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Steve Kirsh: “You are saying that doctors have gone from saving lives and swearing to do no harm to essentially wanting to kill people by recommending the vaccine…?”
Me [Sasha Latypova]: Yes.

Steve pushed back on the idea that this is murder, because murder requires premeditation. Let’s refer to Britannica for definitions:

"murder, in criminal law, the killing of one person by another that is not legally justified or excusable, usually distinguished from the crime of manslaughter by the element of malice aforethought (that’s the premeditation part). Common-law codes define murder as a homicide committed intentionally or as a result of the commission of another serious offense. By contrast, the crime of manslaughter includes killings that are the result of recklessness or violent emotional outbursts."

An example of a hospital “covid death” case from attorney Todd Callender. I have spoken with many plaintiffs and attorneys, all of them highly credible, all have copious documentation of similar horrors witnessing a cold-blooded, SLOW torture and killing of their loved ones in a hospital. This continues TO THIS DAY. These CDC murder protocols are the “standard of care” today, with huge payouts to the murdering team and their employer, all over the US, including freedom loving places like Florida (Gov DeSantis? Dr. Ladapo? how is the grand jury going?). [...]
The genocide has continued for 3 years and is only subsiding because individuals are standing up and speaking out against this atrocity. Final thought on this. Dear doctors, nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, hospital administrators and everyone who has taken part in genocide to date: once the cartel makes you commit mass murder in exchange for money and “protection from liability” as long as you accurately document the murders that you yourself committed and report them within 7 days - do you think they own you now?

+ Killing Floor: Firsthand Witness Attests Hospital Deliberately Hastened the Deaths of COVID Patients
+ Death by Ventilator

20 Million Dead from the Jab, 2.2 Billion Injuries – Analyst Estimates (VIDEO)
Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming.
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