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As part of the same package, the European Commission will unveil on Wednesday an initiative to launch the production of artillery munitions | The European Commission has been drafting a package of documents to speed up the process of militarization of the EU economy, making the arms industry one of the priorities of its economic development, several independent diplomatic sources in Brussels have told TASS. In line with the package, the weapons and ammunition industry will be named a priority area of the EU economic development, along with green energy and clean production. As part of the same package, the European Commission will unveil on Wednesday an initiative to launch the production of artillery munitions. EU institutions and member states will invest 1.5 billion euro into the effort. So far, similar exemptions can only be granted to projects related to green energy or clean production.

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | "Europe's Pompey: Ammunition is green." | The production of weapons and artillery shells will become one of the priorities of the future economy for the EU, "along with green energy," TASS reports.  The European Commission is ready to provide EU countries that have made serious investments in the development of the military-industrial complex with relief in terms of budget deficit norms and the level of public debt. Now, such bonuses are given only to projects with an environmental agenda.   Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, has also been appointed responsible for the militarization of EU industry. And in general, the case will be put on a grand scale. After all, the most important thing for a business is the confidence that the demand for its products will remain stable for many years.  With such a statement on the issue, the prolongation of the conflict in Ukraine and new wars look inevitable. And they will be warmed up by the "awakened" Europe, which was written off to the museum too early. Against this background, the financing of the program from the European Peace Fund already looks like a tragedy. As well as the idea of Brussels — to allow the United States to enter its market of military orders on a "recycling basis." Everything is very eco-friendly and deadly. Carbon-free tanks, battery-powered fighters, missiles with rounded corners... The exaltation of eco-activists, the "Let's pity nature, let's kill all people!" has already been elevated here into some kind of satanic absolute. (yandex)

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