On the interpretation of selective silence

Katherine Watt

Orientation for new readers

Excellent new post by Sasha Latypova on Dec. 10, 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200

July 26, 2023 - Population Control Policy. Why would my government want to kill me? Don't they need the GDP growth?

💬...It is important to realize that there is no scientific or humanitarian basis in “public health policies” as they exists today in the United States and globally. That machinery exists to drive the population control policy. There is no scientific or humanitarian basis mandating vaccinations with now close to 100 different poisons. Vaccines do not create health. Yet, this is squarely among the UN’s “sustainable goals.
💬 The public health system must be dismantled, because it is a camouflaged warfare program actively engaged in controlling and killing civilians under emergency pretexts and lies.


On interpretation of selective silence

Some things are difficult for some leading voices among the Covid-times anti-tyranny voices to say publicly. Four of those things:

1. Vaccines and biochemical weapons are interchangeable terms for a single product class jointly manufactured and distributed by pharmaceutical companies and the US military for use by militarized health care providers on targets.
2. Observed harms caused by use of biochemical weapons labeled as vaccines, on targets, are intentional.
3. Intentional infliction of pain and death, on targets, using biochemical weapons labeled as vaccines, is State-sponsored. Governments have done it to their people in the past, are doing it right now, and clearly indicate their plans to continue doing it in the future.
4. State sponsorship of the intentional injury and killing of people is coerced through central bank control of money, such that governments are under the direct daily control of central banks, and democratic rituals (such as elections and legislative activity) are performative only. Government officials who try to refuse sponsorship of intentional mass murder (i.e., by speaking or legislating in authentic, non-performative ways) are subject to overwhelming reprisals: currency destruction, economic collapse, lockouts from international financial transaction systems, fomented internal civil disorder, government overthrow and assassination.

Covid has been a global demonstration that financial control mechanisms (banker behavioral control of governments) and political, medical-military ‘public health’ control mechanisms (government behavioral control of civilians) work as designed and installed. Through the real-time Covid lens, it’s become possible to discern the same demonstrative, murderous hand at work in conducting civil and world wars, famines and economic collapses, especially in the last three centuries.

How They Are Destroying Millions of Lives

Dr Vernon Coleman

Interest rates were kept absurdly low for years in order to trap business and home owners into acquiring huge debts. As interest rates race up towards normal the cost of servicing loans and mortgages becomes impossible. Millions who bought overpriced houses and flats will become penniless slaves – forever doomed to pay off lifetime mortgages, student debts and mounting credit card debts while finding themselves in a constant fight against inflation – a fight they can never win.

As interest rates rose in England in 2023, the Government generously encouraged banks to extend mortgages indefinitely, to allow interest only mortgages and to delay repossessions. These two policies sound well-intentioned but they will, of course, result in the people who paid too much for their home (or took on too large a mortgage) being indebted for life and constantly struggling to pay off a mortgage on a home they will probably never own. Modern houses and flats on which they owe 30, 40 and even longer mortgages are so badly built (according to building regulations dreamt up by bureaucrats in accordance with the requirements of building industry lobbyists) that they will not last that long. There will be many defaults, with bankruptcies inevitable – thereby leading to the situation where more and more people own nothing, and the banks are happy. It’s what they want, of course.

It is curious, is it not, how the phrase ‘you will own nothing and be happy’, which is believed to have originated with the World Economic Forum can be compared to the principles of the communist revolution as described in Karl Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’.

Marx wrote that in order to establish a socialist dictatorship, and to obtain total control over the proletariat, the communists would have to eliminate all rights to private property, destroy all religion (which Marx famously described as ‘the opiate of the people’) and dissolve the family unit which was seen as a threat to the ability of the State to obtain total control over people’s lives.

On migration, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, rights and privileges of truth, tolerance of error

Katherine Watt

Orientation for new readers

As I read and write more about pre- and post-1959 Catholic teaching as they relate to current geopolitical events, I want to emphasize that I’m on a learning curve, and my views are developing as my knowledge base deepens.

Prior to Covid, my foundation for this work included my upbringing in a mixed family (traditional Catholic, American father and Protestant, European mother) in the 1970s and 1980s, followed by a basic education in philosophy and natural sciences at Penn State University, followed by work in journalism, civic activism (community organizing) and as a paralegal doing legal research and writing for attorneys practicing constitutional, civil rights and environmental law.

My interest in the relationship between pre- and post-1959 Catholic teaching and current geopolitical events began around 2003, when I read Malachi Martin’s The Keys of This Blood for the first time.

My interest intensified in early 2020 once I realized that 1) the intrinsically-evil Covid-predicated global crime spree was built on the corruption of civil law during the preceding decades, and 2) the corruption of civil law, especially in the Western world, was enabled by the dis-integration of Catholic teaching and erosion of Catholic faith during and since the Second Vatican Council.

Those realizations prompted me to read Fr. Martin’s book a second time in 2021, and then led me to papal encyclicals by Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius IX, Pope Pius X, Pope Pius XI, Pope Pius XII and the writings of Josef Pieper, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, among many other Catholic works. — The point being: the accuracy and clarity of my work will develop as I continue to learn and better grasp and apply definitions and concepts.

Situational Awareness

James Howard Kunstler

“All across the board, illness, disability, cancer, heart, autism, fertility…WeFkdUp !!!” —The Ethical Skeptic

What if Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is correct? The Dutch virologist said at the outset of the Covid-19 episode in 2020 that vaccinating the world in the midst of an epidemic was insane because it would train the virus to evolve more dangerously while disabling human immune systems.

Last week he issued a warning that the world was within weeks of just such a new and deadly immune escape variant outbreak that would bring on a shocking wave of sickness and death among people who received multiple Covid-19 vaccinations. This would happen on top of an already accelerating rise in latent vaccine adverse reactions manifesting as aggressive cancers, blood disorders, cardiac injury, neurological disease, and much, much more.

To this point in the Covid-19 story, Western Civ in general, and the USA in particular, have descended into an epic group psychosis as a result of the managed mind-fuckery induced by their own governments in collusion with a pharmaceutical industry metastasizing on money the way an aggressive cancer feeds on sugar in a human body. Fearful citizens swallowed all manner of unreality foisted on them by means of propaganda and censorship.

We still don’t know for sure how, who, and why, exactly, Covid-19 was set loose on the world, and the public health agencies don’t want you to know. Perhaps the worst and most baldly dishonest act was the official suppression of effective treatments with common, safe, anti-virals that could have saved millions of lives. And all just to preserve the vaccine companies’ liability shield from the Emergency Use Authoriza-tion. In fact, governments are still militating against the sale and use of ivermectin and hydroxy-chloroquine, which could be taken prophylactically in anticipation of a new outbreak.

So, if these populations were driven crazy by authorities ginning up their fear and preying on it, what will happen if that fear turns to anger instead? Because that’s exactly what will happen when Americans, and perhaps even Europeans, realize they’ve been subject to history’s biggest homicidal fraud. That anger is going to seek targets, and they are going to find them very easily in their own government officials and also — get this — in the medical establishment that has betrayed its patients so unconscionably.

Is the W.H.O. the Terrorist Wing of the UN?

Dr Vernon Coleman

At his death, the New York Times remembered Chisholm as a
small-town doctor who became director general of the World
Health Organization
and also called him Prophet of Disaster.

You will no doubt be aware that the idea of forcing people to be vaccinated is back in the news and I think it’s time to look at the background to what is happening.

To start with, of course, it’s important to remember that the World Health Organisation – whose enthusiasm for forced vaccination and the abuse of patients all around the world – is a sign of their collective wickedness and ignorance – is linked with the United Nations in the same way that Donald Trump is linked to his hair. You can’t have one without the other. So we need some vitally important background.

When the American President Theodore Roosevelt had the idea for the United Nations early during the Second World War, and wrote the outline for Churchill to approve, there was a lot of fancy rhetoric about human rights and religious freedom.

However, no one involved in the UN’s formation doubted that the clear, single aim was to create an organisation which would lead us directly to a World Government. That was what they said. That was the plan. As written by Roosevelt and his aides the UN charter excluded de Gaulle’s France, so as not to upset Germany, and made the United States the first among so-called equals.

Statement by First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy at UNSC briefing on Ukraine

Dmitry Polyanskiy

17 July 2023

Since apart from yourself, there are many other high-ranking accomplices of the terrorist Kiev regime in this chamber, who share full responsibility for its crimes, I would like to begin with elaborating on where your actions have taken is in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.

Right in front of our eyes, an ever-worsening tragedy is unfolding. Its root cause was the anti-constitutional coup d'état in Kiev in 2014, which the United States and its Western allies had orchestrated following the best colonial traditions. The people who have stood at the helm of the Kiev regime never really adhered to the interests of Ukraine. Contrary to the aspirations of the majority of Ukrainians and in order to fit into Western confrontational narrative, they turned down peace and good neighborly relations with Russia, defied a non-discriminatory approach to all the ethnicities living in Ukraine, and began to promote blatant nationalism "by leaps and bounds" and whitewash Nazi war criminals.

When 9 years ago the Kiev regime unleashed a deadly war against the Russian-speaking population of Donbas, it purposefully and conscientiously escalated the Ukrainian crisis to a point where it turned into a military confrontation with Russia. My country had to come and protect women, children, and senior citizens whom Kiev started to annihilate in plain sight of the so-called civilized world. This happened after Ukraine and its Western sponsors ultimately refused to implement the UNSC-endorsed Minsk Agreements. At this point, we know for sure that for years, the Minsk Package only served as a cover story for Ukraine and Western states while they were preparing for a war against Russia. That is why the wailing of our Western colleagues about alleged “unprovoked Russian aggression” and a “war of choice” can no longer convince anyone. Whoever is capable of analyzing the situation objectively will see at once that we did not have any choice and that the time bomb that exploded on 24 February 2022 had been planted by Western states as early as in 2014 or, as a matter of fact, even earlier.

The Lies We Were Told

Bill Rice, Jr.

How does a person continue to function - as a sane human being - in a world that’s apparently insane?

Nurse who recently started her own Substack newsletter must feel like a character in this satirical - and maddening - classic novel. I recently discovered an excellent Substack Newsletter authored by a registered nurse (Dee Dee) who has treated many (alleged) Covid patients. This nurse finally had enough and decided to share her stories and thoughts via her own Substack, which she started May 25th.

From reading a couple of her pithy posts, my take-away is Nurse Dee must feel like the main character in Joseph Heller’s classic novel Catch 22. In that novel, the experiences and observations of a fictional WW II bombardier tell readers the guidance and logic used by his superiors is utter madness. Dee’s observations prompted my own question:

💬 When do citizens or employees finally realize that every supposedly-true thing they’ve been told is, in fact, a brazen lie?

For most people, at least with Covid proclamations, the answer seems to be never. In other words, for many people, being lied to over and over doesn’t matter. To put it mildly, such a revelation is disconcerting. Dee Dee’s observations from a June 2nd dispatch might show readers why I thought of Catch-22, where the message to bomber crews was “just do what you are told;” don’t try to figure out the logic. With Covid, Nurse Dee identifies the goal of all orders. Instead of just “fly the dangerous mission,” the key message is: “Just take the shot.”

💬 “The logic surrounding COVID-19 was circular. Every dictated premise, required blind faith and the goal was always the same; to take the shot.  “.. You could not question the narrative and remain a good citizen …The mantra erupted, this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.  “No argument could be interjected in the logic. It didn’t matter if you had not seen a new illness with unique symptoms … It didn’t matter if the science didn’t make sense. It didn’t matter if the measures were opposite to all your previous medical training.   … It didn’t matter that the vaccine did not stop transmission, and it didn’t matter if you had natural immunity. Essentially, we were told to accept every claim without evidence or reason. The orders had been given, just take the shot.”

Catechisms of the counterchurch

Katherine Watt

Orientation for new readers

United Nations global planning documents, 1992-2023 — Robert Morrison, writing at The RemnantFrom Cardinal Bea to Synodality: Obscuring the Mystical Body of Christ to Prepare the Mystical Body of the Antichrist — quoting Bishop Fulton Sheen:

💬 “Because [Satan’s] religion will be brotherhood without the fatherhood of God, he will deceive even the elect. He will set up a counterchurch which will be the ape of the Church, because he, the Devil, is the ape of God.  It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content. It will be a mystical body of the Antichrist that will in all externals resemble the mystical body of Christ.” (Communism and the Conscience of the West, 1948)

Luciferians preparing the counterchurch for the Antichrist produce hundreds of planning documents every year. They do it partly to collect their own thoughts and keep themselves and their administrative-state subordinates well-coordinated, on-task and on-schedule; partly to inform the world peasantry of their plans for controlling, sterilizing and killing us; partly to obscure their plans in a confusing avalanche of information overload; and partly to disarm us by instilling a sense of inevitability of capture alongside futility of resistance.

It takes a lot of time to locate and read documents — even just to skim them to get the general themes — and then think about the contents and connect bits of information across documents, across national borders and across time.

Some of the people who have done that work during the last 50 years or so include John Coleman, Joan Veon, G. Edward Griffin, William Engdahl, Iain Davis and Michel Chossudovsky. There are many more; those are just a few. All such investigations converge on the same basic finding.

The Blob Begins to Quiver

James Howard Kunstler

“…the Permanent State lacks the courage to take hard decisions – to say to Moscow, ‘Let us put this unfortunate episode (Ukraine) behind us. Dig out those draft treaties you wrote in December 2021, and let’s see how we can work together, to restore some functionality again to Europe’.” — Alastair Crooke

When you deny what is self-evident, you are at war with reality, and that never ends well. This is the ultimate disposition of our country’s years-long misadventure in maximum dishonesty. The American administrative Blob has not just lied about everything it does, but used the government machinery at hand to destroy everything it touches in a terminal-hysterical effort to cover up its misdeeds — including especially its crimes against its own people.

Get this: there is no way that Ukraine can avoid defeat in its US-provoked struggle with Russia. Russia has every advantage. It is next door to Ukraine. It has robust arms production capacity. The terrain of the war is its own historic “borderland,” which it has controlled since the 18th century, except for the past thirty years when Ukraine functioned as Grift Central for US military contractors and their political enablers. Despite massive arms assistance from the US and grudging contributions from the NATO contingent in Europe, there is almost nothing left of the Ukrainian military in troops, equipment, and munitions. Ukraine will return eventually to demilitarized “borderland” status.

The Administrative Man

eugyppius: a plague chronicle

There is a pattern, a recurring blindness, in the approach of the administrative state to everyday human life.

Let’s consider a few examples of recent political idiocy and the common thread that unites them:

1. The Scholz government hopes to convince more Germans to opt for public transit by tinkering with fares and introducing a universal 49-Euro ticket. The offering, which collapses regional ticket schemes into one simple, relatively cheap monthly subscription, is now more than 50 days old, and preliminary data show it’s changed hardly anybody’s habits. The vast majority of the 11 million subscriptions sold so far have gone to longstanding public transit users; less than a tenth have been purchased by new customers. Surveys show that interest is concentrated in the urban centres, while rural populations have no use for the ticket because everybody drives cars there. Calls for improving transit offerings in the countryside are half-hearted and bizarre; the whole concept of public transit requires dense, concentrated populations.

2. For some years now, the German state has deployed extravagant subsidies to convince consumers to buy electric vehicles. While adoption has been substantial, the dream of 15 million EVs by 2030 remains very far off. Subsidies aren’t enough to counterbalance the substantial cost of the batteries, leaving conventional automobiles with an enormous competitive advantage at the cheaper end.

Mongolia and India – an unusual but ambitious partnership

Boris Kushhov (Борис Кушхов)

Aiming for the sweet spot: PM Narendra Modi tries his hand at
archery at the mini Naadam Festival, tweets MEA spokesperson
Vikas Swarup. Photograph: @MEA/Twitter

Mongolia [was] putting the finishing touches to its preparations for a visit by the Speaker of the House of the People, the lower house of India’s Parliament, which [took] place from July 6-9 this year. The visit was announced in a meeting between India’s ambassador to Mongolia and the speaker of the State Great Khural, Mongolia’s unicameral parliament.

The two countries have a long history of mutual relations, despite the geographical distance separating them. Both countries consider that their diplomatic relations can be traced back to the contacts between the Hunnic Empire (to which Mongolia sees itself as a successor state) and Indian monks and traders back in the first millennium BC.

One important link between the two countries is religion – Buddhism, which is central to Mongolian culture and national philosophy, was introduced to Mongolia from India via Tibet in several waves, most recently in the 15-16th Centuries.

But today the relations between India and Mongolia are no longer merely a reflection of the “religious and cultural affinities between the two nations,” and are in fact developing into a political and economic partnership.

In this article the author will attempt a brief assessment of the current state of relations between Mongolia and India, and also look at some global processes in the area of international relations.

Dirty Bomb Attack Articles Have Already Been Written by British Press Blaming Russia

Martin Jay
Strategic Culture Foundation

A Russian soldier guards the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power
plant in southern Ukraine, May 2022 ( © Getty)

The killing fields of Ukraine are the setting of an even greater war, one of propaganda, Martin Jay writes.

John Pilger was right. The killing fields of Ukraine are the setting of an even greater war, one of propaganda. It is quite extraordinary how so much of what we read in the UK press originates from a U.S.-funded propaganda bureau in Kiev so much so that it has become the norm for an event to be ‘reported’ based on what President Zelensky just merely says.

The contrast and hypocrisy are stunning. Consider the moronic ramblings of CNN reporters from all over the world asked to take us through the events of the so-called “attempted coup d’état.” They were based in the U.S., London and — of course — Ukraine, in the case of the dim-witted Ben Wedeman. All of them in chorus talking of Putin “on the edge” or staring “the abyss in the eye” but not one of them able to say “according to my sources” or “from people I’m speaking to in Russia”. No. That would be too close to a bygone era of reporting which left us long ago. All we have now is overweight buffoons like our Ben — who, despite being an Arabic speaker was so poor in Lebanon that he managed to falsely report the country’s debt as “mostly foreign” — who only “report” Russia though a Ukrainian prism which was probably written for him. This is how bad western media is. To be a journalist these days, you need two poignant skills. One, to have a great memory for the narrative that you have to replicate. And two, to have an almost morbid fear of nuance or detail. These CNN reporters were basically clueless and just made it up as they went along. They were, like most of us, nothing more than spectators, drowning in their own bigotry and blinded dogma.

The Age of Confrontation

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев)

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, on how the tectonic civilizational rift can and must be resolved.

Once again, there is a white noise coming from the West, and accusations against Russia keep coming. Everyone, from the senators in the US Senate to the unstable old guy in the White House, is sick with heavy Russophobia.

It would seem that everything has been said before. Why are Western politicians again spouting nonsense about the need for a "strong signal" about the Kiev protectorate's participation in the North Atlantic Alliance? Why do they continue dictating a peace for Ukraine only on the terms of the Nazi Kiev regime? Why so much rage after almost a year and a half of SWO?

Of course, our enemies, both external and internal, were hardly pleased with the result of the recent armed insurgency. Power in Russia has convincingly proved its strength and resilience, and the country's people have demonstrated their willingness to rally around Commander-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin, to defend the homeland. On the other hand, it is unlikely that our opponents were so upset by our capture of Artemovsk, aka Bakhmut. The defeat of the AFU on this front was a foregone conclusion.

Another thing is that the beginning of the counterattack was unexpected for the Western political morons. They believed in the genius of their instructors, the omnipotence of unlimited money and the power of the lauded NATO equipment. What more is, disgusting figures have been saying, here and there, officially or not so officially: Russia has already lost, [and] we have won. Why did they suddenly start singing such bravura songs?

Now, facts are stubborn things, there is no place for illusions. The tectonic rift that has formed between different parts of the world as to the understanding of the future of this conflict will only deepen. The confrontation will be very long. But let us understand their arguments first.

Things Are Falling Apart


And the centre's not looking too good, either...

My last essay provoked a lot of comment, including suggestions for taking the analysis a bit further, and trying to look at some of the longer-term consequences for the West of the end of the war in Ukraine, and of its political and military failure there. Here’s a modest attempt, then.

It’s not a prediction. Not only do I not believe in predictions, but it has to be remembered that events are moving at a speed, and with a complexity, that means that what I write now may easily be out of date by the time you read it. In my essay on Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, written a few months ago, I should have mentioned the poor Brigadier Pudding, who spent his spare time writing a book entitled Things That Can Happen in European Politics, only to discover that there were so many possibilities, and so many interactions, that he was unable to keep up with current events (never mind predict the future) and the book was actually going backwards.

That said, it is possible to identify certain directions in which things may (or more importantly may not) go. I want to start with the negative side, because that’s a way of putting some of the more extreme scenarios we read about into some sort of context. I do not suggest that any of these extreme possibilities is inherently impossible, since almost nothing in international politics is, but for the reasons given below I don’t think we should spend that much time on them.

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