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The “Maidan midwife” confirmed Washington’s role in the conflict at the Kiev Security Forum | The US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told an audience in Kiev on Thursday that Washington has been helping plan the Ukrainian ‘counteroffensive’ against Russia for almost half a year.  “Even as you plan for the counteroffensive, which we have been working on with you for some 4-5 months, we are already beginning our discussions with [the] Ukrainian government and with friends in Kiev – both on the civilian side and on the military side – about Ukraine’s long-term future,” Nuland told the Kiev Security Forum via video-link from the State Department.  She added that the attack will be “likely starting and moving concurrently” with events such as the NATO summit in Lithuania, scheduled for July 11.

US May Announce $300 Million Ukraine Aid Package Friday, Mostly Ammunition (Sputnik News)

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Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев) | I recently wrote about why Ukraine will disappear. Now it's time to say how Ukraine will disappear and also what is the risk of a resumption of conflict in Europe and in the world. It will depend on which path the process of disintegration of this dying state will take as a result of the lost military conflict. There are two of them. Or the path of relatively slow erosion of Ukrainian statehood with the gradual loss of the remaining elements of state sovereignty. Or the path of its instant collapse with the simultaneous annihilation of all signs of statehood. In any case, after such a collapse, three possible scenarios are likely.

Firstly: The western regions of Ukraine are coming under the control of a number of EU states with the subsequent "anschluss" of these lands by recipient states. At the same time, a certain "no-man's-land" Ukrainian territory will remain, which is squeezed between Russia and lands that have passed under the sovereignty of a number of European countries. The remaining ownerless territory declares its secession from the former Ukraine, its international legal status, and its intention to return the lost lands by all means. Naturally, referring only to those lands that became part of Russia. At the same time, this "new" Ukraine immediately declares its desire to join the European Union and NATO, which is happening in the medium term. The armed conflict resumes after a short time, turning into a permanent one, but with the threat of its rapid transition into a full-fledged third World War.

Secondly: Ukraine disappears after the completion of the Special Military Operation in the process of its partition between Russia and several European Union states.  The government of Ukraine is being formed in exile in one of the European countries. The conflict ends with reasonable guarantees of its non-renewal in the near future, but with the preservation of the terrorist activity of the Ukrainian Nazis, who will be dispersed on the territory of the EU states that have received Western Ukrainian lands. The risk of the resumption of a full-fledged conflict or its escalation into a world war in this case can be considered moderate.

Thirdly: The same thing happens as in the first case, but with the opposite sign. The western lands of Ukraine are to be joined with a number of EU countries. The people of the central and some other ownerless regions of Ukraine, within the framework of Article 1 of the UN Charter, will immediately declare their self-determination by joining the Russian Federation. This request is granted, and the conflict ends with sufficient guarantees of its non-renewal in the long term.

There are simply no other options. And this is already clear to everyone, even if it is unpleasant for someone out there in the West to admit it. We may be temporarily satisfied with the second option, but we need a third one. (Translation: yandex.ru)

Kiev regime must cease to exist – ex-Russian president (RT.com)
What matters for Moscow is that 'a guy with dementia' not elected US president — Medvedev (TASS)
Ukrainian conflict may continue for decades — Medvedev (TASS)

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