Permalink What are politicians thinking? (The interview is in English)

They are desperate to keep up the narrative, though they know, it’s a lie” | Judging by the House of Commons in England, there is at most one decent politician for every 650. Interviewed here in Croatia (he is married to a Serb, but it is in English), he answers what his colleagues are thinking because he knows what they are thinking. They think that the longer they go without being held responsible for mass murder, the less the risk.

Bridgen doesn't think so; it only gets worse for them, and he sees right through their miserable, cowardly motives. The interview lasts only 30 minutes; the rest is shown in Stavanger and then from the parliament. It is also worth listening to in this thick fog of lies in which we are immersed. Every day, it is tearing down more and more of our society's trust, not least that between patients and doctors. Unfortunately, the honorable Bridgen is unlikely to get anything out of his honor. A Member of Parliament confirms the UK will sign up to the WHO's Pandemic Treaty. (Translation from Danish: DeepL.com)


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