Permalink The situation in the Kharkov-Izyum direction is stabilizing

💬 As part of the SMO in Ukraine, Russian troops are being regrouped in the Kharkov-Izyum direction. At the moment, the enemy is conducting active hostilities there, initially the configuration of the front line in this sector was unfavorable for the Russian group of troops. It is currently being leveled.  The Russian armed forces are maneuvering with minimal losses, while saving personnel and equipment. There is an effective interaction of types and branches of troops. The regrouping is accompanied by massive air force strikes, by high-precision weapons, MLRS against the forces of the AFU.  The enemy, having bout into an easy advance on a given sector of the front, drives himself into a trap.  The Kiev regime formed a striking force for a quick counter-offensive, transferring the most trained personnel, mercenaries from all fronts to the Kharkov-Izyum direction ... concentrating a huge amount of Western equipment supplied by AFU.

The Ukranian Counterattack: A video showing the breach achieved by the #Ukraine counterattack, over 800 km2 in the last 5 days. It's really staggering how they stupidly believe that they are wining [sic] without even wondering if the #Russian army is just luring them into a huge trap!! What if the Russian forces decide suddenly to surround the Ukrainian troops and eliminate them? To make such a breach without efficient air cover means that you're sending your troops to their doom.

The Izium Withdrawal - A Catalyst For 'Starting In Earnest' (Moon of Alabama)
General Gurulev: We are doing "mobile defense". The troops stationed there initially were not enough to match the opponent. (Russian Head -Telegram)
Russia Reportedly Withdraws From Izyum, Deploys Troops from Russia to Ukraine in Response to Kiev’s Kharkov Offensive (An Alexander Mercouris Video)

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