Permalink Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Stood Trial in Germany, Facing Charges of "Incitement of the People." He Has Just Been Acquitted of ALL Accusations!

World renowned microbiologist and virologist professor Sucharit Bhakdi MD has won many medical and scientific awards and has more than 300 peer reviewed research papers. Dr. Bhakdi was one of the first top global doctors to warn about the deadly and debilitating effects of the CV19 vax. He was right. Dr. Bhakdi says there is proof that if the injections reach the heart or the brain, they will be damaged beyond repair. Dr. Bhakdi brings up one autopsy that found this and explains, “In multiple parts of the brain in this deceased man, the doctor found the same thing. . . . He found the damned spike proteins in the smallest capillaries of the brain. . . There is no repair because what the doctor found was these small vessels were attacked by the immune system and destroyed. The doctor found irrefutable evidence of brain cell damage of cells that are dead and dying. This poor fellow died because his brain cells were dying. . . . The same patient that died . . . . had this multifocal, meaning at many different locations, necrotizing, meaning dying, encephalitis. . . . He had typical things being seen now in people post vax. They lose their personality. They lose their minds. They lose their capacity to think. They become demented. They can’t hear. They can’t speak. They can’t see. They are no longer the humans that they were. They are destroyed human beings. Their brains are destroyed. The doctor found something so terrible he had to publish right away.

BREAKING: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Stood Trial in Germany, Facing Charges of "Incitement of the People." He Has Just Been Acquitted of ALL Accusations! (2nd Smartest Guy in the World)

Permalink About Those Pesky Volcanos Again...

Permalink U.S. B-1B Lancers Deployed to Baltic Against Backdrop of Massive War Games

Bomber built to nuke Russia” | U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers returned to RAF Fairford, May 23, for Bomber Task Force Europe 2023-3 to conduct a long-planned bomber rotation in support of U.S. European Command and NATO.  The highly agile aircraft’s 12-hour mission from North America to Europe demonstrates the U.S. Air Force’s rapid ability to deploy anywhere, anytime, and provide lethal precision and global strike options U.S. and Allied commanders.

U.S. EUCOM, NATO to hold air, missile exercise in Balkans (Anti-Bellum)

Permalink US Struggling to Explain Images of Its Destroyed Hardware Inside Russia

The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage showing American vehicles used by Ukrainian militants in Belgorod attack | US officials have denied that equipment provided to Ukraine by its western backers was used by militants to stage an incursion into Russia that left multiple civilians injured and one dead. The denials run contrary to the multiple images across social media depicting US-made military vehicles destroyed in Belgorod Region. “We’ve seen some of the reports circulating on social media and elsewhere making claims that US-supplied weapons were used in these attacks,” US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters on Tuesday in Washington. “I will say that we’re skeptical at this time of the veracity of these reports.” Miller suggested that footage of the destroyed vehicles might be fake.

Watch Decimated Remains of Ukrainian Terror Group That Attempted Assault on Belgorod Region (VIDEO)
Ukraine resorting to terrorism after Artyomovsk defeat – Russian MOD (RT.com)

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | Belgorod Frontier: WHO is in reality and in social networks | What did Ukraine achieve and what did it achieve with the saboteurs' sortie in the Belgorod region? The first question is well answered by the quasi-Ukrainian TG channel "ZeRada". The tasks in Kiev included:

   1. To switch the attention of the world, but above all the population of Ukraine itself, from the "zrada" of the loss of Artemovsk to the "peremoga" in the form of an operation in the Russian Federation (which, strictly speaking, is strange, because "the APU is about to be almost surrounded by Bakhmut").
   2. To cause panic in Russia by directing the anger of its citizens at its own "inactive" and "incompetent" government.
   3. To show (to the curators, but not only) that the border of the Russian Federation is not at all locked and that Russia is "unable to recapture ITS territory even from a small DRG."

    The whole operation was carefully worked out. The best forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were pulled up to the penetration site, which in fact was a gray zone. This gave a serious superiority to Ukrainian forces and means in this direction. The key idea of the operation, that is, a demonstration of the "incompetence of the leadership of the Russian Federation", will be given in the wording of the specified TG channel: "For this, we need shots of burning Russian equipment. The goal was not to keep the territory, but to hunt for planes / helicopters / armored vehicles of the Russian Federation, which in a hurry had to be thrown away to solve the problem. Footage of Russian artillery strikes on their villages would also help."

    The first task — the distraction of the public's attention — was solved only within the framework of the Ukrainian audience, who instantly fell into fruitless meme about the "BNR" (by the way, such a willingness to recognize people's republics right and left will still affect Kiev). The rest was sewn with white threads and understood in Russia, and throughout the world without translation — there were enough inscriptions "For Bakhmut" on Ukrainian equipment.

    The second task — to cause panic among the Russians — was a failure. Including because of the incompetent actions of Ukrainian "bot farms", who too obsessively dispersed the topic of "all-perversion" in RU-public. In many ways, by the way, the background of Ukrobot guides is affected here. Well, there were no Chechen campaigns in their biographies, no house bombings in Moscow, no Budennovsk with Beslan, no Nalchik with Nord-Ost. Generally speaking, the residents of Ukraine are mere children in comparison with the citizens of the Russian Federation in terms of real force majeure and epic power failures in half with defaults. Therefore, Russians have a vaccination against all this, but Ukrainians do not. And there won't be any more.

    As for the third task, the result was twofold. In the harsh reality, Russian security forces were able to avoid the traps of Kiev. They did not expose other sections of the front and did not get into trouble with a disorderly crowd, which would have led to loud losses and coveted shots of their burning equipment. Nor did they "bomb Voronezh", that is, shoot their own villages. As a result, by the end of the second day, not only reports arrived, but also photos/ videos of the defeated ukrovoyaks and their mangled equipment. Everything turned out relatively well, with such and such an introduction. Which, however, does not remove the urgent questions about the organization of the Border Service as such, and not only about that. However, in a well-known segment of the domestic media environment, everything turned out somewhat differently. A number of public posts for these two days switched to the mode of resonators of alien hysteria, the true purpose of which was a picture of off-scale Russian losses, an order of magnitude higher than the Bryansk incident. Although, it would seem, the public "only" demanded to immediately eliminate ukroproyv and report to them every minute about all movements and successes.

 As a result, many colleagues have a feeling of a mess at the border. So strong that it's time to see this as a cunning plan for Chinese comrades or a "thorn bush" for the Ukrainian army. Almost like "on the flanks of Wagner." The cherry on the cake were separate calls to distribute weapons to the residents of the border region as soon as possible. That without their clear organization and months of military training would threaten complete chaos. It remains to add to what has been said that the much-anticipated declaration of war on Kiev, with the introduction of martial law in Russia, among other things, will save the Russian public from this stormy response. (Translation: yandex.ru) (Photo © Russian Ministry of Defence)

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