Waging WOKE Warfare Across the United States Takes a Major Hit

Declan Hayes

Not only do America’s children not want male freaks in dresses terrorising them but they do not want those freaks lecturing to them from the huge podium Disney’s movies offer them.

Though Russian President Putin has compared NATO’s WOKE madness to the early years of the Soviet Union under Bolshevism, he doesn’t know the half of it.

Though the WOKE lunatics long ago took over the NATO asylum, current indications are they have pushed their luck and their trans fascism madness too far. There is, in American hillbilly-land, the mother of all push-backs against those WOKE companies BlackRock, Vanguard and NATO’s other middle management have used as the shock troops of their Satanic campaign.

Though I will later get to the theory and practice of Satanism, I must first describe the backlash against “story creator” Disney, clothes retailer Target and beer maker Anheuser-Busch, all of whom have surrendered their sovereignty to BlackRock’s warped stakeholder ideology. As previously explained here and here, these NATO’s companies have been shoving BlackRock’s warped WOKE ideology down the throats not only of their customers but of their customers’ children as well. And both of those stakeholders have had a gut full.

On the one side we have Russia’s Masha and the Bear, which is hilarious, all the more so if you are in the target age range for this series of cartoons and which Disney catered for when it first got off the ground with Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Donald Duck in the early 1930s.

Today, their male employees wear dresses to freak out the kids and their movies tank at the box office. Children, as Walt Disney knew, want to laugh along with Masha and the Bear, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, simple cartoons with simple plot lines. Not only do America’s children not want male freaks in dresses terrorising them but they do not want those freaks lecturing to them from the huge podium Disney’s movies offer them.

And nor do their furious parents, who are not only expressing their anger by boycotting Disney but who have also gone on the offensive against Target and made them withdraw their lines of baby clothing, which came complete with penis tucks and plastic penis attachments for toddlers. To say that a hurricane hit Target’s grooming campaign would be an understatement. The ordinary Yanks tore Target to shreds and their boycott wiped billions off its share price.

As they did with Anheuser-Busch, who hired transsexual grifter Dylan Mulvaney to market their beer to those truck-driving, Country and Western music-loving, baseball-playing, shotgun-carrying lumberjacks and World Wide Wrestling fans. It didn’t work and, by all accounts, you can hardly give away their Bud Light beer to any of their God-fearing, blue-collar customer base, who are out for corporate blood.

Although much could be said about the types of American Homer Simpsons, Family Guys, soccer moms and sundry couch potatoes, who are hitting back against all this nonsense, my focus is more on the utter contempt those WOKE companies have shown the ordinary American. Although this coordinated attack is much bigger than the three companies I have singled out, they are important as Disney, Target and Anheuser-Busch are all in the business of catering to their core audiences and, of course, turning a profit for their stakeholders on tried and trusted maxims I spent many years lecturing on.

But those days are gone and so too is the Japanese idea of stakeholder capitalism where a company, Toyota for example, would develop long-term relationships with its suppliers so that both might benefit over time.

NATO’s new capitalism is a different sort, where folk like George Soros and BlackRock’s Larry Fink decide what Disney will show, what Target will sell and which Blackfaces will get to market Anheuser-Busch beer (and women’s tampons and sports’ bras).

The reason corporate America is cutting its own throat, as this excellent twitter thread explains, is because of the WOKE credit score, which ensures BlackRock, Fink and Soros dictate not only what Target, Disney and the others market but why, using their fig leaf of inclusiveness, even individual schools must allow males into female toilets.

Although young American school girls do not want to be raped in their schools’ toilets, that is of no consequence to BlackRock’s Larry Fink, who tells us at 20 minutes into this video that they are “forcing behaviours” like that before going on to tell us at 21:30 in the same video, “behaviours across the whole firm, in every region have to be similar and every citizen of the firm has to understand what is acceptable behaviours and what are unacceptable behaviours”, WOKE behaviours which he and his fellow-freaks will presumably agree on before allowing vulnerable schoolgirls reap the collateral damage of their Satanic arrogance.

Although the video goes on to cite Fink at 22:00 saying that “it is through effective stakeholder capitalism that capital is effectively allocated, companies achieve durable profitability, and value is created and sustained over the long-term”, that is so wrong that countless books have been written on it. American companies are not focused on the long-term; they are focused on quarterly earnings and that can be seen in how the companies in the S&P 500 have changed so much over time. There is no long-term profitability durability there and companies like BlackRock, who do not even understand their own core mission or the fiduciary nature of their business will not change that.

BlackRock’s business is to be a responsible shareholder and not to insist that males in dresses can terrify children at Disney or go take a leak in the girls’ rest-room. BlackRock’s business is to be a passive investor and to only intervene when companies like Disney, Target and Anheuser-Busch they are invested in make major strategic blunders, the sort of blunders BlackRock, with their own nefarious agenda, are now insisting they commit.

Carrying on in the same video, Fink goes on to say at 22:35 “If you do not lean towards decarbonisation, you are not going to win one euro of business”. In other words, it is his way or oblivion, irrespective of whether you are right or wrong, or whether you are delivering shareholder value or not, or whether you err on the side of conservative caution, having seen behemoths fail in the past because of the sort of ill-informed arrogance Fink displays.

There is, in corporate finance, a basic maxim that old and dirty beats new and clean, that old machinery or practices should not be replaced by newer ones until it is profitable to do so. Because BlackRock and the World Economic Forum disagree, they are forcing Dutch farmers, Europe’s most efficient, off the land in droves, much as the English cleansed Scotland during the Highland Clearances. If Dutch farmers cannot survive, nor can any others. Crazy as that sounds, that is what Fink, Soros and other champions of Disney’s male chaperones bedecking themselves in frilly dresses want.

The same video goes on to show how Disney is going out of business as some black female Disney hot shot tells us at 24:20 that she used every opportunity she could to intrude “queerness” into her movies and thereby inflict it on children and their parents, who would much prefer Masha, Snow White and Mickey Mouse to her boring, biased and half-baked sermons. Heaven help Masha and Mishka if that overpaid sociopath gets her hands on them.

But make no mistake. That is their mission, for whatever concoction of reasons, to pervert everything that is good, wholesome or just plain childishly funny and innocent. Although this thread claims that Target have ordered the deconstruction of their Groomer, Child Sex Cult and Penis Tuck Swimsuits and Satanic “Pride” section across all its stores, that is barely a skirmish in this culture war which stretches all the way from the United States through Ukraine where Fink and Soros are also up to their Satanic mischief and right up to the Russian forests Masha, Mishka and their pals chill out in. It is all Satanic beyond measure.

The basic problem is that Satanists, to use that word loosely, have their hands on the reins of society. As someone who has had to deal with actual devil-worshipping Satanists in the past, I would break them down into a number of sub-sections. The first of these is those just along for the ride, who want to have sex with children or who or whatever else takes their fancy. They are the foot-soldiers, there to groom and be groomed by the mini-Epsteins further up the corporate ladder. The next are the middle management, the Adolf Eichmanns and Jeffrey Epsteins of the Woke Reich who will, as Fink hints, ensure all stakeholders play for Team Satan and the last group are those true believers, command staff like Fink and Soros, who believe it is “better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven”.

We have been down similar roads before, the Third Reich being the most obvious of them. And, as with the Third Reich, it matters not a whit what Soros, Hitler, Himmler, Biden or Fink believe in and, Christ knows, Hitler’s inner circle had the oddest and most eclectic of beliefs underwriting their authoritarianism and history testifies to how that played out. Fink and Soros are as authoritarian as Hitler and we are seeing, from America to Ukraine, how that is playing out and what resistance there is to it.

It matters not in the least if Soros, Fink and their footsoldiers worship Satan or if Satan even exists. What matters is how they act is Satanic; it is not only from the dark but it fosters the dark against the light. And that must be resisted to the death,

Childhood should, of course, bloom in the light and should be more akin to heaven than it is to Epstein’s hell and those who interact with children should, irrespective of the existence or otherwise of heaven or hell, be angels of the light rather than angels of the darkness. Because of that Putin, along with America’s anti-WOKE army, is right to advocate, as he puts it, “a healthy conservatism”. And though that healthy conservatism should be our common default position, it must be fought for, not only against Disney, Target and Anheuser-Busch but all the more so against Fink, Soros and all their WOKE willing executions in academia, in schools, in the media, in Wall Street, in Capitol Hill, in the White House and anywhere and everywhere else they spread their toxins.


Source: Strategic Culture Foundation. IMG: © N/A. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aN2G


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