Permalink Report claims CIA is directing sabotage attacks inside Russia via a major NATO ally

A startling new report makes the astonishing claim that the CIA, known for fomenting revolution and wars around the globe, is helping to direct sabotage attacks inside Russia, risking all-out war with a major nuclear power. | Even as Russia’s forces struggle to pacify Ukraine, having had to retreat in recent weeks after taking ground in the country’s eastern reaches early in the February invasion, Moscow still maintains a substantial nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver warheads in ways even the U.S. could not stop, via Mach 5 Zircon hypersonic missiles.  According to investigative journalist Jack Murphy, the CIA is supposedly using long-dormant sleeper cells that have been activated by an unnamed NATO ally’s spy service, which are working to hinder Russia’s war effort from behind the lines.

Explosions hit military bases deep within Russian territory | DW News

The US resource The Drive published satellite images of Russia's Engels strategic air base dated 29 December, stating: 💬 "There is no obvious damage after the alleged Ukrainian attacks on the site on 26 and 29 December. Only 11 bombers are present, compared to 26 bombers [in the image from] 29 November". Thus, the Russian Defence Ministry strengthened the air defence of the Engels airbase and also dispersed the strategic bombers to other airfields. This, among other things, allowed Russia to launch another massive and highly effective strike against Ukraine's military administration and critical infrastructure on the same day, 29 December. The next step is to figure out why Ukrainian UAVs fly hundreds of kilometres over Russian territory in the first place. (www.DeepL.com/Translator)

Permalink Lavrov suggests ‘hundreds’ of US troops are in Ukraine

Moscow’s top diplomat said the “collective West,” led by the United States, is already at war with Russia | Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has alleged that “hundreds” of American servicemen are deployed to Ukraine, claiming that US soldiers, military advisers and intelligence officers have long been direct participants in the conflict.  Sitting down with Russia’s Channel One for an interview on Wednesday, Lavrov spoke at length about Washington’s deep involvement in the hostilities in Ukraine, which has steadily grown despite repeated assurances from American leaders that US personnel would have no role in the fighting. 💬 “Dozens, maybe even hundreds of American troops are in Ukraine, they were there even before the coup,” the FM said, referring to the 2014 ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich by nationalist formations and pro-Western activists. “CIA officers occupied at least one floor in the Security Service of Ukraine.”

Permalink John Shipton Interview: Daring to Hope for His Son Julian Assange

People around the world need to add their voices to the call for Julian’s release from the dungeon in Britain. | Tirelessly, John Shipton has traveled the world appealing to parliaments, politicians, civic bodies, and ordinary public members for the release of his son. John tells how a rallying call for Julian’s release is growing. Every parliament in Europe, for example, now has members explicitly calling for freedom. So too has the Australian government finally wakened up to demand the end of the barbaric mistreatment. In Latin America, North America, and other parts of the world, the clamor for justice is growing.  Only two weeks ago, major newspapers in the United States and Europe published joint editorial statements urging the Biden Administration to end the imprisonment of Assange, stating that “publishing is not a crime”. That renewed appeal for freedom is a reflection of the swelling sea-change in public support around the world for Julian Assange.  John Shipton says he is not “into hope” in the superficial meaning of the word. By that, he means a sort of cheap hope, blithe optimism, or cheery, glib ignorance. A sort of “consumerist hope” that is fickle and vanishes at the slightest obstacle.  However, what he displays in his tenacious, resilient, courageous support for his son is a much deeper hope. One of faith and commitment in the face of immense adversity. That strength inspires profound hope. An audacious hope. One that defiantly smiles in the face of cold barbarity. The kind of hope that can break chains. It is way past time that Julian Assange should be freed so that he can “come home to his kids”.

Permalink The Ukraine Lobby

Zelensky & Congress Salute “Representatives of Diaspora” | During Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, a group of Ukrainians sat in the gallery of the House Chamber. Soon after Zelensky stepped up to the rostrum, they cheered, “Slava Ukraini!” The President of Ukraine waved back at them and answered, “Heroyam Slava.” Some members of Congress looked up and turned around with surprised smiles.  A few minutes later, Zelensky prompted Congress’ first standing ovation during his speech by addressing “dear representatives of [Ukrainian] diaspora…” He paused for a moment and nodded at those in the gallery. Later on, they again chanted “Slava Ukraini!” This time, some members of Congress finished the Nationalist call and response: “Heroyam Slava!” But who were the special guests?

Permalink Ukraine presents global cyber threat – Russia

The threats posed by Kiev's influence are "universal", a senior diplomat has claimed | Ukraine poses a global challenge to the international community, as the country is being used by NATO as a vehicle for the uncontrolled distribution of cyberweapons, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said on Wednesday. Speaking to RIA Novosti, Syromolotov stated that the 💬 “threats posed by Ukraine in the information space are of a universal nature.”  He went on to say that the US-led military bloc “is essentially distributing digital weapons in an uncontrolled fashion” via Ukraine.

Permalink Moscow ‘outraged’ by crackdown on Russian media abroad

France seems to be spearheading efforts to silence dissent in Europe, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has said | France’s push to ban Russian news outlets both on the nation’s territory and in the EU is unacceptable, Moscow's foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said on Thursday. Earlier this month, French TV regulator Arcom ordered satellite operator Eutelsat to stop broadcasting Channel One Russia, Rossiya 1, and NTV channels.  In a statement, Zakharova said the French watchdog had imposed those restrictions 💬 “under apparent pressure from the authorities,” adding that the move preceded relevant sanctions on the EU level. “Moscow is outraged by the new steps taken by Paris aimed at introducing more and more broadcasting bans on Russian media, both on its territory and in the EU as a whole,” she stated.

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