Stephen Lendman Is No Longer With Us

[Editor @ Another World Is Possible: We wrote this to Stephen a few days after he was gone, not knowing that he already passed on (May 9th). - Painful as it is, we decided to post it here anyway.]

Dear Stephen,

I am realizing that you now may be facing the inevitable. You love writing, but your health is failing and you haven't been able to write much lately. I can understand that.

I'm writing simply to tell you that it has been a pleasure to have known you, and to have been in contact with you from time to time. I have found your writing very incisive and useful in clearing away a lot of fog around important issues. I have also posted a considerable number of your articles on both The People's Voice and Another World Is Possible over the years. For this I am very grateful. You have been the most important mainstay in my blogging activities. I am very sorry to see you go. I still hope you'll get better, of course, and that you'll take up writing again, but health's a bitch, as you will know. One can only do so much and perhaps a little more than that. And you have been doing a lot, a lot more. Very impressive! You deserve some rest now, Stephen.

I wish you all the best as always, and much peace and tranquility. As you're laying down your burden, know in your innermost heart that there really is nothing to be afraid of.

With all my respect,
      [This editor]

Stephen Lendman — JSR Memorial Cremation and Care Cremation Center- Romeoville


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