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They are desperate to keep up the narrative, though they know, it’s a lie” | Judging by the House of Commons in England, there is at most one decent politician for every 650. Interviewed here in Croatia (he is married to a Serb, but it is in English), he answers what his colleagues are thinking because he knows what they are thinking. They think that the longer they go without being held responsible for mass murder, the less the risk.

Bridgen doesn't think so; it only gets worse for them, and he sees right through their miserable, cowardly motives. The interview lasts only 30 minutes; the rest is shown in Stavanger and then from the parliament. It is also worth listening to in this thick fog of lies in which we are immersed. Every day, it is tearing down more and more of our society's trust, not least that between patients and doctors. Unfortunately, the honorable Bridgen is unlikely to get anything out of his honor. A Member of Parliament confirms the UK will sign up to the WHO's Pandemic Treaty. (Translation from Danish: DeepL.com)

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"Yesterday the German parliament rejected the establishment of a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the Corona measures with an overwhelming majority of votes. Those responsible for the crisis obviously want to continue to prevent an investigation of the measures crisis with all their might."

Tyskland før og efter vaccinerne (Snaphanen):
        First year – 2020 – no C19 injections – 1.7 million “cases” and 32,000 deaths with C19 present amongst Germany’s 83       million people – 20,500 “cases”per million (2.05%) and 386 deaths per million (0.0386%).
        Now for 2021 – the first year of roll-out of C19 injections – 7.1 million “cases” and 112,000 deaths with C19       “present. “Cases” up from 20,500 per million to 85,500 per million (from 2.05% to 8.55%) and deaths with C19 present up       to 1,350 per million from 386 per million (0.0386% to 0.135%.
        In Europe 50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions       – Vaccine Impact
        Multiply those numbers by the under-reporting factor of 70 and then divide by Germany’s 18.7% share of the EU 444       million population and you get 663,000 dead Germans with 69.5 million adverse events (multiple per German) over the 15       months of injections.

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The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has strongly denounced “as a crime against humanity” the Israeli regime’s detention and ill-treatment of Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan, who ultimately lost his life in jail, saying the international community's silence will further embolden the occupying regime. Nasser Kan'ani made the remarks in a statement released on Tuesday, following the murder of a senior leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, Khader Adnan, at an Israeli jail following an 87-day hunger strike. “The way the Israeli regime detained and its inhumane treatment of this Palestinian hunger striker are a clear example of the inhumane and violent behavior the Israeli regime has, in an organized and extensive manner, shown against the Palestinian nation and fighters over the past seven decades,” he said. The Iranian diplomat also noted the martyrdom of this fighter in an Israeli jail displayed the righteousness of the Palestinian nation’s resistance, and how it is being oppressed by the Israeli regime.

Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan dies in prison (If Americans Knew)
PCHR: “Leaving Palestinian Hunger Striker Khader Adnan in his Cell Without Healthcare is a Decision to Kill him”

Profile: Khader Adnan, iconic Palestinian resistance leader, murdered at 44 (PressTV) | By Syed Zafar Mehdi | Khader Adnan, a senior leader of the Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad, breathed his last in an Israeli jail in the wee hours of Tuesday morning after nearly three months of hunger strike. Adnan, who had emerged as a powerful symbol of the Palestinian resistance to the Israeli regime’s policy of arbitrary detentions and custodial torture of resistance fighters, was “found unconscious” in his prison cell, according to his jailers, confirming the custodial murder. The 44-year-old resistance commander and a father of nine from the town of Arraba near the occupied West Bank city of Jenin spent several years in different Israeli prisons and went on hunger strike many times in protest against the regime’s so-called “administrative detention”. This arbitrary detention policy, inherited from British colonizers, allows the occupying regime to indefinitely hold Palestinian "suspects" without charge or trial.

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