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As Nigeria battled insurgents, she was brutalised by both sides | Abducted and enslaved by Boko Haram. Coerced into an abortion by soldiers. Two children dead. The ordeal of Aisha shows how women's lives have become a battlefield in the 13-year war between Islamist insurgents and the Nigerian military. 💬 Aisha was forced to marry a Boko Haram fighter who repeatedly beat and raped her. Whenever he went off to war, she said, “I would pray to God that he’d be killed.”

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Soaring prices, inflation, and unemployment are pushing up deprivation levels, the New Economics Foundation says | The UK is on the cusp of the greatest cost-of-living crisis in modern times, with the number of those below the poverty line rising, according to a report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF).  In a study released on Monday, the think tank said that 30 million people in Britain will be unable to afford what the public considers to be a decent standard of living by the time the current Parliament ends in 2024.  Rising prices, below-inflation increases in earnings, and projected increases in unemployment will result in 43% of households lacking the resources to put enough food on the table or buy new clothes, the report said.  According to the NEF’s calculations, by 2024, almost 90% of single parents and 50% of workers with children will fall below the minimum income standard. On average, those falling below the threshold for a decent standard of living will be short by £10,000 ($12,422) a year, the research shows.

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British Royal Marines conducted high-risk operations in Ukraine in April, Lieutenant General Robert Magowan has admitted, according to a report in The Times on Tuesday. | Russia has consistently warned that NATO troops have been active in the conflict, but these statements have been dismissed by Western analysts and media.  Members of 45 Commando Group of the Royal Marines left Ukraine in January after evacuating the British embassy in Kiev to Poland. However, some 300 members of the elite unit were sent back into the country in April to reestablish the British mission in Kiev, before going on to conduct “other discreet operations,” Magowan wrote in the force’s official journal, The Globe and Laurel, the newspaper said.

UK Marines Deployed on Ukraine 'High-Risk Ops' (Antiwar.com)

Permalink Ten European Parliament Offices Sealed Off Amid Bribery Scandal Investigation, Reports Say

Several European Parliament (EP) offices have been sealed in Strasbourg by the EP's security services amid a corruption scandal, the European newspaper reported, citing officials. | According to the European news outlet's Tuesday report, about 10 offices of EP members have been sealed by the European Parliament's security services, with the office of an aide to the Italian member of the EP, Pietro Bartolo, also being closed. The newspaper added that the European Commission Vice-President, Margaritis Schinas, categorically denied any connection to the corruption scandal in his first public statement after the start of the scandal.

EU fires top official arrested in graft probe (RT.com)

Permalink How to Trash a Movie in Support of a Lie

PHILIP GIRALDI | How to Trash a Movie in Support of a Lie | Israel’s new government is planning to give de facto operational control of the national police and heavily armed border police to Itamar Ben-Gvir, the leader of a party of right wing, racist extremists. It can perhaps be regarded as the prelude to the last phase in the uprooting and displacement of the Palestinian people. Those who resist will be killed and not a single Israeli soldier or policeman will be punished for carrying out what the Benjamin Netanyahu government will frame as a war against terrorists blessed by Yahweh in support of his “Chosen” people.

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