Orban Visits Russia With Secret Message

Vivek Grover
Oriental Review

A profound rift has been opened between the dominating EU establishment consisting of centrist political groupings and the proponents of peace talks in Ukraine.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s visit to Moscow and his negotiations with President Putin have sent shockwaves around Europe. This is the first time that a Western leader has visited Russia since April 2022, and his visit comes just three days after he visited Ukraine and held talks with President Zelensky.

This is a surprise visit, as Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that it was arranged on Tuesday right after the Hungarian Prime Minister concluded his visit to Kyiv.

There has been speculation that Orban has a special message to President Putin from President Zelensky, as both parties to the conflict are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of the war entering its third year. Following the visit to Kyiv, Orban said that he explored the possibility of a lasting ceasefire in Ukraine: “A ceasefire connected to a deadline would give a chance to speed up peace talks. I explored this possibility with the president and I am grateful for his honest answers and negotiation”, said the Hungarian PM. Zelensky did not respond to these comments publicly, but his foreign policy advisor Ihor Zhovkva stressed that Ukraine sees the only tool to bring peace to Ukraine, which is the peace summit recently held in Switzerland.

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