To achieve this goal, a large number of non-governmental organizations with close ties to the EU and the USA are working in these two states. They are working towards these goals at all levels and in all areas. Education, culture and politics are being infiltrated by these "Western agents" and this is intended to bring society in these countries totally in line with the West in the long term.

An Eyewitness Account to the Bloodiest Shelling of Belgorod

Artem, Emergency Physician (Original in Russian)

We were at war...and I slept. — I'm from Belgorod. I was born, grew up, and studied here. I am 24 years old, I have been working for six months as an ambulance doctor, and at the same time I am doing my residency training as an anesthesiologist and resuscitator.

February 23 was the birthday of a friend. We went and congratulated her. We discussed the subject of war because we had all sorts of thoughts and conversations during that week. I said at the time: "Come on, what war, it's the ravings of a madman", I went to bed and woke up at about 7-8 in the morning. My mom calls me and says, "Tom, the war has started. When I woke up, I said, "What war? What? With whom?!" My parents saw and heard it all, they live in Razumnoye, and it was loud enough. I slept through it all safely, and then I saw it on the news.

Readovka note: the village of Razumnoye is located to the southeast of Belgorod, closer to the border.

The emotions that I had at that moment about the war were a lack of understanding of what it was about, and why we were invading the territory of the nearest state. Belgorod is a city where most people have relatives or close friends close by. Accordingly, there was incomprehension and denial.

A Plan to Create a Vaccinated, Tracked, And Surveilled Feudal World

The People's Voice

An excerpt of the Naomi Wolf interview conducted by about her new book- Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age.

Naomi Wolf What I'm trying to say is at the very top you have to sell your soul to Satan or in the case of the Biden family take $3 million from a Chinese government asset which is what the Hunter Biden laptop shows, and I voted for that Administration. So I'm thoroughly unbiased in my criticism, and then down the chain people get bribed or threatened and we see it all the way down to local public health officials, local police, the police in New York City. When I tried to sit in an area cordoned off for the vaccinated in Grand Central Station, I was surrounded by cops. They didn't want to keep me from making use of a public bench you know. They certainly didn't want to when I pointed out the history of keeping people from sitting down in public places in the United States, our Jim Crow laws. But they were bound by the governor, they were bound by the police commissioner, so it's rippling down, it's ripping down. But do you still take in consideration that there might be an option that these people are deep down acting with the best intentions, but we just don't know what their goal is?

Terror in Syria: a US distraction from Gaza

Khalil Nasrallah
The Cradle

The Resistance Axis has effectively thwarted US distraction tactics in Syria meant to put pressure on local factions and support Israeli interests as the war on Gaza rages on.

Western-backed terrorist strongholds in Syria have not remained untouched by the Israeli military assault on Gaza. With the broad activation of the Axis of Resistance in support of Gaza, particularly in Lebanon, it didn’t take too long before Washington began to mobilize its extremist foot soldiers in Syria’s north.

Soon after the 7 October Al-Aqsa Flood Palestinian resistance operation – and even before the war’s trajectory became clear and Hezbollah’s intentions were understood – terrorists in Syria began to escalate their operations. Terror attacks were recorded in northern Latakia and the western Aleppo region, where Hezbollah, Iranian advisors, and the Syrian army are concentrated, as well as along the demarcation line between areas controlled by the state and those controlled by the militants.

Hamas Has Reinvented Underground Warfare

Daphné Richemond-Barak
Foreign Affairs

An Israeli soldier securing a tunnel in the northern Gaza
Strip, November 2023. (Img. © Ronen Zvulun/Reuters)

Israel underestimated the strategic ramifications of tunnel warfare. The Group’s Gaza Tunnels Will Inspire Others.

When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, it dragged Israel into one of the worst underground wars ever. By now it is abundantly clear that the scale of Hamas’s subterranean complex is unprecedented and that the use of tunnels has contributed to casualties among civilians and soldiers. More consequentially, by sustaining underground operations over months, Hamas has delayed an Israeli victory, causing unimaginable diplomatic and political costs along the way.

In terms of tunnel warfare, the only war that compares is World War I, where countless British and German soldiers died trying to expose, mine, and dig tunnels. No other use of tunnels in warfare comes close—neither the entrenchment of Osama bin Laden in the mountains of Afghanistan that enabled him to evade U.S. forces and plan attacks undetected; nor that of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in Mali, where tunnels were used in launching attacks from nearly impregnable underground hideouts; nor that of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), which used tunnels to conduct attacks on U.S.-led multinational forces in Iraq and Syria. Hamas’s use of tunnels is so advanced that it more closely resembles how states use underground structures to protect command-and-control centers than what is typical for nonstate actors.

Hamas’s buildup of below-ground capabilities has shaken Israel’s assessment of subterranean threats. Israel never imagined becoming embroiled in an underground war of such proportions. If anything, Israel had been focused on eliminating the Hamas tunnels that cross into Israeli territory. The war in the Gaza Strip will likely spur the development of new doctrine and new methods to deal with this unique type of war. Hamas’s tunnel system has no doubt caught the attention of other militaries and nonstate actors, all of which are noting how effective they have been for Hamas’s survival in Gaza.

Now that Hamas has overcome most of the hurdles inherent to underground warfare—communication, navigation, low oxygen levels, and claustrophobia, among others—there is every reason to believe that the tactic will continue to spread. Hamas’s innovative use of the underground has redefined the strategic value of the surface, altered military encounters, and transformed the use human shields.

Joe Biden, Learn the Names of the Children You Are Killing

Norman Solomon
The People's Voice

To: President Joe Biden

You’ve often spoken of how much you care about children and how terrible it is when they’re murdered. “Too many schools, too many everyday places have become killing fields,” you said at the White House last spring on the one-year anniversary of the school shooting in Uvalde. At the time of that tragedy in Texas, you had quickly gone on live television, speaking gravely.

“There are parents who will never see their child again,” you said, adding: “To lose a child is like having a piece of your soul ripped away. . . . It’s a feeling shared by the siblings, and the grandparents, and their family members, and the community that’s left behind.”

And you asked plaintively: “Why are we willing to live with this carnage? Why do we keep letting this happen?

Where in God’s name is our backbone to have the courage to deal with it and stand up to the lobbies?”

The massacre in Uvalde took the lives of 19 children. For nearly three months, the ongoing massacre in Gaza has taken the lives of that many children every few hours.

‘Leader of the free world’ permits genocide and global annihilation

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

If there is any hope, it may be that the abominable reality galvanizes the world to rise up against this criminal system and the war criminals that lord it in high office.

This week may go down as the week that saw the collective Western leadership being self-indicted as criminally insane.

First of all, we see United States President Joe Biden declaring that the massacre of civilians in Gaza does not “cross any red lines” that might bar further crucial American support for the Israeli regime.

Then we have Biden and other Western political figures declaring their permission for the Ukrainian regime to strike Russian territory with long-range NATO weapons. This is the same regime that glorifies the Nazi Third Reich and collaborators in World War Two genocide, and whose president canceled elections, now becoming a dictator.

It is entirely fitting – and heinous – that accomplices to genocide in Gaza are also recklessly pushing for global nuclear conflagration.

The abhorrent public position of Biden and other Western leaders should be a shocking wake-up call for citizens all around the world as to the criminal nature of these powers. It is all the more sickening given the arrogant claims of the US to be the “leader of the free world” and narcissistic notions about “Western, American, European values”.

Biden has personally taken up a crusade based on a narrative of “leading democracy against autocracy” and promoting a “rules-based global order”.

The conceited Western powers routinely vilify Russia, China, Iran, and others as “autocracies” that are threatening supposedly precious freedoms of democracy and international law.

Archbishop Viganò: Globalist ‘extermination plan’ serves Satan’s goal to kill both body and soul

Carlo Maria Viganò,
, LifeSite

The following is the full text of a May 10 speech given by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò at the Auditorium Gavirate in Varese, Italy. A “forensic” approach to the psychopandemic crime Statement for the Congress “Death denied” Auditorium Gavirate (Varese, Italy), May 10, 2024

You have the devil as your father,
and you want to fulfill your Father’s desires.
He was a murderer from the beginning
and did not persevere in the truth,
for there is no truth in him.
When he speaks falsely, he speaks of his own,
for he is a liar and the father of lies.
Jn 8:44

In a speech [in May] in Italy, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said, 'Pretending that we are dealing with vile merchants interested only in money and refusing to see the Satanic matrix of the globalist plan is an unforgivable mistake that none of us can make.'

One of the most immediate effects of the infernal and manipulative psychopandemic operation is the refusal of the masses to acknowledge that they have been the object of a colossal fraud. Under the pretext of preventing the spread of a virus, presented as deadly and incurable – and which we now know has never been isolated according to Koch’s postulates – billions of people have been forced to undergo inoculation with an experimental drug that was known to be ineffective for its stated purpose. And in order to accomplish this, the authorities in charge have not hesitated to discredit existing treatments which would have made it impossible for that genetic serum to be authorized for sale.

Jeffrey Sachs blasts US sanctions on Russia: “Just one absolutely naive idea after another”

Ahmed Adel, InfoBrics
Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

Jeffrey Sachs, a world-renowned professor of economics and bestselling author, recounted how he warned senior US officials that sanctions on Russia would fail. His statement comes as Daleep Singh, the US deputy national security adviser for international economics, said a large flow of Russian weapons is still powered by electronic components from companies in the United States and allied countries.

“The percentage of Russian battlefield weaponry with US or allied branded components is alarmingly and unacceptably high,” Bloomberg quoted Singh as saying on May 28, adding that the US and its allies have struggled to stem the flow of parts to Russia and called on companies to prevent these parts from being used in the Ukraine conflict

Export controls—which target the movement of goods rather than financial transactions— have been difficult to enforce because producers lack the large internal compliance departments that have emerged in the banking sector over the past two decades of US sanctions policy.

As Rafah Burns, Hundreds Confront Military and Weapons Company Representatives at CANSEC Arms Fair in Ottawa

World BEYOND War
The People's Voice

Ottawa — A large protest is blocking the entrances to CANSEC, North America’s biggest weapons and military convention. Hundreds of demonstrators are confronting representatives of Israeli and Canadian militaries and weapons companies over their complicity in the killing of more than 36,000 Palestinians in Gaza as Israel has carried out a prolonged assault from the air, sea, and on the ground over the past seven and a half months. The criminality of Israel’s actions, and of Canada’s complicity with them, is underscored by the horrific killing of 45 Palestinians by an Israeli air strike on a camp for displaced people in Rafah. At least 23 women and children died in the attack, many burned to death as fire engulfed their tents.

“Dozens of people were burned alive in Israel’s attacks on a displaced persons camp in Rafah this week, a spot Israel had designated a ‘safe’ zone. And the people profiting from this atrocity, who have been providing the weaponry for the slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinians, are right here at CANSEC,” said Rachel Small, organizer with World BEYOND War. “Today we are making it impossible for anyone to come anywhere near this weapons fair without confronting the war crimes and devastating bloodshed these arms dealers and military representatives are complicit in.”

Many of the weapons companies currently arming the Israeli military’s assault on Gaza are exhibiting and presenting at CANSEC, including: Elbit Systems, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, L3Harris, Leonardo, and dozens more. Israeli government and military representatives had also planned to be in attendance. Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair was scheduled to give the keynote address at the Official Opening Breakfast for CANSEC starting at 7:45AM on Wednesday. Blair recently oversaw DND’s purchase of $32.2 million dollars worth of Spike LR2 missiles, which are made by Israeli state-owned weapons giant Rafael Advanced Defense System, and are being used by Israel in Gaza.

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