Permalink Happy Victory Day Against Nazism, May 9th, 1945 – 2023!

Seven Facts and Figures About Wwii You Need to Know (Strategic Culture Foundation)
Immortal Regiment Parades Held Across Europe | On May 9, the annual Victory Day parade is taking place in Moscow’s Red Square. The parade marks the 78th anniversary of the Soviet victory over the Nazis in the Great Patriotic War.  In his speech, President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russians on Victory Day, recalled the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and addressed the key ongoing events. The President emphasized that the civilization is now at a turning point.  “A real war has once again been unleashed against our Motherland. But we have repulsed international terrorism, we will protect the inhabitants of Donbass, and we will ensure our security,” the president stressed. The Western elites talk about their exclusivity, play off people and provoke bloody conflicts, sow Russophobia and aggressive nationalism, Putin said. The President pointed out that the West is provoking conflicts and upheavals, destroying values in order to continue to dictate its own rules, and in fact a system of robbery and violence. At the same time, Russia’s opponents forgot who defeated the monstrous global evil.  Desecration of the deeds and victims of the people that won that war is a crime and revanchism of those who were preparing a new campaign against Russia, Putin noted. Putin noted that the Ukrainian people became a hostage of the criminal regime supported by the West, a bargaining chip in their cruel and selfish plans. (kolozeg.org)


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