Donald Trump will not be president of the United States

The People's Voice

More people in America are waking up now, and are realizing that Biden is destroying their country. Sadly, he still has the support of some 30% of Americans. They believe the lies of CNN, MSNBC, and Google. Millions of Americans want a senile corrupt treasonous pathological liar to lead them. They like paying twice as much for food, gasoline, and rent. They want their children to be indoctrinated into transvestitism, homosexuality, and Marxism by extreme leftist public school teachers. They want tens of millions of illegals pouring into their country. Biden will be appointed to the office of president in yet another rigged election, with the globalist media talking heads singing his phony praises.

The Yellowstone eruption will be immediately followed by the meltdown of hundreds of nuclear power plants.

America was overthrown in 1913 by the global elite banking families and has been ruled by them and the criminal corporate elite since that time. A small group of trillionaires, generational criminals, see the American people as ignorant slaves to be culled, exploited, and euthanized. The wealthy feel only contempt and loathing toward the American people, exterminating them with war and poisonous vaccines. Their tools of repression are their propaganda media, big tech, and corrupt politicians and police.

The global elite will always use death-shot vaccines, poisoned food, cancer-causing fluoridated water, and endless war to kill off the American people. American farmland is constantly sprayed and poisoned with millions of tons of aluminum, barium, toxic heavy metals, polymers, and chemicals. American cities are chem trailed periodically with manufactured viruses to kill off the weak. Since Obama a process has been underway to kill off and replace the American people with the ignorant controllable illiterate masses of the third world.

Donald Trump will not be president of the United States again. The criminal global elite won't make that mistake a second time. They will take every measure necessary to ensure total control of the coming election and all future elections. There may not even be a presidential election in 2024. If the elite think there is a possibility that Trump could be elected to office, they will simply assassinate him, however, that may not be necessary as they have other options.

The elite are using their Biden puppet to end America's World Reserve Currency status which is rapidly devaluing the dollar. The country is being intentionally driven into economic collapse as it has always been the intent of the global elite to destroy America. If people start rioting because they can't afford to feed their families Biden could declare martial law and indefinitely postpone the election. The globalist media is telling the illegals that Donald Trump will conduct the largest deportation operation in history to frighten them into voting for Biden. This is why democrats want to change the election laws allowing some fifty million illegal immigrants to vote. With the votes of illegals, millions of falsified paper ballots rigged voting machines, and the 30% of Americans who believe the globalist media lies, a democrat victory is assured. If by election day America is at war with Russia and the democrats have failed to alter election laws so illegals can vote, Biden could invoke the War Powers Act and cancel the election.

Bill Gates will soon release a new more lethal AI-designed virus. It could be chem trailed over American cities or placed into municipal water supplies. The American people, but not the illegal immigrants, will be required by law to take Bill Gates's new death shot. The price of food will double again, and the dollar will be virtually worthless. Tens of millions of Americans will desperately support Trump in the hopes of saving their families and their country. These people will be labeled as dangerous terrorist MAGA and imprisoned in the new detention camps built by Biden in all fifty states. At first, the camps were called reeducation camps, but they quickly morphed into concentration camps. Tens of millions of Americans will be killed and starved to death in these camps.

When the American people realize they are being exterminated and their country destroyed they will get off their knees and fight as they have never fought before. There will be a massive civil war that will make the World War Two Battle of Russia look like a skirmish. The American people will be fighting against the woke U.S. military, millions of Chinese soldiers already positioned now on the northern and southern borders, hundreds of thousands of UN troops, millions of illegal immigrants, and millions of American Marxist democrat Biden supporters.

A force of millions of liberal Marxist California democrats will begin a twentieth-century version of Sherman's march, from the West Coast across the country toward the East. They will kill all those in their path who are of no use to them and who refuse to join them. Before the Marxist California democrats can reach Arkansas, they will be met by millions of American patriots willing to fight to the death, and the Marxist Democrat traitors will be crushed.

While war rages a great earthquake near Memphis will shake half of the country. The Mississippi River will run backward, and the land will be reshaped. The civil war will last for two years and over one hundred and fifty million people will be killed and will die from starvation and disease. The American people will be victorious over the Marxist democrat traitors and the armies of the globalists and will regain control of America, but the country will be devastated.

It will seem that the blessing and protection of God over America has been removed because before the American people can begin to rebuild their broken country, the super volcano Yellowstone will erupt. The perverted and treasonous west coast will be shaken by an earthquake caused by Yellowstone and that part beyond the San Andreas fault line toward the Pacific Ocean will slip below sea level. A vast area of northwestern Wyoming will be submerged in a sea of molten lava and a heavy layer of volcanic silicate ash will cover the entire country from coast to coast. Nearly all human and animal life will be exterminated by the deadly unbreathable ash. The ash from Yellowstone will reach across the Atlantic Ocean and a thin layer will settle on Europe.

The Yellowstone eruption will be immediately followed by the meltdown of hundreds of nuclear power plants. The amount of radiation released will be so massive that some 60% of America will be rendered permanently uninhabitable and the water undrinkable. The radiation cloud from America will encircle the northern hemisphere bringing death and suffering to humanity. This will be followed by three years of unending winter caused by the ash from the Yellowstone eruption in the upper atmosphere blocking the sun. It will be impossible to grow food and most plant and animal life on the earth will die. It will snow in the equatorial regions of the planet and those portions of the tropical rain forests not yet burned by foolish humanity will suffer a great die-off. Famine and disease will grip civilization causing 85% of earth's human population to die.

The Global elite eugenicists will be utterly delighted by these events. Living outside the United States in hundred-million-dollar bunkers and on private islands with one-hundred-year food supplies, they will feel none of the effects of the suffering they have caused. They will emerge from hiding and attempt to regain control of humanity and the earth believing that the world is now theirs and they will rule over a devastated starving humanity. It will not be as they plan. Their wealth and power will be gone, removed by war, death, destruction, and the hand of God. In a broken world, they will no longer be relevant and will never control humanity and civilization again. Without their monetary and political systems, and their corrupt governments and political puppets, they are nothing. Instead, disorder and chaos will rule the earth for many years. Humanity will remember the global elite and how they brought about the end of everything. The super-rich criminal elite will be hunted to the ends of the earth and executed without mercy.

It will take more than a hundred years for humanity to rebuild civilization. America will never rise again and remain a dead ash-covered nuclear waistband. Along the east coast of the land that was called America, a tiny civilization of primitive yet gifted people will arise from the descendants of a handful of survivors.

The actions of the globalists and their corrupt puppet governments will be remembered long after they are gone. Humanity will create a new system and a new order that will rise from the ashes like a phoenix. A system built on freedom and justice that will never be controlled by a handful of psychotic trillionaire murderers again. It will be the age of Aquarius when the moon is in the seventh house Jupiter aligns with Mars and peace will guide the planet for the next thousand years.


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