Permalink German politicians vote NOT to investigate their C19 response crimes – surprise, surprise – plus information on a resource in Germany

"Yesterday the German parliament rejected the establishment of a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the Corona measures with an overwhelming majority of votes. Those responsible for the crisis obviously want to continue to prevent an investigation of the measures crisis with all their might."

Tyskland før og efter vaccinerne (Snaphanen):
        First year – 2020 – no C19 injections – 1.7 million “cases” and 32,000 deaths with C19 present amongst Germany’s 83       million people – 20,500 “cases”per million (2.05%) and 386 deaths per million (0.0386%).
        Now for 2021 – the first year of roll-out of C19 injections – 7.1 million “cases” and 112,000 deaths with C19       “present. “Cases” up from 20,500 per million to 85,500 per million (from 2.05% to 8.55%) and deaths with C19 present up       to 1,350 per million from 386 per million (0.0386% to 0.135%.
        In Europe 50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions       – Vaccine Impact
        Multiply those numbers by the under-reporting factor of 70 and then divide by Germany’s 18.7% share of the EU 444       million population and you get 663,000 dead Germans with 69.5 million adverse events (multiple per German) over the 15       months of injections.


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