Permalink Never forget what they did in the name of science

Permalink ‘UK propaganda network funded by MI6 laid the ground for Ukraine conflict’

"The Integrity Initiative," a propaganda network linked to Britain’s secret intelligence agency MI6, has demonized Russia in the West and laid the ground for the year-long conflict in Ukraine to rage on, according to a journalist. | Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist and Press TV Website contributor, told Press TV's Palestine Declassified program that Integrity Initiative, a British project funded by MI6 and run by British military intelligence, has sought to pin the blame on Russia for all domestic political events in the West. “One of Integrity Initiative’s key objectives as a black propaganda unit, was to try and to fix blame on Russia for almost any and every national domestic political event across the Western world, … it also helped demonize Russia and laid the foundations for what we are seeing now in Ukraine,” Klarenberg said. On February 24, 2022, Russia began what it called a "special military operation" in Ukraine to “de-Nazify” the country over the threat of the former Soviet republic joining the US-led NATO military alliance. Since the outbreak of the war, which recently completed a year, the United States and Ukraine’s other Western allies not only imposed a slew of economic sanctions on Moscow but have sent Kiev tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons. The Kremlin has repeatedly warned that sanctions on Russia and Western military assistance to Ukraine risk prolonging the war.

Washington ‘relieved’ UK will cross red line for Kiev (RT.com)
US, UK Vow to Keep Supporting Ukraine Regardless of Counteroffensive (Antiwar.com)

Permalink Israel military kills 15 Palestinians in fresh Gaza attacks

Air strikes target Islamic Jihad leaders, leaving three commanders killed, along with four children, five women and a dentist | The Israeli military killed 15 Palestinians, including three Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) commanders along with their wives and children, in a fresh attack on the Gaza Strip.  A total of 40 fighter jets participated in bombing different locations in the besieged enclave just after 2am local time on Tuesday, according to the Israeli military. Another air strike in the afternoon targeted a vehicle in Qarara town in Khan Yunis.  The Palestinian health ministry said at least four children, five women, a dentist and his family were among those killed. Another 22 people were wounded, including three children and seven women, some of whom are in a serious and critical condition.  Three commanders in the al-Quds Brigades (Saraya al-Quds), the military branch of the Islamic Jihad, were killed along with their families in the initial raids.

Sadness, anger in Palestine: Gaza mourns 13 killed in Israel raid (Al Jazeera)
Israel has opened up gates of hell to itself with Gaza assassinations: Lions’ Den (PressTV)

Permalink EU country arrests 26 people for celebrating Victory Day

Marking anything other than “Europe Day” in Latvia is now a crime against democracy | More than two dozen residents of Latvia were arrested on Tuesday for violating a law against celebrating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. The EU and NATO member's police even seized a “Russia” jacket from a man in a wheelchair, and arrested another for wearing Soviet medals in public.  By 11:30 pm local time, Latvian police reported a total of 26 arrests, 38 misdemeanor citations and four criminal cases, according to the news outlet Delfi.  While most of the cases were recorded in Riga, the capital, multiple arrests also took place in Daugavpils. In one incident, a senior citizen described as “looking too young to be a veteran of WWII” showed up wearing a jacket with Soviet medals. When police told him to take it off, he resisted arrest.  Five people were arrested for laying flowers with “symbols of military aggression” at the Freedom Monument in the Daugavpils Victory Park. They were charged with “public use of symbols glorifying militaristic aggression and war crimes.” In the same park, police forced a man in a wheelchair to remove his jacket because it said “Russia.”  Two Russian-speaking men were detained at Dubrovinsky Park in Daugavpils after giving an interview to TV3. Their offense was expressing the opinion that fascists had returned to power in Ukraine, with EU support.

EU country arrests 26 people for celebrating Victory Day (05/09/23)

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