Georgia has decided against foreign influence

Patrick Poppel

Since the 1990s, Western structures have gained great influence in the Balkans and the Caucasus. Many different peoples and cultures live together in a small territory there. This has been a very good playground for geostrategic experiments. With various actions of soft power and provocations, the Western secret services very often succeeded in organizing disorder and problems.

Currently, Armenia and Georgia in particular are victims of the West's political influence.

The aim is to integrate these two states ever more closely into Western structures and to indoctrinate the population against Russia.

To achieve this goal, a large number of non-governmental organizations with close ties to the EU and the USA are working in these two states. They are working towards these goals at all levels and in all areas. Education, culture and politics are being infiltrated by these "Western agents" and this is intended to bring society in these countries totally in line with the West in the long term.

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