Permalink Construction of the kill box: legal history

Katherine Watt | In December 2022, I drafted an executive summary version of the legal history of the biomedical police state kill box system for Senator Ron Johnson, at his request. At that time, Sen. Johnson’s stated goal was to send a letter enquiring about military control and lethal intent of the Covid-19 program, to President Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. A small team assembled a package including a list of questions and document requests to shed more light on the program through which genetic cell poisons are falsely presented to and injected into the world’s people as medicinal products.  We put together supporting exhibits, summarizing facts already found by Brook Jackson and Sasha Latypova (cGMP and DoD/BARDA reports). My contribution to the project was a legal history memo with footnotes, which I also posted here at Bailiwick: Dec. 22, 2022 - Biomedical security state and state-run bioterrorism programs: six American statutory frameworks. After several weeks reviewing the material with his staff, Johnson decided not to engage further in the process of exposing and stopping the killing program; removing the killers from the government offices they occupy; building criminal prosecution cases against the killers; and bringing them to justice.  The legal memo remains the most concise version of the legal story that I’ve written to date. I updated it a few days ago after receiving a request from a military litigant seeking supporting affidavits.

May 2023 - Legal History - American Domestic Bioterrorism Program (PDF). In December 2022 and January 2023 versions, I used softening language to try to make the horrifying information somewhat easier for new readers to emotionally process. Softening words and phrases have been removed from the May 2023 version. The brutal global mass murder program is fully intentional.

DISCUSSION The interlocking corruption of federal emergency management, public health and drug safety laws, for the purpose of mounting a covert biochemical weapons attack by the US Government on the American people under the fraudulent characterization of weapons as "Covid-19 vaccines," was deployed fully starting Jan. 27, 2020 and continues to be fully operational at the present time, more than three years later.

These and related HHS Secretary declarations, Presidential Executive Orders and Congressional appropriations, suspend ordinary federal product procurement contracting laws and ordinary federal drug safety regulation and informed consent laws; and authorize pharmaceutical corporations, the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services, in conjunction with several other federal agencies, to develop, produce, fraudulently market, and distribute biological weapon prototypes to American doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical students and other medical personnel.

These nurses and other "vaccinators" are authorized to injure and murder patients with legal impunity using procedures and products (including withholding of effective non-EUA products as treatments; restraints, starvation, dehydration, isolation, sedatives, Remdesivir/Veklury, ventilators), to drive public panic and acceptance of the lethal injections colloquially known as "Covid-19 vaccines."

The same conclusions may be reached from observations of acts taken and not taken by American drug safety regulators since the Covid-19 biochemical weapons were first used on human targets between March and November 2020 during fraudulent "clinical trials," and then entered mass distribution in mid-December 2020.

If the products were intended for medicinal, healing or protective purposes, and were subject to regulation governing research and development, production and use of medical drugs, biologics and devices, the HHS Secretary, FDA regulators and their counterparts in other countries would have stopped the programs as soon as the evidence of injuries and deaths became available, which occurred within the first few weeks of the alleged "clinical trials" launched under Operation Warp Speed but only came to public attention much later, through the efforts of independent data analysts reviewing leaked documents and documents disclosed under FOIA and SEC laws. Instead, regulators have abandoned all attempts to regulate these products, and have refused to even answer the question: “What is the stopping condition?”


Further, if the products were intended for medicinal, healing or protective purposes and moving across state and international borders under regulatory frameworks intended to protect consumer safety, they would be eligible for independent third-party purchase from manufacturers and drug suppliers, and eligible for independent testing to verify that contents match labels and corroborate or disprove claims about safety and efficacy.

Instead, third party access to and testing of vial contents is prohibited under the terms of the DOD-mediated supply and distribution contracts between purchasing governments, manufacturing corporations and "vaccination" sites, on penalty of federal "criminal or civil prosecution."

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