A Plan to Create a Vaccinated, Tracked, And Surveilled Feudal World

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An excerpt of the Naomi Wolf interview conducted by blckbx.tv about her new book- Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age.

Naomi Wolf What I'm trying to say is at the very top you have to sell your soul to Satan or in the case of the Biden family take $3 million from a Chinese government asset which is what the Hunter Biden laptop shows, and I voted for that Administration. So I'm thoroughly unbiased in my criticism, and then down the chain people get bribed or threatened and we see it all the way down to local public health officials, local police, the police in New York City. When I tried to sit in an area cordoned off for the vaccinated in Grand Central Station, I was surrounded by cops. They didn't want to keep me from making use of a public bench you know. They certainly didn't want to when I pointed out the history of keeping people from sitting down in public places in the United States, our Jim Crow laws. But they were bound by the governor, they were bound by the police commissioner, so it's rippling down, it's ripping down.

blckbx.tv But do you still take in consideration that there might be an option that these people are deep down acting with the best intentions, but we just don't know what their goal is?

Naomi Wolf Oh I see, you mean the people who are organizing it? Yeah, no.

blckbx.tv Is that still an option?

Naomi Wolf It's not an option. I'm sorry. And if you read Facing the Beast you'll unfortunately reach the same conclusion I did. So I mentioned that China got hold of the manufacturing process, so those are the people you know China, the World Health Organization. It's not your officials, your government officials in your Parliament it's not even the EU. Over the EU is the World Health Organization and they're using China as a catspaw and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation right. They're the ones who funded Pfizer, a fund who has contracts with the Netherlands, and the United States, Argentina, and countries around the world.

blckbx.tv Right, did you find out what their end goal is?

Naomi Wolf I can tell you what their end goal is, I can tell you exactly what their end goal is. So the Pfizer documents, show 46,000 Adverse Events in three months, and of those 36,000 are in the United States. The next tranche, and you'll appreciate this, the next group of Adverse Events is in Western Europe. In order of political importance of the countries: Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Greece, proportionately down the line. And then all the rest of the world combined, 52 countries add up to only 7,000 Adverse Events. Now it's very easy to make this injection more or less lethal or disabling based on very simple things like brand. Moderna is more than three times more toxic than Pfizer for instance. I don't know about AstraZeneca or what you're using in the Netherlands. And even things like storage and temperature because with warmer temperatures it thickens and with body temperature it thickens so it creates blood clots. My point is to look at what's happening. You're getting classes of people injured or dropping dead. You're getting 50 Austrian Mayors in the peak of hell in their 50s dropping dead. You get 65 doctors in Canada dropping dead. You get athletes and comedians, leaders, and actors dropping dead. You get the royal family cancer, cancer, cancer, right, of Britain. And then compare that with a million people in the United States a month according to Ed Dowd the former Black Rock hedge fund manager who's tabulating government databases and insurance databases. A million people are identified as disabled every month in the United States. So at the same time, our Southern Border in the United States is open and the State Department, my independent research found this to be true, is funding with the UN this Mass immigration.

blckbx.tv A lot of evidence for that.

Naomi Wolf Yeah, so much evidence, and it's16.5 million people now just walked over the Border. They're being airlifted, they're being flown to strategic locations around the United States. They're being housed in barracks-type accommodations, which never happened to immigrants before in my country, and the same thing is happening in Europe. Looks a little different, but it's been going on longer, and millions of people coming. No disrespect I'm the daughter of immigrants and the granddaughter of immigrants, but these people are being flown in from China, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Angola, places that export mercenaries as well as Venezuela. Cartel gang members, whole cartels. And if you look at the footage, my husband's a veteran and a former member of military intelligence, and he's identified that the people, the groups coming in look like soldiers, walk like soldiers, stand like soldiers, have military haircuts. They're fighting age men overwhelmingly and they're being stationed at strategic locations throughout the United States in large groups. What is that? This is a staging area, it's an invasion. At one signal, you saw the Mayhem on October 7th in Israel with a small group of terrorists crossing the border. At one signal you could have so much chaos that the elections have to be suspended. That's the plan, or martial law has to be declared. But even if these are thoroughly peaceful newcomers, as Ed Dowd said so rightly, just wait 5 years and you'll have a completely different America and a completely different Western Europe. And in America...

blckbx.tv But why?

Naomi Wolf Because, well get this... In America, the people who are injected will die off or be too weak to fight and the people who are taking their places don't come from countries that have a history of Human Rights or representative democracies, and the same thing is true in Western Europe. And so I'll tell you the 'why', and this is the same 'why' that goes back to the end of America. Western Europe and Europeans need to wake up to the value of their own culture and their own history and this is not a racist thing to say. It is just purely what Western Europe developed, doesn't make you better than anyone else, but they're precious things in your culture that you have to realize in time. You have to save and defend and fight for and the same thing with the United States. Because it's only the United States and Western Europe that are the last obstacles to this globalist plan to create a feudal society around the world and to turn us into nodes in a central bank digital currency with a vaccine passport, a thoroughly tracked and surveilled suppression society. And only our Constitution and our Second Amendment our First and Second Amendments, our Fourth Amendment, and only your vestigial laws protecting human rights, laws protecting freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, and only your tradition of the individual and individual rights stands in the way of that. So if you just poison Western Europe and North America wait for us to die, make us too weak to fight... I haven't talked about the effect on masculinity of some of these toxins including the food supply, but weaken the men, fragment the families, and destroy churches and synagogues, so people no longer have communities in which to worship. Take away the guns which they're trying to do in the United States. And then station millions of people from around the world throughout these cultures that have no relationship to this culture to this tradition. You have a replacement workforce that is easy to subjugate that's the "why".

blckbx.tv The thing is um I see the same patterns but it's so hard to prove it.

Naomi Wolf I proved it, I mean the data are incontrovertible. What's in these injections, we found it. We link to the primary source Internal Documentation, the numbers over the Border...

blckbx.tv Oh, I don't disagree with the data and with the results I mean we also in our other shows like Black Books Today reported about this immigration at the Mexican border of the US, and with the aid of several organizations of the UN. So these are facts that you're bringing in.

Naomi Wolf They are.

blckbx.tv I find it so difficult to truly believe that there is this evil intention behind it, maybe because I don't want to believe it right, but you seem to know it.

Naomi Wolf Well I would like to conclude otherwise, but the trail of the... I'm an investigative reporter, right? At a certain point when you're looking at a crime scene and there's a bunch of dead bodies on the floor and there's a weapon, you know you have to conclude that someone killed all those people you know, with intention. I can't escape what I know about the intentionality of this because so many people... the FDA waved it right through. I was deplatformed in June of 2021 for a tweet accurately noting that women were reporting menstrual symptoms, that's a primary piece of evidence. A woman's eyewitness report of her own body, and it's the kind of reporting I've been doing for 35 years that made me world famous and beloved. You know reporting on women's health and women's sexual health.

blckbx.tv Later on it became mainstream news as well because you were right.

Naomi Wolf The point is when you're asking about intentionality, not only was I deplatformed, but there was this global smear campaign against my reputation. I found out through my lawyer recently that the people who did that were the White House, the CDC, the Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of the Census with Twitter and Facebook. They were leaning on Twitter and Facebook with my little tweet that could have saved millions of women's health, and lives, and millions of babies. They were saying we have to put out a BOLO meaning 'be on the lookout' for material like this. And then my career was upended, I became a nonperson, I couldn't publish anymore, I was called crazy in every news outlet that had published me for 35 years. That was the White House, that was my White House. So if they didn't have a plan to do this why would they have done that in 2021? Why smear someone who's calling attention to something that would sterilize millions of women unless they wanted to sterilize millions of women right? It was the White House. So you can't escape the intentionality. I guess what I would say to you, that I feel sorry for you because you're at the point of horror and disbelief and I empathize. But we have to walk this journey together quickly because if Europe doesn't wake up you will all be dead.


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