Permalink The flu didn't go anywhere. We just called it Covid

Permalink Lula da Silva Appeals in Support of Assange

Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, criticized the lack of global efforts to secure the release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during his visit to London for the coronation of King Charles III. | Lula expressed his dismay at Assange's four-year confinement in Belmarsh Prison in the UK, stating that it was embarrassing that a journalist who exposed wrongdoing was imprisoned without significant action being taken to free him.  “We talk about freedom of expression; the guy is in prison because he denounced wrongdoing. And the press doesn’t do anything in defense of this journalist. I can’t understand it,” Lula told reporters.  Lula, responding to a question about Assange, stated that he had forgotten to discuss this issue with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during his visit but intended to write to him upon his return to Brazil. Lula called for a global press movement to defend the right to expose wrongdoing, emphasizing that Assange had not "denounced anything vulgar" but had exposed state surveillance. He criticized the lack of action by the press to secure the journalist's freedom, stating that it was sad but true.

Permalink Gonzalo Lira arrested by Ukronazis

Prolific Reporter/Journalist/Commentator Gonzalo Lira, whose videos from Ukraine about the ongoing war are viewed by millions, HAS BEEN ARRESTED by Ukrainian NAZI Secret Police. | SECRET POLICE VIDEO: The video above was recorded by Ukrainian Police. IT was released by them; as a warning to other Journalists or even opinion commentators, to keep your mouth shut. THIS is what "Ukraine" is. THIS is what "Ukraine" does. Anyone supporting Ukraine is a NAZI SYMPATHIZER or NAZI COLLABORATOR. Start calling them those things. Publicly.

Gonzalo Lira — Again (Gonzalo's You Tube Channel)

Permalink SABOTAGE! 18 Gun Powder Warehouses ON FIRE in Russia

SABOTAGE! 18 Gun Powder Warehouses ON FIRE in Russia | At this hour (4:43 PM EDT Saturday) in Pervomaiskoye, Russia, 18 gunpowder warehouses are on fire. An evacuation has been announced. Explosions are heard from the gunpowder depots. There is massive fire. About 400 residents of the area will be evacuated. Further details if they become available . . .

Permalink Kentucky Derby: Seventh horse dies at Churchill Downs in lead-up to main event

Kentucky Derby: Seventh horse dies at Churchill Downs in lead-up to main event | Two more horses have died at Churchill Downs in the lead-up to the Kentucky Derby... A total of seven horses have died at Churchill Downs in the days leading up to the 2023 Kentucky Derby. At least two other horses, Wild on Ice and Take Charge Briana, were euthanized while competing or training in the week leading up to the Derby. Two horses trained by Saffie Joseph Jr. died suddenly as the Derby approached. Four other horses were scratched from the Derby, including the favorite to win the event, Forte. Continuar, Practical Move and Skinner were the other three horses scratched before the event. [Looks like horses got the experimental mRNA injection, too.]

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