Kyiv rejected the ultimatum - Russia: 'There will be only a narrow strip of land left of the former Ukraine - Anyone with a brain today understands.'

Evangelos L. (Ευάγγελος Λ.)
War News 24/7

Russia delivers to all EU countries a humiliating ultimatum of unconditional surrender of Ukraine: Its rejection opens "Pandora's box" (Text in Greek)

President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s speech at the meeting with senior staff of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow, June 14, 2024 (Text in English below)

Events are unfolding according to a catastrophic scenario before one's eyes. Ukraine has rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin's ultimatum. Russian officials "reacted with anger" to Kyiv's expected decision.

State Duma Deputy Chairman Pyotr Tolstoy said that "this is the last peace proposal from Moscow's side, the next one will be a demand for Ukraine's capitulation ( or whatever is left)" while Lavrov said:

💬 "President Vladimir Putin is a patient person. He who has ears will hear. He who has brains will know what this is all about. I’m not sure these people have these organs functioning properly, but hope dies last."

Russian analysts note that "with this peace proposal by Vladimir Putin, Ukraine would hold Kharkiv and Odesa. Ukraine lost the opportunity to preserve its statehood."

Ukraine has rejected the ultimatum announced today by Russian President Vladimir Putin as "absurd". Ukraine's Foreign Ministry described his words as "manipulative statements aimed at misleading the international community (and) undermining diplomatic efforts to achieve a just peace".

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