Passing Observations 250

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

1. I cannot, I fear, join in the eulogies for Dr Michael Mosley, who worked for the BBC and the Daily Mail. Mosley was a keen advocate of the proven toxic and proven useless covid-19 vaccine. And the diet he advocated, which involved fasting on two days a week was, to say, the least unnatural. Mosley might have been a good egg to those around him but I suspect that as a media doctor he did far more harm than good. And did the covid-19 vaccine contribute to his death, I wonder? The one certainty is that neither the BBC nor the Daily Mail will ever ask the question. Mosley is being remembered (in hagiographic obituaries) as a doctor who searched for truth. But sadly he didn’t do that – in part, I suspect, because the BBC would not have let him. The BBC, remember, is an organisation which refuses to allow airtime to be squandered on anyone who questioned the value or safety of the covid-19 vaccine.

2. Sunak, the war criminal, has apparently put forward Dimon, the boss of JP Morgan Chase and Schmidt the former chairman of Google for knighthoods. Is it not enough that we give these tawdry honours to creeps and confidence tricksters in the UK? Must we now start doling them out to Americans who have done massive damage to the lives of ordinary people and who represent the very worst of the world’s executives? Oh, and it is still possible for people to pay money to obtain an `honour’. What a stupid system it is. The entire honours system, and the House of Lords, should be abandoned immediately.

3. Both Sunak and Starmer plan to spend another £75 billion of taxpayers’ hard earned money on buying arms to send to Ukraine and Israel – two countries which seem to hate us and which never even bother to say thank you. I can think of ways that £75 billion would improve life a great deal for Britons who are in abject poverty and who cannot afford to eat properly or to keep themselves warm.

4. The Liberal Democrats seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word democracy. They apparently now want to take Britain back into the European Union, despite the fact that the people of Britain voted overwhelmingly to leave it. If you want to know why we should never have been members of the EU, and why we should not re-join, please read my book `The Shocking History of the EU’ (available via the bookshop on It will shock you. The book contains truths about the EU’s history which politicians will never share with the voters.

5. England once had an empire. Then it had a commonwealth. Then just the union. And it won’t be long before England is a loner. Still, without Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to subsidise, England will be a good deal richer and, perhaps, able to offer its citizens some decent public services. Read `England’s Glory’ and `England Our England’ for happy thoughts about a once great country.

6. Facebook, I beg you never to forget, suppresses the truth and protects and endorses lies and liars. (When I first tried to join in March 2020, in the hope of spreading the truth about covid, I was told that I was banned because I would endanger their `community. I wonder who told them to ban me. For the record, everything I have said has been proved right. And just about everything the BBC has broadcast has been wrong.)

7. A primary school teacher has been banned for two years for labelling a child a `t…’. (I have no idea what the word is except that it began with the letter `t’.) And yet teachers who made children wear masks and sit six feet apart, and who insisted that schools were closed, and who should have been sacked for stupidity, were never punished.

8. Whoever wins the coming election in Britain, one thing I can guarantee: umpteen thousands of taxpayers are going to leave the country – permanently.

9. Airline pilots have turned down £200,000 a year. Handymen who do small jobs around the house are charging £80 an hour. They will be so surprised when they read that inflation has soared. Wage inflation went up 6% in the first quarter of 2024, so unless your earnings are rising by 24% a year, you are being left behind. (For the record, my earnings have been in free-fall for four years – since I was demonised for telling the truth about covid.)

10. Labour plans to create 40,000 extra hospital appointments every week. Just who will patients be seeing? Is the new Government-in-Waiting planning to offer patients appointments with porters or cleaning staff?

11. The BBC specialises in parlour games and soap operas for the feeble minded. They fill in the gaps with snippets of propaganda which they falsely describe as `news’.

12. `Don’t ask the barber whether you need a haircut.’ – Warren Buffett.

13. Apparently only 9% of the people in the whole world have not tried an energy drink. I’m proud to be in the 9%.

14. Attacks and extra taxes on banks (as planned by Labour) will not affect the obscene bonuses paid to millionaire bankers but they will result in higher bank charges, more expensive mortgages, lower interest rates for savers and lower incomes for pensioners whose funds will earn less in dividends. As usual the poor will pay the price.

15. The weatherologists just keep on gas-lighting. In England, the weather in June has been miserable- wet and windy. But they keep insisting we’re enduring a heat wave caused by cars and farting cows. How can these people sleep at night?

16. The non-existent covid pandemic allowed zealots and psychopaths to turn Australia into a combined lunatic asylum and prisoner of war camp. The silent and compliant fools who allowed it to happen are still being foolish and compliant. Australia recently passed a digital ID law of which the Chinese Government would be proud. All Australians are now little more than slaves. And a young girl died in Australia the other day after she was refused essential medical treatment because she had been wise enough not to allow herself to be given the covid vaccine – a toxic and useless squirt of junk which, sensible doctors, now accept should had never been given and wasn’t safe to be used as landfill. RIP the unvaccinated and medicine. This is happening all over the world. Doctors are refusing treatment to brave individuals who said `NO’ to being attacked by a drug company owned medical profession. Will the lunacy ever end? Possibly not, I fear. Too many of the compliant have become spokesidiots for the conspirators.

17. The CIA inspired maniacs who claim that there are no germs have so tarnished the combined reputation of the truth-tellers that it is increasingly difficult to convince people of the truth. `Oh, you lot don’t even believe in germs!’ they sneer. There are only a few hundred of these simple- minded, gullible idiots around but they are noisy. They down thumb any video questioning vaccines or the climate change myth. They are fools and traitors to mankind.

18. After I mentioned that powered flight was invented by Hiram Maxim and not the Wright brothers, my friend Colin M.Barron (the author of many terrific books available on Amazon) reminded me that television was not invented by John Logie Baird but by Paul Nipkow who wrote a paper about television near the end of the 19th century. Baird was the first to build a working TV camera and receiver. And of course, much of the stuff that Edison was supposed to have invented was actually invented by other, now forgotten, souls. Indeed, many of the world’s greatest inventions are now credited to people who were actually just very good at marketing themselves.

19. The Green Party in the UK wants to raise taxes. The only people who will vote for them are the people who don’t work and don’t ever intend to work. And sadly, there are probably enough of them to give the Greens a little power. Green people are also talking about a wealth tax. I wonder if they are aware that wealth taxes always end up costing more money than they produce because the wealthy simply emigrate and move to another country. I fear it may be time to start looking at property in other parts of the world. Maybe on a small uninhabited island. I suspect that many green people would like taxes to be 100% because they hate the idea of anyone having anything they don’t have.

20. Farmers responsible for 500,000 areas of potato growing land in Idaho, USA aren’t to be allowed to use water for their crops. But Idaho is a major source of food in America. Check it out. Starvation is coming fast as part of the Great Reset depopulation plan. Will this result in the recreation of the Grapes of Wrath dust bowl of the 1930s? Most people don’t know, don’t care or don’t give a damn.

21. The PCR test is still being used though I cannot imagine why. Anyone who has ever allowed a stranger (usually with no qualifications or skills) to stick a swab up their nose is insane. Submitting to the forehead temperature test was just stupid. The PCR test was a prime example of man’s inhumanity to man. Early on I produced medical evidence proving that the PCR test had killed people when the swab went too far. Most people just sneered (and the Royal Society of Arts expelled me) but the research was and is entirely valid.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2024


Image: © Jack Hughes; The New Statesman. AWIP:


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