Net Zero will Destroy You, Your Family and Everything You Love

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

The drive towards Net Zero is fuelled by the climate change myth and is based on a delicately balanced raft of pseudoscientific evidence and fake news material which are used by professional propagandists and skilled conspirators to sustain the notion that fossil fuels are threatening our world and our very existence.

The myth they have created has been propagated with absurd enthusiasm by small but vocal teams of compliant and easily led enthusiasts, most of whom almost certainly believe that the lies they have been told are the truth and that if we do not make substantive changes to our way of life then we have no future. They’ve been taught that the seas will boil and rise up to engulf the land, life as we have known it will become impossible and the human race will be doomed.

As a result of this nonsensical belief (which is no better established in science than the equally absurd but far less dangerous and damaging theories that the earth is flat, there are no germs and that gravity does not exist) governments around the world now argue that they have no choice but to take drastic action to save us from doom. Aided and abetted by gullible, easily led, virtue-signalling leaders of charities, lobby groups, bankers, and investment groups, action is, therefore, being taken to halt the use of all fossil fuels and to change every aspect of the way we live.

The Supreme Court in the UK has ruled that a local council should have considered the climate impact of burning oil before allowing new wells. This will put all future oil and gas projects in doubt both in the UK and in the EU. A Swiss woman won a victory at the European Court of Human Rights to force Switzerland to do more to deal with the myth of climate change. This is all insanity.

Législatives : des élections pour que rien ne change ... en pire

Karine Bechet-Golovko
Russie politics

Surfant sur le slogan du "barrage à l'extrême droite", l'extrême gauche s'installe en France. Désormais ouvertement et sous la bannière de Mélenchon, dont le score personnel n'a pourtant pas bougé. Macron fait une remontée, qui laisse perplexe quant aux méthodes utilisées. Et le grand gagnant annoncé, le presque Premier ministre Bardella reste avec le RN en troisième position, bien loin du futur Gouvernement. Bref, rien ne change, seul le désordre s'amplifie. Car sortir un Gouvernement viable de ce marais va être une épreuve de force.

En période de crise socio-économique, il est normal que les Français attendent des dirigeants, qu'ils portent attention à ces questions. Mais la pseudo "gauche" qui s'avance, n'a rien de social. Les Français font la même erreur que les Britanniques, attendant de gauchos-bobos parfaitement globalistes et anti-systèmes, qu'ils reconstruisent la France et s'occupent de leur bien-être. Il est déjà annoncé que l'agenda intérieur et extérieur ne changera pas.

Ainsi, le Nouveau Front de Gauche, dont Mélenchon est la figure de proue, est en tête, mais n'aura pas de majorité suffisante avec ses 178 à 205 députés pour pouvoir constituer un Gouvernement.

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