Ukraine Out of Control

Martin Armstrong

Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin (born 1961), is a confidant of Putin. He published on Telegram on April 14th, which demonstrates what I have been warning about. The American Neocons have full control of the Biden White House, the IMF, UN, ICC, and of course NATO. They have spent their entire lives dreaming of the day they get to destroy Russia. They tried to persuade Ronald Reagan not to even meet with Gorbachev. They have been against any negotiation and they were behind the ploy to negotiate the Minsk Agreement only to buy time for Ukraine to build an army to launch war against Russia. Here is the translation of his post:

Angry Patriots Club
Angry Patriot Club Manifesto

We are angry patriots. We love Russia. Our country is waging a serious war, but this war is being waged mediocre.

The opportunity for a quick and bloodless victory over the Ukrainian state, which has become a weapon of NATO, was missed back in 2014 by the signing of the treacherous Minsk agreements. The military operation launched in 2022 could have gone according to a completely different scenario, but a mediocre organization at the strategic, operational and tactical level led our country to a war of attrition.

Defeat in the war will lead Russia to catastrophic consequences. The United States and NATO countries do not hide their intentions to dismember the Russian Federation and bring the Russian people into submission to the new yoke, which this time came from the West.

The country in its present state cannot inflict on the enemy that crushing defeat which will force the enemy to accept peace terms acceptable to us. However, the military-political leadership of Russia does not realize the gravity of the situation.

Neither military nor industrial mobilization has been carried out on the required scale. Military operations continue to be led by people who, due to their abilities, are not worthy of wearing even the shoulder straps of sergeants. Everything is very similar to the Russo-Japanese or the First World War. What’s next?

Civil society and angry patriots as part of it have assumed many of the functions of the Russian state. First of all, we are talking about the direct supply and re-equipment of the fighting units of the Russian army. We will continue to do so in any situation. We have experience in solving other problems as well.

We understand that now is not the time to continue the confrontation between the reds and whites of a hundred years ago. In a most dangerous war, such disputes can be seriously conducted either by fools or by agents of the enemy.

Those who have transferred their capital and their loyalty to the West continue to remain in power and big business. They are ready for sabotage, as well as for direct collusion with the enemy and, therefore, betrayal. We do not rule out that they are preparing a pro-Western coup, capitulation and, consequently, the dismemberment of Russia.

We will counter this scenario with all available means.

We are ready to cooperate with all the healthy forces of society, with all those who do not want Russia to lose.

Everything for the front, everything for the Victory, glory to Russia!

Angry Patriots Club

He realizes that Ukraine is merely the spearhead of NATO and they could care less if all Ukrainians die in their war against Russia. The signing of the Minsk Agreements clearly established that you cannot negotiate a resolution with Ukraine for the American Neocons will never honor their agreements. That leaves only endless war. He rightly understands that the objective is to defeat Russia which he acknowledges will have catastrophic consequences. The United States and NATO states want to dismember the Russian Federation and bring the Russian people into submission. But just as the Neocons tried to prevent Reagan from talking with Gorbachev, they proclaimed that Russians can never be trusted and lie. Hence, because that is their view of all Russians, they act in the same manner that they “think” Russians act.

He was warned that the military-political leadership of Russia does not realize the gravity of the situation. He is probably correct in that statement. He sees the oligarchs who transferred their capital and their “loyalty to the West” are still in power and a threat to Russia. They will sabotage Russia as traitors to preserve their wealth. He warns that they are in direct collusion with the enemy and, therefore, traitors to the Russian people. He further warns that they may attempt a pro-Western coup, “capitulation, and, consequently, the dismemberment of Russia.” He vows to defend Russia at all costs against these traitors.

Meanwhile, Ukraine continues to try to assassinate Putin and his close allies inside Russia. This came precisely during the target week for the ECM with respect to Ukraine. This may yet prove to be a very significant event.

Zelensky sent a drone to kill Putin but it crashed not far from the target. Putin. on the other hand, ruled out any attempt to assassinate Zelensky. This reflects the sheer hatred I have encountered with regard to Ukraine v Russia. The Donbas should be free of Kyiv. What began the separatist movement was the wholesale slaughter of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014. They burned Russan-Ukrainians alive. The West played down that massacre because they were Russians who were being killed on the streets.

Ukraine is a complete fool and Russia would be totally now justified in assassinating Zelensky. Removing Putin will lead to serious repercussions for this will confirm that the United States and NATO are involved in regime change. The second tier knows this is really WWIII. Putin and China are desperately trying to prevent an all-out war, but Zelensky gets his marching orders from Blinken. The likelihood of Ukraine even existing beyond 2026.317 is not very good. This refusal to simply divide the country according to ethnic background is the ONLY possible solution to save the world. Just as the assassination of the Archduke by a Serb unleashed WWI, we are staring into the eyes of death and carnage and Biden is in a never-never-land and will not defend the American people against this American coup by the Neocons.

It was precisely on the Pi Target of January 10th, 2023 that the United States announced it would train Ukrainians on the use of Patriot Missiles. That clearly announced to Russia that the United States is in fact behind this war to take down Russia at all costs – the Neocon dream. As I have warned before, there is dissent inside Russia among the second tier but from the standpoint that Putin has restrained the military to only the Donbas. They feel this is war and Ukraine is really fighting for NATO and is sending missiles into Russia and they should attack Kyiv. Some even believe that Kyiv should be nuked and that would make the rest of Europe rise up against their leaders to end this aggression against Russia.

It has been alleged that Russia fired a special missile to take out the underground bunker used by NATO to orchestrate the Ukrainian War. The West will never admit that any American or European was killed in such an action. That would then confirm to the world that NATO & the USA are really behind this war. Do not expect any media to confirm such an attack.

While China is trying to get Zelensky to respect the Minsk Agreement and let the Donbas have their free elections (Democracy), the likelihood of that is nil. Blinken will not allow it. We must still be on guard that the West will create a false flag for they now NEED a war to unfold before the 2024 US election. They are using the old-school playbook whereby no president has ever lost an election during a time of war. At the latest, we might see that false flag by April 19/20th, 2024.


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