Kissinger’s Fairy Tales for Idiots

Davor Slobodanovich Vuyachich

Kissinger’s idea of bringing peace by having Ukraine join NATO is as crazy as the thought of putting out a fire with kerosene.

In October 2019, the online edition of published the article “The Dissolution of the Soviet Union was the Biggest Crime of the United States — Henry Kissinger is Disappointed with Capitalism”, which quotes an alleged statement by Henry Kissinger, the 56th U.S. Secretary of State and 7th U.S. National Security Advisor, from which it could be concluded that the experienced politician, diplomat, political theorist, and geopolitical advisor, in the later years of his life, repented of his role in the destruction of the Soviet Union and that he fondly recalls the Soviet way of life. “A Soviet individual was able to find happiness in things as simple as jeans, toilet paper, and smoked sausage and was living a complete life. We corrupted them and opened them a door to a world in which, behind the glittering seductions, the cruel laws of capitalism hide… We only had sex, while they had true love. We only had money, while they had pure human gratitude, and this relates to all spheres of life. Of course, nobody can call me an admirer of socialism, as I am a Western individual with a Western mindset; however, I believe that the Soviet Union was giving birth to a true new human. One can label such humans as homo soveticus. This human was one step above us, and I honestly regret that we destroyed this sanctuary. It may be our biggest crime ever” — these are the words that the article attributed to Kissinger. However, it soon turned out to be a joke, and a Russian one at that.

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