Why does Kiev persistently hit the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant?

Yuri Gavrilov

On Tuesday night, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out several powerful strikes on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant. They were targeted, presumably by the Olkha multiple rocket launcher system. As a result, some of the valves at the plant failed, resulting in uncontrolled water discharge downstream of the Dnieper. Fortunately, the HPP dam withstood the shelling.

It was also reported that several spaces between the supports of the dam structure were destroyed. According to the chairman of the government of Kherson region, Andrei Alekseenko, there was a threat of flooding in coastal areas and settlements, where a total of 22 thousand people live. An operational headquarters has been created in the region, which is headed by the Acting Governor of the region, Vladimir Saldo. Groups of rescuers from EMERCOM of Russia have been sent to the affected areas. Residents of Novaya Kakhovka were warned of the possibility of evacuation from homes located on the shore. Some had to be immediately resettled from the flooded housing.

This was all the more important because on Tuesday morning and afternoon, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continued to fire rockets into the city, while the water in the Dnieper River kept rising. This led, among other things, to the flooding of sewage plants and the destruction of part of the power lines.

Waging WOKE Warfare Across the United States Takes a Major Hit

Declan Hayes

Not only do America’s children not want male freaks in dresses terrorising them but they do not want those freaks lecturing to them from the huge podium Disney’s movies offer them.

Though Russian President Putin has compared NATO’s WOKE madness to the early years of the Soviet Union under Bolshevism, he doesn’t know the half of it.

Though the WOKE lunatics long ago took over the NATO asylum, current indications are they have pushed their luck and their trans fascism madness too far. There is, in American hillbilly-land, the mother of all push-backs against those WOKE companies BlackRock, Vanguard and NATO’s other middle management have used as the shock troops of their Satanic campaign.

Though I will later get to the theory and practice of Satanism, I must first describe the backlash against “story creator” Disney, clothes retailer Target and beer maker Anheuser-Busch, all of whom have surrendered their sovereignty to BlackRock’s warped stakeholder ideology. As previously explained here and here, these NATO’s companies have been shoving BlackRock’s warped WOKE ideology down the throats not only of their customers but of their customers’ children as well. And both of those stakeholders have had a gut full.

On the one side we have Russia’s Masha and the Bear, which is hilarious, all the more so if you are in the target age range for this series of cartoons and which Disney catered for when it first got off the ground with Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Donald Duck in the early 1930s.

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