We Are at War in the US and Globally: A Summary of Everything

Sasha Latypova

HHS public health programs are actually just part of joint military operations with DoD. ~ K. Watt

Overall characterization of what is going on: the federal and most of the state governments are gone and captured. Whatever is running the federal gov agencies (e.g. HHS) really intends to kill you, or at least substantially injure you, damage your reproductive capacity and repossess your assets in the process. The aim is to reduce the population and terrorize the survivors enough to establish a totalitarian control over much of the world’s territory. Nobody is coming to save you, your survival and that of your children is in your hands only. Do not comply.

1. Now for details: Most of my writing on these topics should be understood in conjunction with legal history research by Katherine Watt. I am explaining what rules and regulations are being broken by the HHS/FDA/all public health actors, and Katherine has found how our laws have been subverted over time to enable this. Recently Katherine put together an excellent summary presentation for a conference in Ireland, and this provides a very good starting point:

Public health emergencies are camouflaged power grabs by Katherine Watt

2. We are at war in the US and globally. Public Health Emergencies have largely the same legal status as war declarations (National Emergency). PHE (PHEIC) declarations effectively suspend the Constitution, let the Executive branch (including DOD and HHS) usurp the power and neuter the Legislative and Judicial branches of the government. Once initiated, there are no stopping conditions.

Strange Days

James Howard Kunstler

Tanks on highway, Great Falls, Idaho

“Team Brandon has also made the USA utterly toxic to 80% of humanity. Sort of what they accused Trump of doing but they actually did it! LOL. They are the gift that keeps on giving.” — Jacob Dreizin

Strange doings at a strange time in a strange land. Videos of widespread military vehicle maneuvers around our nation popped up on the Web at mid-weekend while the American citizenry went about its holiday weekend business (including Father’s Day revels and “Juneteenth” celebration mass shootings): Scenes of armored personnel carriers rolling down Walnut Street in downtown Philly; B2 bomber wings over Minnesota; Tank columns galumphing along an Idaho highway… leading to widespread suspicions that something untoward is up. Durned if I know what it is.

Among things one can know: The “Joe Biden” presidency is whirling around the drain in plain sight, and with it, likely, the Globalist hopes and dreams of making everybody eat bugs while they take away everything you own. Last week, audiotapes surfaced of the main parties to the Ukraine grift (Biden and Poroshenko) working things out in 2016 over the phone in “JB’s” final days as vice-president. Meanwhile, the House Oversight Committee has got its mitts on Biden family bank records galore detailing the abstruse money-laundering activities that were run through obscure European banks and innumerable Biden shell companies. Well, sonofabitch…!

Russia rallied against the military insurgency

Vzgljad (Editorial)

"Any attempt to sow discord within the country is the greatest crime, which has no excuse." These are the words Patriarch Kirill used in his reaction to the rebellion by Yevgeny Prigozhin and the fighters of the Wagner PMC. Similar statements were made by dozens of other leading Russian politicians and public figures, representing a variety of regions and backgrounds. The Prigozhin military insurgency has provoked widespread condemnation across Russia.

On Saturday, the Defense Ministry said in an address to fighters of the Wagner PMC assault squads that they had been deceived into Yevgeny Prigozhin's criminal adventure and participation in the armed insurgency. "Many of your comrades from several detachments have already realized their mistake by seeking help in ensuring that they can return safely to their permanent deployment points. Such assistance on our part has already been provided to all the fighters and commanders who have applied," the military said.

The appeal urged the Wagner fighters to show discretion and get in touch with representatives of the Defense Ministry or law enforcement agencies as soon as possible. "We guarantee everyone's safety," the statement said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an emergency address that the country was facing a betrayal. He called the actions of the Wagner PMC a stab in the back. According to him, exorbitant ambitions and personal interests led to treason. The President assured that those who deliberately took the path of treachery, would suffer an inevitable punishment and answer to the law and the people.

The false counter-offensive and the refusal of good offices

Thierry Meyssan
Translation by Roger Lagassé
(Version française ici)

While the Western press glosses over military reality, the Kremlin
plays the transparency card. Specialized columnists are allowed to
circulate and publish what they think, even when they are critical of
the way the military operates and its results. President Putin received
them and answered their toughest questions live on television.

It’s a fool’s game. Kiev’s communication asserts that its army launched a counter-offensive two weeks ago. But this does not correspond to what can be seen on the battlefield. It also claims to welcome with hope the two missions of good offices from China and the African Union. But Volodymyr Zelensky has interrupted the negotiations he was conducting with Moscow and enacted a law prohibiting their resumption.

According to the authorities in Kiev, the Ukrainian army launched "a vast counter-offensive against the Russian aggressor" on June 8.

THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A COUNTER-OFFENSIVE—Military literature prefers to speak of a counter-attack rather than a counter-offensive. A counter-attack consists in taking advantage of the enemy’s momentary weaknesses to launch an assault. We think of Napoleon at Austerlitz, who had some of his troops beaten back in order to trap his adversaries, from which he emerged victorious.

Choosing the term "counter-offensive" is not neutral. It’s a communication device suggesting that the Russians have launched an "offensive" to seize Ukraine. In fact, they fought at the capital’s northern airport before withdrawing. In reality, the Russians have never attempted to take Kiev and have no intention of invading Ukraine. That’s what their president, Vladimir Putin, said in the first week of his "special operation". Taking a military airport, even one north of Kiev, is just a battle to give the Russians air superiority. It does not indicate that they intended to take the capital.

The term "special operation" is not neutral either. Moscow is stressing that it is not waging a war of invasion, but is implementing its "responsibility to protect" the populations of the Donetsk and Lugansk oblates, who had officially been the targets of a punitive operation by Kiev, since 2014.

Call the Exorcists!

James Howard Kunstler

“Modern states are powerful things, vast machines built of human components that act according to their own logic and towards their own ends.” — Eugypius on Substack

As a Jewish American, and a connoisseur of my people’s folklore, I bring to your attention the troublesome figure of the dybbuk (dih-bik), a disembodied demon that, because of its sins, wanders restlessly among us and can enter the flesh of a living person, who will then afflict and torment the community until properly exorcised by a minyan of rabbis garbed in white burial shrouds wielding sacred oaths.

Thus, I give you Andrew Weissmann, Esq., attorney at law, the American chief dybbuk, on the scene for decades now, sowing mischief and woe, leading an unholy host of fellow dybbukim calling itself Lawfare to infest the courts and meddle in elections. Think: Michael Sussmann, an imp of RussiaGate; Michael Bromwich, former DOJ Inspector General (!) and then advisor to one Christine Blasey Ford (remember her?); David Laufman, erstwhile DOJ counter-intel goblin and Blasey Ford “beach friend” errand boy; Marc Elias, engineer extraordinaire of ballot harvesting operations in the 2020 election and many related pranks; Dan Goldman, lead counsel for the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment against Donald J. Trump…dybbuks all!

The dybbuk Weissmann is best known, of course, for directing the Special Counsel’s “Russian Collusion” campaign (2017 – 2019) in the mental absence of its nominal chief, Robert Mueller, an endeavor that, in the end, could not find any instance of then-President Trump colluding with said Russians — but did, via a firehose of media leaks, succeed in casting a Trump derangement spell over half the US population. Dybbuk Weissmann lately haunts the MSNBC cable news channel as a “legal analyst.”

Two self-evident lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Halvor Næss

It is now more than three years since the covid-19 pandemic started, and two almost self-evident statements summarize the most important lessons learned.

1. Without the draconian handling of the authorities, the pandemic would have passed under the radar for most people.
2. Negative consequences such as bankruptcies, inflation, lack of schooling, school refusal and depression are solely due to the government's handling of the pandemic and not the Corona virus.

The justification for the first claim is that if the authorities had not shut down and established a test regime with quarantine of healthy people, the mass media had refrained from provoking fear in the population with war headlines and NRK had refrained from listing the number of infected and dead many times a day, most people would not have known that a respiratory pandemic with a new virus was sweeping through the population. Most of us have had Covid both once and twice. Covid causes flu-like symptoms and is a mild illness for most people. We are used to such respiratory infections.

The Destructive Plan Behind the Biden Russia Agenda

F. William Engdahl

The new Biden Administration has from day one made it clear it will adopt a hostile and aggressive policy against the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin. The policy behind this stance has nothing to do with any foul deeds Putin’s Russia may or may not have committed against the West. It has nothing to do with absurd allegations that Putin had pro-US dissident Alexei Navalny poisoned with the ultra-deadly Novichok nerve agent. In has to do with a far deeper agenda of the globalist Powers That Be. That agenda is what is being advanced now.

                                                  — ⚜⚜⚜

The Cabinet choices of Joe Biden reveal much. His key foreign policy picks–Tony Blinken as Secretary of State and Victoria Nuland as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs; Bill Burns as CIA head; Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor ; Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence—all are from the Obama-Biden Administration and all have worked closely together. As well, all see Russia, not China, as the prime security threat to the United States’ global hegemony.

As candidate, Joe Biden stated this often. His key foreign policy choices underscore that the focus with the Biden Administration, regardless how fit Biden himself is, will shift from the China threats to that of Putin’s Russia. Biden’s CIA head, Bill Burns, is a former Ambassador to Moscow and was Deputy Secretary of State during the Obama CIA coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014. Notably, when Burns left State in November 2014 he was succeeded by Tony Blinken, now Secretary of State. Blinken reportedly formulated the US State Department response to Russia’s Crimea annexation.

In the Name of the Father: Gonzalo Lira, Julian Assange, Gerry Conlon

Declan Hayes

The fathers of Lira, Assange, and Conlon soldier on, armed with halos of dignity those who oppose them can never begin to comprehend

Former British MP George Galloway recently interviewed Gonzalo Lira Senior, the 80-year old father of American citizen Gonzalo Lira, who is currently being held in one of Clown Prince Zelensky’s dungeons. With John Shipton, the 80-year old father of Australian citizen Julian Assange, who is currently being held in King Jug Ears’ darkest dungeon, and with Guiseppe Conlon, the father of Gerry Conlon, who died in another of Queen Elizabeth’s darkest dungeons, he forms the heart of this article.

Lira’s interview with Galloway is a passionate one, done by an ageing Chilean, who would much prefer to be playing with his grandchildren than fighting to free the father of those children, his own son, from Zelensky’s clutches. Lira junior, as the photographs of him being arrested attest, was no threat to Zelensky’s junta. We are not here talking of a General Armageddon, a Chechen or of a Wagner musician but of a middle-aged, stooping father of two young children his enemies, the enemies of his children and of all such children, find all too easy to denigrate.

Although Gonzalo Lira, like the young girls Zelensky’s valiant warriors strap to lamp posts with their panties down around their knees, make easy targets, they also stir a hornet’s nest and arouse the wrath of good God-fearing folk like General Armageddon, the Chechens and the Wagner musicians, who are much harder nuts to crack than are middle-aged Chilean dumplings like Gonzalo Lira.

Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer

Dr Vernon Coleman

Several decades ago, I used mortality figures to prove that doctors were one of the top three causes of death, along with circulatory disease and cancer. My conclusion was widely scorned at the time but now you’d be hard-pressed to find a doctor who didn’t agree that I was right.

Today, I’m afraid that the number of deaths caused by doctors is going up rapidly and doctors have for some time killed more people than cancer. Indeed, I strongly suspect that doctors are now the major cause of death in the Western World – especially if vaccine deaths are included.

For a variety of reasons, some complex and some simple, modern, State-run health care is beyond repair and now kills more people than it saves.

Health care is changing at a phenomenal rate. Governments are closing small hospitals and casualty departments and concentrating services in bigger and bigger hospitals. (This is being done to please the EU whose bureaucrats believe that big is beautiful and bigger is even more beautiful). Patients who need a GP are being told to telephone for advice rather than to visit the surgery. (The excuse for this is that it will save the planet by reducing the use of petrol). Patients who are injured in accidents are told to telephone ahead and get permission in advance if they think they need to be seen in a casualty department. This may all sound bizarre. But it’s true.

Terrorist attack on Kakhovka was in Ukrainian plans since last year

Lucas Leiroz

On the morning of 6 June, Novaya Kakhovka’s authorities reported a rupture in the local hydroelectric plant, resulting in the flooding of large areas on the banks of the Dnieper River (Kherson oblast). The accident would have been caused by a Ukrainian attack using multiple launch missile systems, possibly supplied by the West. However, the mainstream media and the Ukrainian government insist on baselessly accusing Russia of having committed the crime.

The Ukrainian bombing took place around two o'clock in the morning. Half of the spans of the dam was destroyed, causing the water level to rise considerably in a short time. At least fourteen settlements close to the region, home to more than 22,000 people, are at high risk of total flooding. The authorities have already started evacuating the local population, having emptied around 300 buildings, but there are still dozens of people at risk in the flooded areas.

One of the biggest fears regarding the destruction of the dam is the safety of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). The facility is also located on the banks of the Dnieper River and uses local water to cool its reactors - an essential procedure for nuclear security. With the change in water flow caused by the attack on the dam, ZNPP could run out of water to carry out the procedure.

Why does Kiev persistently hit the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant?

Yuri Gavrilov

On Tuesday night, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out several powerful strikes on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant. They were targeted, presumably by the Olkha multiple rocket launcher system. As a result, some of the valves at the plant failed, resulting in uncontrolled water discharge downstream of the Dnieper. Fortunately, the HPP dam withstood the shelling.

It was also reported that several spaces between the supports of the dam structure were destroyed. According to the chairman of the government of Kherson region, Andrei Alekseenko, there was a threat of flooding in coastal areas and settlements, where a total of 22 thousand people live. An operational headquarters has been created in the region, which is headed by the Acting Governor of the region, Vladimir Saldo. Groups of rescuers from EMERCOM of Russia have been sent to the affected areas. Residents of Novaya Kakhovka were warned of the possibility of evacuation from homes located on the shore. Some had to be immediately resettled from the flooded housing.

This was all the more important because on Tuesday morning and afternoon, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continued to fire rockets into the city, while the water in the Dnieper River kept rising. This led, among other things, to the flooding of sewage plants and the destruction of part of the power lines.

Waging WOKE Warfare Across the United States Takes a Major Hit

Declan Hayes

Not only do America’s children not want male freaks in dresses terrorising them but they do not want those freaks lecturing to them from the huge podium Disney’s movies offer them.

Though Russian President Putin has compared NATO’s WOKE madness to the early years of the Soviet Union under Bolshevism, he doesn’t know the half of it.

Though the WOKE lunatics long ago took over the NATO asylum, current indications are they have pushed their luck and their trans fascism madness too far. There is, in American hillbilly-land, the mother of all push-backs against those WOKE companies BlackRock, Vanguard and NATO’s other middle management have used as the shock troops of their Satanic campaign.

Though I will later get to the theory and practice of Satanism, I must first describe the backlash against “story creator” Disney, clothes retailer Target and beer maker Anheuser-Busch, all of whom have surrendered their sovereignty to BlackRock’s warped stakeholder ideology. As previously explained here and here, these NATO’s companies have been shoving BlackRock’s warped WOKE ideology down the throats not only of their customers but of their customers’ children as well. And both of those stakeholders have had a gut full.

On the one side we have Russia’s Masha and the Bear, which is hilarious, all the more so if you are in the target age range for this series of cartoons and which Disney catered for when it first got off the ground with Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Donald Duck in the early 1930s.

Why I don’t believe there ever was a Covid virus

Dr. Michael Yeadon

I’VE grown increasingly frustrated about the way the debate is controlled around the topic of origins of the alleged novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, and I have come to disbelieve it’s ever been in circulation, causing massive scale illness and death. Concerningly, almost no one will entertain this possibility, despite the fact that molecular biology is the easiest discipline in which to cheat. That’s because you really cannot do it without computers, and sequencing requires complex algorithms and, importantly, assumptions. Tweaking algorithms and assumptions, you can hugely alter the conclusions.

This raises the question of why there is such an emphasis on the media storm around Fauci, Wuhan, and a possible lab escape. After all, the ‘perpetrators’ have significant control over the media. There’s no independent journalism at present. It is not as though they need to embarrass the establishment. I put it to readers that they’ve chosen to do so.

So who do I mean by ‘they’ and ‘the perpetrators? There are a number of candidates competing for this position, with their drug company accomplices, several of whom are named in Paula Jardine’s excellent five-part series for TCW, Anatomy of the sinister Covid project. High on the list is the ‘enabling’ World Economic Forum and its many political acolytes including Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern.

But that doesn’t answer the question of why are they focusing on the genesis of the virus. In my view, they are doing their darnedest to make sure you regard this event exactly as they want you to. Specifically, that there was a novel virus.

I’m not alone in believing that myself at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’, but over time I’ve seen sufficient evidence to cast strong doubt on that idea. Additionally, when considered as part of a global coup d’état, I have put myself in the position of the most senior, hidden perpetrators. In a Q&A, they would learn that the effect of a released novel pathogen couldn’t be predicted accurately. It might burn out rapidly. Or it might turn out to be quite a lot more lethal than they’d expected, demolishing advanced civilisations. Those top decision-makers would, I submit, conclude that this natural risk is intolerable to them. They crave total control, and the wide range of possible outcomes from a deliberate release militates against this plan of action: ‘No, we’re not going to do this. Come back with a plan with very much reduced uncertainty on outcomes.’

The alternative I think they’ve used is to add one more lie to the tall stack of lies that has surrounded this entire affair. This lie is that there has ever been in circulation a novel respiratory virus which, crucially, caused massive-scale illness and deaths. In fact, there hasn’t.

Britain and NATO "At War" - Russian Military Strikes Against Them Would Be Lawful

Christopher Black

Attorney Says Britain and NATO "At War" - Russian Military Strikes Against Them Would Be Lawful

On the 19th of May, the Financial Times quoted the British Minister of Defense, Ben Wallace, stating that the West could face the threat of full-scale war with Russia and China by the end of the decade and proclaimed defence preparation a paramount task for Western countries.

One has to wonder what universe Mr. Wallace and his boss, Rishi Sunak, are living in since Britain is engaged in war with Russia right now, has, with every step, every hostile action, set itself up for a full-scale war, a full-scale catastrophe, which they cannot prevent. Why Britain would go to war with China as well as Russia when China has not threatened it and is oceans away, no one can explain in rational terms. Yet, this is the British rhetoric, the fetishistic parroting of the words of their lord and master, the USA.

Many argue that statements, a war is not happening, that it is something that exits only in the future, are desperate attempts to fool the British people, to lie to them about their government’s intentions and what is coming. Others argue that they are signs that the British government has no sense of reality. But, in the end, one has to conclude that they are both at the same time. Worse, these statements speak of a government, that seems to think it is untouchable, that the war with Russia will be limited in geographic space to Ukraine, that Britain’s participation in the war against Russia will have no direct consequences for Britain and its people, that Russia will not dare to follow military and political logic and conduct military strikes against Britain. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet the British establishment, dreaming of its past, is unable to accept reality, is leading the British people towards disaster, as the gathering storm of war edges ever closer to their shores.

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