British Psychiatry: From Eugenics To Assassination

Anton Chaitkin

A behavior control research project was begun in the 1950s, coordinated by the British psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute, with the Scottish Rite Masons, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other British, U.S., Canadian, and United Nations agencies. The project became famous in the 1970s under a CIA code name, “MK-Ultra.” Its notoriety for brainwashing by drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, and other tortures caused many books to be written about the project, and the U.S. Senate conducted hearings which exposed many of its abusive features.President Gerald Ford appointed a commission headed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, to correct the CIA’s misconduct.

There was a widespread anti-establishment view at the time, that here was the fox appointed to guard the hen house. The intelligence agencies offered a public rationale for the project: the need to counteract and compete with the mind-control capabilities of the communists. This was largely based on the fact that U.S. personnel held prisoner by the enemy in the Korean War had signed false confessions of crimes, and some had defected to North Korea, the apparent result of brainwashing. The Manchurian Candidate, a 1959 book which was made into a popular movie in 1962, reflected this rationale. It told the story of a communist plot to use a U.S. soldier brainwashed in Manchuria as a zombie-assassin, to kill the leading U.S. presidential candidate. A central theme of MK-Ultra was to attempt to control the human mind in a similar way.

Threatened and accomplished assassination of political leaders has become increasingly frequent in public life since the 1960s. Many of these would-be killers, and many of the assassins of past years, had been in destructive psychiatric programs, or were members of psychiatrically manipulated cults. The present threats are the more meaningful, in the context of the British-led Whitewater scandal directed against the presidency. It is long past time for a thorough public inquiry into the assassination epidemic, whereby its relationship to the official project to create assassins would be fully explored.

Trial By Ordeal

James Howard Kunstler

“Let’s put you in the dunking chair and we’ll figure out what nature says about your status in the next world, and then we’ll make a decision about what to do with your still-living body.” — Matt Taibbi

I’m sure you’re asking yourself: what’s up with the company CEOs like Anheuser-Busch’s Brendan Whitworth, Target’s Brian Cornell, and North Face’s Todd Spaletto? Did they green-light the disastrous Pride Month marketing campaigns based on transgender activism that are suddenly wrecking their businesses? Or do these things just happen down the chain-of-command while the top dogs are otherwise occupied, knocking golf balls around or reviewing their stock options’ strike prices?

I’ll tell you what you’re not seeing and hearing: the red-faced shrieking in the board rooms as boycotts kill sales and directors face the wrath of the share-holders. It was one thing when Bud Light hitched trans “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney to the beer wagon in place of the traditional Clydesdale horses. After all, every state has a drinking age, though it’s pretty astounding that anyone at Anheuser-Busch thought “Ms.” Mulvaney’s cringy Instagram antics would sell beer to grown men moving appliances and fixing pot-holes.

It’s another thing, in the case of Target, to aim sexually-loaded gear to little children, for instance a line of T-shirts that proclaim “Satan Respects Pronouns” made by one Erik Carnell’s Abprellen company out of London. “Mr.” Carnell expounded on that idea on his company’s website (now taken down):

💬 Satanists don’t actually believe in Satan, he is merely used as a symbol of passion, pride, and liberty. He means to you what you need him to mean. So, for me, Satan is hope, compassion, equality, and love. So, naturally, Satan respects pronouns. He loves all LGBT+ people. I went with a variation of Baphomet for this design, a deity who themself is a mixture of genders, beings, ideas, and existences.”

Would it surprise you to learn that children well beneath the age of puberty are not inclined to think about sex at all? In a well-ordered society that recognizes children as different from adults, they don’t. And if something sexual comes to their attention, they are generally perplexed by it. Unless they’re born into an era when adults are busy erasing boundaries, guard-rails, and cultural inhibitions, in which case I must imagine that young children exposed to, say, pornography in a chaotic household find it traumatically sinister. So, why the gleeful celebration about sexualizing children now?

Kissinger’s Fairy Tales for Idiots

Davor Slobodanovich Vuyachich

Kissinger’s idea of bringing peace by having Ukraine join NATO is as crazy as the thought of putting out a fire with kerosene.

In October 2019, the online edition of published the article “The Dissolution of the Soviet Union was the Biggest Crime of the United States — Henry Kissinger is Disappointed with Capitalism”, which quotes an alleged statement by Henry Kissinger, the 56th U.S. Secretary of State and 7th U.S. National Security Advisor, from which it could be concluded that the experienced politician, diplomat, political theorist, and geopolitical advisor, in the later years of his life, repented of his role in the destruction of the Soviet Union and that he fondly recalls the Soviet way of life. “A Soviet individual was able to find happiness in things as simple as jeans, toilet paper, and smoked sausage and was living a complete life. We corrupted them and opened them a door to a world in which, behind the glittering seductions, the cruel laws of capitalism hide… We only had sex, while they had true love. We only had money, while they had pure human gratitude, and this relates to all spheres of life. Of course, nobody can call me an admirer of socialism, as I am a Western individual with a Western mindset; however, I believe that the Soviet Union was giving birth to a true new human. One can label such humans as homo soveticus. This human was one step above us, and I honestly regret that we destroyed this sanctuary. It may be our biggest crime ever” — these are the words that the article attributed to Kissinger. However, it soon turned out to be a joke, and a Russian one at that.

Fade to Black in Ukraine

James Howard Kunstler

“Following the ouster of Mr. Trump in 2020, this new-new-left had exactly what it had been clamoring for, a liberal Democrat in the White House. Given the sense of impending catastrophe at present, it may be difficult to remember precisely how much sniveling bullshit went into selling Joe Biden.” — Rob Urie

Have you noticed that the president of Ukraine (or, governor of America’s fifty-first state), Mr. Zelensky, has been globe-trotting for weeks: London, Helsinki, Paris, Hiroshima? That’s because this is one of those months when years happen; the world is changing at hyper-speed. He seems to be running scared, a little bit, trying to keep ahead of the changing game. What sounded like a great idea to a certain claque of so-called neo-cons in our country — to use Ukraine as a bear trap — has instead rather suddenly revealed Europe’s and America’s manifold bankruptcies and revolted the whole rest of the world outside of Western Civ. Oh, the wonder and nausea!

Try to imagine Mr. Zelensky’s predicament. Mighty America and redoubtable Europe conned the former comedian to thinking that if he went along with a genius scheme to ruin Russia and knock Vlad Putin off the global gameboard, his sad-sack country would be transformed into something like Ukro-Disneyworld, while he, Mr. Z, would be lionized and made rich beyond his wildest imaginings. His backup was the greatest hegemonic power the world has ever seen. The game was called Let’s You and Him Fight.

The poor schlemiel fell for it. He let NATO (that is, the USA) set-up, equip, and train the largest army in Europe, including battalions of bad-ass, hard-core Ukro-Nazis — who had previously been so useful in the American-sponsored 2014 Maidan “color revolution.” Mr. Z followed the US State Department’s orders to rain down rockets and artillery on Russian-speakers who lived in his own eastern provinces. He formally applied for membership in the NATO club. His country received billions of US dollars without audit oversight, just screaming to be creamed off by Ukraine’s leadership — who, after all, deserved a little something for all these goings-along. What could go wrong?

Stephen Lendman Is No Longer With Us

[Editor @ Another World Is Possible: We wrote this to Stephen a few days after he was gone, not knowing that he already passed on (May 9th). - Painful as it is, we decided to post it here anyway.]

Dear Stephen,

I am realizing that you now may be facing the inevitable. You love writing, but your health is failing and you haven't been able to write much lately. I can understand that.

I'm writing simply to tell you that it has been a pleasure to have known you, and to have been in contact with you from time to time. I have found your writing very incisive and useful in clearing away a lot of fog around important issues. I have also posted a considerable number of your articles on both The People's Voice and Another World Is Possible over the years. For this I am very grateful. You have been the most important mainstay in my blogging activities. I am very sorry to see you go. I still hope you'll get better, of course, and that you'll take up writing again, but health's a bitch, as you will know. One can only do so much and perhaps a little more than that. And you have been doing a lot, a lot more. Very impressive! You deserve some rest now, Stephen.

I wish you all the best as always, and much peace and tranquility. As you're laying down your burden, know in your innermost heart that there really is nothing to be afraid of.

With all my respect,
      [This editor]

Stephen Lendman — JSR Memorial Cremation and Care Cremation Center- Romeoville


US hopes to snatch victory from jaws of defeat in Ukraine


The G7 Leaders’ 2700-word statement on Ukraine, issued in Hiroshima after their summit meeting glossed over the burning question today — the so-called counter-offensive against the Russian forces.

It is a deafening silence, since rumours are swirling about the disappearance of the commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces. Significantly, President Vladimir Zelensky himself is making himself scarce from Kiev touring world capitals — Helsinki, Hague, Rome, Vatican, Berlin, Paris, London and Jeddah and Hiroshima. It does seem that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

As the G7 summit ended, the head of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin announced on Saturday that the Russian operation to capture the strategic communication hub of Bakhmut in Donbass region of eastern Ukraine lasting 224 days, has been brought to a successful completion, overcoming the resistance by more than 80,000 Ukrainian troops.

It is a painful moment for Zelensky, who had boasted before US lawmakers in Capitol Hill last December that “just like the Battle of Saratoga (in 1777 during the American Revolutionary War), the fight for Bakhmut will change the trajectory of our war for independence and for freedom.”

Meanwhile, to distract attention, there is talk now about a subtle shift in the US policy regarding supply of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine in an indeterminate future. In reality, though, no one can tell what the Ukrainian rump state will look like when the jets arrive. Unsurprisingly, the Biden Administration still seems to be in two minds. F-16 is a hot item for export; what happens if the Russians were to blow it out of the sky with their hi-tech weapons and rubbish its fame?

Why China Can’t Pull the World Out of a New Great Depression

F. William Engdahl

Over the past two decades since China was admitted into the WTO, its national industrial base has made unprecedented strides to emerge as the world’s leading economic producer in many major areas. The academic debates over whether China’s GDP is larger than that of the USA are misplaced. GDP is largely worthless as a measure of a real economy. When measured in real physical economic production, China has left the USA and everyone else in the dust. Therefore, the future course of industrial production in China is vital to the future of the world economy. Globalization of the world economy made it so.

Steel production is still the single best indicator of a growing real economy. In 2021, China produced more that twelve times the tonnage steel as the USA, over one billion tons. The USA, once world leader, managed a piddly 86 million tons. In tons of coal, China produces some 50% of world total coal. She controls 70% of world rare earth mining and over 90% of its processing, thanks to bizarre US policy actions going back several decades. China today is far the world’s largest motor vehicle producer, almost three times the size of the US at 27 million units annually, one third of world total in 2022. China is by far the largest producer of the essential cement for construction, and is the world’s leading aluminum producer. At 40 million tons in 2022, this compares to not even one million tons in the USA. It is also the world’s largest copper consumer. The list goes on.

This is merely to suggest how essential the economy of China has been to world economic growth over the past two decades. A mere four decades ago China was insignificant in world real economic terms. So, if China goes into deep economic contraction, the effect this time will be global. And this is just what is now underway. Important to note, the contraction began well before the severe three-years of China’s zero covid lockdown. Simply put, China since the so-called Great Financial Crisis of 2008 managed to create a financial bubble the size of which the world has never before experienced. That bubble began to deflate, beginning in real estate, around 2019. The scale is systemic and is only beginning.

Insane is now the New Normal

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The UK is now sending long range missiles to Ukraine. And the UK is sending troops too. This takes us one big step closer to nuclear war. And, not to be outdone, the US is providing Ukraine with missiles and intelligence from Airborne Warning and Control systems (AWAC) patrols. This leaves Russia little option but to shoot down the American aircraft. It is patently clear that NATO wants a full-blooded nuclear war. (If you haven’t seen them please watch my videos: `Why they need world war III’ (first broadcast on 3rd May 2022) and `Urgent Warning to Everyone’ (first broadcast on 9th February 2023). Both videos are available on and on my channel on BrandNewTube.

It is, I think, fair to say that if Ukraine and NATO appear to be winning this war there will be a nuclear war because the Russians will not go quietly into defeat. Remember that the Russians lost around 25 million men in World War II, defending their country against a German invasion. The Russians would fight just as hard against America. NATO members should all keep out of the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Anyone waving a Ukraine flag with enthusiasm is a war mongering psychopath. I will repeat my advice given some while ago: wherever you live keep an eye on the whereabouts of your nation’s President or Prime Minister. If two or more senior figures leave the capital at the same time then it might be time for you to consider leaving too. So, in the UK, I would consider it a possible warning sign if both Charles and Sunak quietly left London for their country homes (or, in the case of Charles, one of his many country homes.)

You May Find This Hard to Believe but it’s all True

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Ukraine is a corrupt country with a puppet for a President. Let’s all stop pretending, shall we? No one who knows what is going on gives a damn about Ukraine and no one who has studied Ukraine’s past or present politics thinks the nation or its leaders are worth blowing up the world. So why are Western leaders destroying the world’s economy, pushing up inflation and creating mass starvation in Africa just to save a preening, penis waving President and a bunch of corrupt, reconstituted Nazis? Britain alone has spent £2.3 billion on bombing and killing people in Ukraine and almost exactly a tenth of that on humanitarian aid. The American Government is spending much more and has even committed taxpayers to paying Ukrainian pensions! There is much talk that Ukraine will soon join NATO but it would also make an excellent fit with the EU since the main speciality of and within the EU has always been corruption. I expect the self-righteous fools at The Hague were disappointed that when Ukraine’s Zelensky visited recently, he failed to show them how well he can play the piano with his penis. It is, of course, by far his most significant talent. Is it fair to assume that other world leaders with mixed chromosomes will also be required to learn how to play the piano with their organs? Or is this something that will remain unique to Presidents of Ukraine? I can’t help feeling that Zelensky should be appearing at the Eurovision Song Contest rather than touring world capitals and looking like an advertisement for ex-army surplus clothing. (Che Guevera, a real revolutionary, and one with a big heart, did it with infinitely more style.) Today, Ukraine is a permanent battlefield for a war between NATO and Russia. When all the Ukrainians have been killed, and the country has been irradiated with depleted uranium, they’ll send in American, British and Canadian troops to keep the killing going. (There’s no point in sending in French troops, of course, because they’ll simply surrender straight away.) What no one seems to have noticed is that Ukraine used to be the bread basket of the world – a major source of grain. All that depleted uranium will make the farmland unuseable for many decades and lead to massive, long-term, global starvation.

Pretend to the End

James Howard Kunstler

“Who would have thought in 2020 when they were voting for Joe, that they were voting for the most hardcore accelerationist collapsitarian candidate in history.” — Deep South SR on Twitter

The creatures of the underworld running our country must think the public is awfully stupid. You are expected to take at face value the claim that “Joe Biden” is actually up for re-election. Could it be more obvious that he’s pretending? (Just as he’s been pretending to serve as CEO of our government.) Meanwhile, we are not supposed to notice that the entities behind him are scrambling to dismantle, demolish, and asset-strip what remains of the USA in body and spirit. But enough of us are noticing to make it a problem for them.

First, who are these entities? They are exactly who you think they are. What you see around you is not just a complex system (Western Civ) unwinding and breaking apart — though that is part of the story. It is also the appearance of a controlled demolition by desperate, frightened, and crazy people who want to be the ones left standing when the demolition is complete. The catch is, they are pretending, too. They are control-freaks who cannot keep things under control.

This power underworld is a coalition of large public and private organizations, here and out there in the world, and the folks in charge of them, and they are all out of control, too, pretending that their operations are coherent and efficacious. For instance, the vast consortium of intelligence agencies in our country, the CIA, DIA, ad nauseam, their multitudinous spin-offs, and their international partners (e.g., MI6, Mossad, the World Health Organization). If you want to see how they actually work, watch the Coen Brothers’ movie Burn After Reading. You will see a bustle of perfectly hapless, frantic, and insanely self-destructive activity performed by clueless clowns in nice business suits.

Econ 101, a Fable

James Howard Kunstler

“Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” — Thomas Sowell

Historians of the future, poaching ‘possum snouts in sorrel sauce over their campfires, will trace the fall of Western Civ in the 2020s to the dissolving hallucination that was called the financial economy. It was a phantom parasitical organism that thrived on the back of a real economy based on making-and-doing things derived from the natural world, turbo-charged by fossil fuels.

The orgy of making-and-doing went on for two-hundred-plus years. Even with cyclical “recessions,” the making-and-doing always increased in the aggregate, while its products got ever more plentiful, elaborate, and complex. The phantom financial parasite clinging to its back got used to this “growth” and it, too, developed ever more ingenious ways to suck the life out of its host organism, until it became a greater entity than the host itself, breaking its back.

The whole of this chapter in the long-running human project had strange effects on human minds that had not changed much since the late days of hunting and gathering. After the first hundred years of fossil fuel plentitude, humans had a hard time telling the difference between the host and the parasite. Both of them seemed to thrive equally. The real economy produced food and useful things and the financial economy produced money, which could buy food and useful things.

Ukraine Out of Control

Martin Armstrong

Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin (born 1961), is a confidant of Putin. He published on Telegram on April 14th, which demonstrates what I have been warning about. The American Neocons have full control of the Biden White House, the IMF, UN, ICC, and of course NATO. They have spent their entire lives dreaming of the day they get to destroy Russia. They tried to persuade Ronald Reagan not to even meet with Gorbachev. They have been against any negotiation and they were behind the ploy to negotiate the Minsk Agreement only to buy time for Ukraine to build an army to launch war against Russia. Here is the translation of his post:

Angry Patriots Club
Angry Patriot Club Manifesto

We are angry patriots. We love Russia. Our country is waging a serious war, but this war is being waged mediocre.

The opportunity for a quick and bloodless victory over the Ukrainian state, which has become a weapon of NATO, was missed back in 2014 by the signing of the treacherous Minsk agreements. The military operation launched in 2022 could have gone according to a completely different scenario, but a mediocre organization at the strategic, operational and tactical level led our country to a war of attrition.

Defeat in the war will lead Russia to catastrophic consequences. The United States and NATO countries do not hide their intentions to dismember the Russian Federation and bring the Russian people into submission to the new yoke, which this time came from the West.

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