Jeffrey Sachs blasts US sanctions on Russia: “Just one absolutely naive idea after another”

Ahmed Adel, InfoBrics
Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

Jeffrey Sachs, a world-renowned professor of economics and bestselling author, recounted how he warned senior US officials that sanctions on Russia would fail. His statement comes as Daleep Singh, the US deputy national security adviser for international economics, said a large flow of Russian weapons is still powered by electronic components from companies in the United States and allied countries.

“The percentage of Russian battlefield weaponry with US or allied branded components is alarmingly and unacceptably high,” Bloomberg quoted Singh as saying on May 28, adding that the US and its allies have struggled to stem the flow of parts to Russia and called on companies to prevent these parts from being used in the Ukraine conflict

Export controls—which target the movement of goods rather than financial transactions— have been difficult to enforce because producers lack the large internal compliance departments that have emerged in the banking sector over the past two decades of US sanctions policy.

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