Permalink The Russian Army entered the town of Bakhmut: street fighting in residential areas; Ukrainian soldiers against Zelensky: We will hang you in Kiev! -VIDEOS

warnews247.gr | (Extracts) There are explosive developments on the Bakhmut front as Russian forces smashed the defensive lines of the 93rd Brigade, of which almost no one is left, and the 71st Ukrainian Brigade and entered the town. Street fighting has begun in the urban centre of Bakhmut for the first time since the war began. | In more detail, in the last 48 hours Russian troops and especially Wagner forces have launched a large-scale offensive, resulting in the capture of the Sinyat factory and entering the first blocks of the urban centre of Bakhmut from the east.  In addition, Russian forces have also entered the forest area adjacent to the town, resulting in clashes with Ukrainian forces. The demarcation line, along which Russian troops now control the town, runs along Dobrolyubov street.  The situation is desperate for the Ukrainians. Hospitals are full and there are hundreds of dead and wounded. In the first video, Ukrainian soldiers through cries of despair desperately call for help over the radio as they have wounded and are trapped. In the other videos, Ukrainian soldiers threaten Zelensky with hanging in the centre of Kiev!  Under the weight of the collapse, the Ukrainians were forced to blow up a bridge connecting Bakhmut to Slavyansk... The blast took place on the M-03 highway in Bakhmut. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator) (free version)

Permalink Oxford Introducing Traffic Restrictions for Privately Owned Cars After 2023

Oxford Introducing Traffic Restrictions for Privately Owned Cars After 2023 | In England, the Oxfordshire County Council has introduced a new traffic scheme it believes will clear up roadway congestion, improve pedestrian safety, and also address climate issues. However, the plan involves prohibiting where residents of Oxford can drive (unless they have the proper paperwork) by breaking the city into six zones. Predictably, the concept has proven to be wildly unpopular with some of the locals. Over the last week, residents have been up in arms about the scheme... According to the Oxfordshire County Council's own website, "traffic filtering" involves stopping vehicles from moving through selected checkpoints by leveraging a network of preexisting automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. While locals will be eligible to purchase permits that will allow them to drive between the zones "up to 100 days per year," exceeding this limit will result in fines. That means if you commute daily via your own car, you're already guaranteed to exceed the permitted allotment -- assuming you were actually able to get accredited in the first place.

And so it begins: “controlled gates at the city confining residents to their zone” (12/07/22)

Permalink FBI treated Twitter as a 'subsidiary,' flagged tweets and accounts for 'misinformation'

The FBI and other law enforcement organizations treated Twitter as a "subsidiary," flagging numerous accounts for purportedly harmful "misinformation" since January of 2020, according to the sixth installment of the "Twitter Files" released Friday. | Independent journalist Matt Taibbi described the FBI's relationship with Twitter as having a "master-canine quality" with "constant and pervasive" contact between the bureau and the social media giant. 💬 "Between January 2020 and November 2022, there were over 150 emails between the FBI and former Twitter Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth," Taibbi wrote, referring to the executive who helped suppress The New York Post's reporting on first son Hunter Biden's extensive overseas business interests. Taibbi also found that a "surprisingly high number" of the FBI's missives were requests "for Twitter to take action on election misinformation," including obvious jokes from accounts with low number of followers.

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