A Plan to Create a Vaccinated, Tracked, And Surveilled Feudal World

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An excerpt of the Naomi Wolf interview conducted by blckbx.tv about her new book- Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age.

Naomi Wolf What I'm trying to say is at the very top you have to sell your soul to Satan or in the case of the Biden family take $3 million from a Chinese government asset which is what the Hunter Biden laptop shows, and I voted for that Administration. So I'm thoroughly unbiased in my criticism, and then down the chain people get bribed or threatened and we see it all the way down to local public health officials, local police, the police in New York City. When I tried to sit in an area cordoned off for the vaccinated in Grand Central Station, I was surrounded by cops. They didn't want to keep me from making use of a public bench you know. They certainly didn't want to when I pointed out the history of keeping people from sitting down in public places in the United States, our Jim Crow laws. But they were bound by the governor, they were bound by the police commissioner, so it's rippling down, it's ripping down.

blckbx.tv But do you still take in consideration that there might be an option that these people are deep down acting with the best intentions, but we just don't know what their goal is?

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