Permalink Investigative journalist John Pilger dies aged 84

Investigative journalist John Pilger has died aged 84, his family has announced. | The Australia-born documentary maker was known for his work covering the aftermath of Pol Pot's regime in Cambodia and also looked into the Thalidomide scandal along with his war correspondent work. A statement to his X, formerly Twitter, page on Sunday said: "It is with great sadness the family of John Pilger announce he died yesterday 30 December 2023 in London aged 84.

Legendary journalist John Pilger dies aged 84 (EuroNews)
The World Has Lost John Pilger (Consortium News)
Crusading journalist John Pilger always backed the underdog (Sydney Morning Herald)
John Pilger, “Giant of Campaigning Journalism, has Died. (Patricia Harrity)

Permalink The Israel Supporter And The Sandwich

Caitlin Johnstone | Israel supporter: [Walks up to a guy at a restaurant, grabs his sandwich, starts eating it.] Guy: Hey! Israel supporter: What? Guy: That’s my sandwich! Israel supporter [still eating]: Sandwich? What sandwich? Guy: Right there! You’re eating it right now! Israel supporter: No I’m not. Guy: Oh my God! You’re standing right in front of…

Israel: Nazis in power (Marwan Bishara)

Permalink Russia's Lavrov Reveals to Sputnik What Will Happen to Ukrainian Officials Charged With War Crimes

Ukrainian officials accused of war crimes will be tried and punished in accordance with the law, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has assured Sputnik. 💬 “An investigation into the Kiev regime’s crimes is already underway,” Lavrov said, when asked about the regime’s fate after Russia achieves the goals of its special military operation. “Russian law enforcement bodies are carefully recording and documenting the atrocities committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis, and aren’t limiting themselves to the period of the special military operation. The suffering of the civilian population of the Donbass began much earlier, in 2014. Those responsible will be brought to justice.”

Belgorod Russia Hit By Ukraine Missiles; Abrams Reported Crossed Russia Border! (Hal Turner Show)
Belgorod Terror Bombing Signals Ukraine’s ‘Desperation’ - Former US Army Colonel (Sputnik News)
NATO state too ‘scared’ to attend UN meeting – Russian diplomat (RT.com)
Kiev seeks to kill ‘as many Russians as possible’ – Moscow
The Ukrainian Armed Forces' terrorist attack on Belgorod requires Russia to open a second front (Reporter)

Permalink “Israeli” Aggression Against Gaza Continues for the 12th Week

“Israel” Occupation Forces [IOF] troops continue their brutal aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip for the 12th week by carrying out dozens of air strikes and artillery shelling and committing bloody massacres against civilians. | “Israeli” tanks pushed deeper into districts in central and southern Gaza overnight under heavy air and artillery fire, residents said, pressing a deadly offensive that has razed much of the besieged enclave.  Fighting late on Friday and early Saturday was focused in al-Bureij, Nuseirat and Khan Younis, backed by intensive air strikes that filled hospitals with injured Palestinians. The brutal bombardment has killed 100 Palestinians and injured 150 in the central Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours, a senior health official in central Gaza said.  At Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, the biggest and most important medical facility in the south of the tiny, crowded enclave, Red Crescent images posted online showed ambulances operating amid smashed streets, carrying injured children.  Almost all of Gaza's 2.3 million residents have been forced from their homes by the apartheid “Israeli” entity’s withering 12-week aggression.

Over 1,000 Children in Gaza Have Had One or Both Legs Amputated Since Oct 7 (antiwar.com)
Almost 70% of Gaza homes damaged or destroyed: WSJ (Al Mayadeen)
'Israel's' bombing of Gaza parallels WW2 carpet bombing campaigns: FT (Al Mayadeen)
US Congress: ‘We Stand With Genocide’ (Corinna Barnard)
There's No Way to 'Explain' the Degree of Death and Destruction in Gaza (Gideon Levy)

Permalink 100 Palestinians killed in central Gaza as Israel intensifies ground offensive

At least 100 Palestinians have been killed and 158 others wounded in Israeli strikes in the central part of the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours, as the occupying regime intensifies its ground offensive in the besieged territory. | According to a senior health official in central Gaza, hospitals were filled with wounded Palestinians following Israel’s heavy bombardment, as fighting continued on Friday and early Saturday in al-Bureij, Nuseirat, and Maghazi refugee camps.  Israeli tanks pushed deeper into districts in central and southern Gaza overnight, with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) posting images of Nasser Hospital in the southern city of Khan Yunis, showing ambulances operating amid smashed streets, carrying injured children.

Massacre in Maghazi Refugee Camp (The Electronic Intifada)
Dozens killed in Israeli strikes on refugee camps in central Gaza (The National News)
Israel shelling near Gaza hospital kills 41 in two days (The New Arab)
Over 21,000 dead in Gaza, 7,000 missing – Day 82 (If Americans Knew)
Israeli forces round up stripped Palestinian men and children at stadium (12/27/23)
Israeli Gov’t has Killed 4,037 students and 209 Teachers in Gaza, Demolished 92 Schools and Universities (J. Cole)
‘Are We The Baddies?’ Western Support For Genocide In Gaza Means The Answer Is Yes (Jonathan Cook)
Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine’s Maritime Natural Gas Reserves (F. Arbuthnot & M. Chossudovsky)

Permalink The Sequel to “The Fall of The Cabal” Parts 1-5 – In Honour of Janet Ossebaard.

As reported yesterday, Janet Ossebaard was sadly found deceased on the 22nd of December, 2023. In honour of her incredible work which entailed thousands of hours of research, part 1 to part 5 of the Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal has been published below. | Unlike the first series, the Sequel is not about Q, nor Trump. In this series, Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter explore the history of the Cabal and expose the “crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, and high treason, “all of which is under your nose…” they said.  Many of our readers are familiar with the first ten part documentary from Janet Ossebaard “The End of the world as We know it – The Fall of the Cabal” which she had advised we watch before watching the sequel. For those who have not watched it, or if you would like to revisit the series, I have included links and a description of each part of the series originally published in Stop World Control.


Permalink Poland summons Russian diplomat over alleged missile breach

Warsaw claims the violation took place during airstrikes on targets throughout Ukraine on Friday | Poland summoned Russian Charge d’Affaires Andrey Ordash and demanded an explanation for an alleged violation of Polish airspace by a missile they claim to be Russian, the NATO country’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday evening.  Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Wladyslaw Teofil Bartoszewski, handed Ordash a note demanding an explanation of the incident and “an immediate cessation of such activities,” the ministry wrote. The Polish military claimed that a Russian missile entered the country’s airspace from the direction of Ukraine before veering back over Ukrainian territory on Friday morning, without providing evidence that the projectile was of Russian origin.  The Russian charge d’affaires called the claim “unsubstantiated” in an interview with RIA Novosti, adding that Poland will not receive any explanations until it provides evidence.

Russian Missile Traverses Poland; NATO's Much-Vaunted Air Defenses, Never Responded (Hal Turner Show)
Mystery ‘missile’ enters Polish airspace (RT.com)


Permalink Russia Launches Largest Missile Attack to Date Against Ukraine

At least 11 people have been killed and over 70 injured in Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa after Russia launched several salvos of long range missiles last night. Witnesses say barrage after barrage of missiles came-in, blowing up buildings in several major cities. | Initial reports say Odessa was hit hard. Two buildings destroyed and two damaged. Air defense was overwhelmed. Locals report more than 10 Kalibr/Onyx missiles hitting the city by preliminary information. While missile attacks by Russia have become commonplace of late, the intensity of the attacks last night was said to be very much higher.

Russia launches missile strikes across Ukrainian cities (The Straits Times)
Russia pounds Ukraine with missile barrage in biggest attack in months (The National News)

Permalink Censored Study Exposes 17 Millions Deaths Among Vaxxed

A groundbreaking study has revealed that 17 million people died worldwide after the Covid mRNA shots were rolled out to the public. | The shocking study should be garnering worldwide attention and calls for an immediate cessation of all Covid vaccines. Instead, it has been censored.  The bombshell study, COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere, by Drs. Denis Rancourt, Marine Baudin, Joseph Hickey and Jérémie Mercier was published September 17, 2023, yet, also shockingly the study has not had the attention it deserves, but, has met only censorship and narrative-confirming “fact-checks” on the safety and effectiveness of the as-yet untested Covid-19 “vaccines.”

You want proof that the vaccine causes mortality? (Denis Rancourt)

Permalink UNICEF: “Number of children killed in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, reaches unprecedented levels”

This year has been the deadliest year on record for children in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, with conflict-related violence reaching unprecedented levels: 💬 “As the world watches on in horror at the situation in the Gaza Strip, children in the West Bank are experiencing a nightmare of their own. Living with a near-constant feeling of fear and grief is, sadly, all-too-common for children affected. Many children report that fear has become a part of their daily life, with many scared even walking to school or playing outside due to the threat of shootings and other conflict-related violence. UNICEF is extremely concerned about the right of children in the West Bank including East Jerusalem to safety and protection, and their inherent right to life. (Link to VIDEO)

Massacre in Maghazi Refugee Camp (The Electronic Intifada)
Dozens killed in Israeli strikes on refugee camps in central Gaza (The National News)
Israel shelling near Gaza hospital kills 41 in two days (The New Arab)
Over 21,000 dead in Gaza, 7,000 missing – Day 82 (If Americans Knew)
Israeli Gov’t has Killed 4,037 students and 209 Teachers in Gaza, Demolished 92 Schools and Universities (J. Cole)
‘Are We The Baddies?’ Western Support For Genocide In Gaza Means The Answer Is Yes (Jonathan Cook)
Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine’s Maritime Natural Gas Reserves (F. Arbuthnot & M. Chossudovsky)
APPLICATION INSTITUTING PROCEEDINGS (.pdf)(84 pages) Press Release (.pdf)

Permalink Ansrullah: Intl. waterways secure except for ships bound for occupied territories

Yemen's Ansarullah popular resistance movement insists that the international waterways are secure for all passing vessels, except for Israeli ones or those heading towards the occupied territories. | Mohammed Abdul-Salam, Ansarullah's spokesman, made the remarks to Euronews on Thursday. "Sana'a explicitly stated that only Israeli ships, those heading to Israel, or affiliated vessels are targeted, while all other ships worldwide are not targeted," he noted. The movement and Yemen's Armed Forces have been staging missile and drone attacks against vessels heading towards Israeli ports in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has come under an unrelenting genocidal Israeli war.

Sanaa warns against foreign support for 'Israel' in Red, Arabian Seas (Al Mayadeen)
US imposes sanctions on Yemen after military threat falls flat (PressTV)
US senator calls for attacks on targets in Iran over Houthi actions in Red Sea (TASS)
US senator calls for bombing Iran (RT.com)

Permalink Netherlands should prepare for war with Russia – Army chief

The “entire society” [sic] must be ready “when things go wrong,” General Martin Wijnen has said | The Netherlands should urgently [urgently] get ready to face a security challenge posed by an “increasingly assertive” Russia, the nation’s Land Forces commander, Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen, said on Thursday. The EU nation should strengthen its military and help society adapt to the potential hardships of war, he added. The general claimed that Moscow has designs on the Baltic States, three former Soviet republics which have joined NATO and the EU, after it is done with Ukraine.


Permalink Lost war against Hamas, Netanyahu to be ousted: Former Israeli chief

The ex-chief of General Staff of the Israeli military, Dan Halutz, asserts that the sole victory to be achieved in this war is the ousting of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. | Former Chief of General Staff of the Israeli occupation army, Dan Halutz, said that "Israel" lost the war against Hamas, stressing that the only victory to be achieved is the overthrow of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Israeli Channel 14's correspondent, Yishai Friedman, released a recording of his conversation with Halutz in 'Haifa' with anti-government protest activists, which took place during the war. In the conversation, Halutz stated, "There will be no image of victory because the image reflects the loss of 1,300 lives and 240 prisoners, despite their return, and approximately 200,000 refugees who failed to return to their homes."  Halutz continued by expressing, "For me, the picture of victory will be when Prime Minister Netanyahu steps down."

Various Western Countries Say Netanyahu's 'End' Near, Says Top Erdogan Adviser (Sputnik News)

Permalink Named British Warship to be Intentionally Targeted with "Russian" Anti-Ship Missile(s)

HMS Diamond (D34) | The December 26 attack upon a Russian Landing Vessel in port at Feodosia, Crimea, which completely destroyed that ship, was aided and abetted by the British to such a degree that Russia intends to have a NAMED British Warship fired-upon in retaliation! Russia is intentionally supplying the missiles to do the attack! (Covert Intel)

Russia heading to victory in Ukraine, says former UK senior officer (The National News)

Permalink Ukrainian ‘regime’ must be removed – Medvedev

Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov are Russian cities, the country’s former president has said | The removal of the Western-backed government of Vladimir Zelensky is an undeclared but a “most important and inevitable goal” of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has said.  On Thursday, Medvedev, who now holds the position of deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, was asked by RIA-Novosti about the prospects of peace talks between Moscow and Kiev in 2024.  The Russian military operation in Ukraine will continue next year with its goals remaining unchanged, he replied.  According to the former president, those goals include “the disarmament of Ukrainian troops and the rejection of the ideology of neo-Nazism by the current Ukrainian state.

Что по поводу переговоров в 2024-м? Всё вполне очевидно. (Дмитрий Медведев) (Telegram)

Permalink US to provide $250mln in military aid to Kiev, including munitions — Blinken

The package includes air defense munitions, other air defense system components, additional ammunition for high mobility artillery rocket systems, 155mm and 105mm artillery ammunition, and anti-tank munitions | The package provides up to $250 mln of air defense munitions, other air defense system components, additional ammunition for high mobility artillery rocket systems, 155mm and 105mm artillery ammunition, and anti-tank munitions. "It is imperative that Congress act swiftly, as soon as possible, to advance our national security interests by helping Ukraine defend itself and secure its future," [sic] Blinken said. He reiterated that over 50 countries are providing aid to the Kiev regime.

US Announces $250 Million Arms Package for Ukraine (antiwar.com)
West won’t stop sacrificing Ukrainians – Moscow (RT.com)


Permalink Israeli forces round up stripped Palestinian men and children at stadium

Video recorded by Israeli journalist shows men, children and elderly Palestinians with their hands tied behind their backs at a stadium in the war-ravaged territory | Israeli forces rounded up dozens of Palestinians in an open field of a stadium in Gaza on Monday, stripping them and tying their hands behind their backs, according to photos and video footage shared on local media. Reports said Israeli forces had abused the residents, including men, children and the elderly, before gathering them in the open field. Video footage showed Israeli soldiers, accompanied by tanks, pointing their guns at the detained Palestinians who could be seen entering the field in a line with their hands up in the air before sitting down in designated areas. The video ends with a shot of an Israeli soldier carrying a baby [= kidnapping], wrapped in blanket.

Israel releases 80 mutilated bodies with stolen organs for burial in Gaza (PressTV)
Gov’t Media accuses Israel of stealing organs from martyrs’ bodies (The Palestinian Information Center)
Israeli Forces Abduct Seventeen Palestinians, Including a Journalist, in Hebron (IMEMC News)
Hamas urges international probe into Israel’s summary executions in Gaza (12/24/23)

Israeli Airstrikes Kill 76 Members of One Gaza Family (SheerPost)
'Israel' commits 16 massacres in 24hrs., martyrs toll surpasses 21,000 (Al Mayaadeen)
20,915 Palestinians killed in 82-day Israeli aggression (The Palestinian Information Center)
US Has Delivered Over 10,000 Tons of Weapons to Israel Since October 7 (antiwar.com)
APPLICATION INSTITUTING PROCEEDINGS (.pdf)(84 pages) Press Release (.pdf)

Permalink The Destruction of Israel and not even God can Save It

A video was posted online, apparently filmed by Russian soldiers, gives a message to Israel. | The economic implications of all this on Israeli will be devastating. Already the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is having problems recruiting workers into military service to go to war with Arab countries in the area, in what some experts believe could expand into a wider war.  Benjamin Fulford in his video posting on December 15, 2023, said the following: He was informed by the Russian FSB that Israel chose to ignore their warning in the form of placing a Russian flag on the border near Golan Heights, and so a Russian army is building up, to go into Israel to stop the genocide of the Palestinian people. (BattleForWorld.com: Such a scenario is unlikely to happen involving the Russians directly. The Arabs in the area at a future time will become a formidable force against Israel.) And that the Western press is censoring information from the news that Israel is under attack, that there are huge explosions and fires all over the country. Israel is not going to continue to exist in its present from and that things are moving into the endgame to dismantle Israel.  A video was posted online, apparently filmed by Russian soldiers, gives a message to Israel. The video shows the Golan Heights and a Russian flag planted in the ground, Russian soldiers in the area, and the military front. This has caused some experts to speculate that Russia could enter the game at any moment.

Permalink EU Preparing $22Bln Plan to Sidestep Hungary's Veto to Fund Ukraine

The European Union is preparing a debt-funded back-up plan worth up to 20 billion euros ($22 billion) to sidestep Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's objections and quickly release money for Kiev, Financial Times reported on Tuesday, citing officials in talks. | In mid-December, Orban vetoed an increase in the EU budget for 2024-2027, including 50 billion euros in macro-financial aid to Kiev. On December 18, European Council President Charles Michel said that a new extraordinary EU summit to discuss financial aid to Ukraine would take place in Brussels on February 1. [...] EU officials have since been searching for alternatives to provide Ukraine with funds, and one model funded by debt has gained traction as the most practical way to provide support in the event of the Hungarian prime minister using his veto right at a planned summit on February 1,

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