Permalink Huge Berlin aquarium bursts; housed 1,500 tropical fish - VIDEO

A huge aquarium in the center of Berlin has burst, causing a wave of devastation in and around the Sea Life tourist attraction, German police said Friday. (Ground News // Articles)

Permalink Russia warns of ‘consequences’ of US missile deployment

US Patriot missile batteries sent to Ukraine will be legitimate targets for Russian forces, Moscow’s Foreign Ministry said | Russia has vowed to retaliate should the United States choose to send Patriot missile systems to Ukraine, saying that Washington has effectively become a party to the conflict amid reports that the White House is finalizing plans to supply the advanced weapon platform.  Speaking during a regular press briefing on Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted recent media discussion of an upcoming Patriot deployment. If those reports prove true, she said 💬 the decision would mark “another provocative move by the US” which only intensifies American involvement in the hostilities, “entailing possible consequences.” “Any weapons systems supplied to Ukraine, including the Patriot, along with the personnel servicing them, have been and will remain legitimate priority targets for the Russian armed forces,” she added.

Permalink New Danish Government to Skip Christian Holiday for the Sake of War Budget

Dropping Jesus For the Sake of Aggressive War: The West has poured billions in arms "assistance" to Ukraine.  Danish arsenals have been depleted by Copenhagen’s decision to send military help, including Harpoon missiles and other weapons, to assist Ukraine despite Moscow’s consistent warnings that assistance to Kiev is merely drawing out the conflict further.  Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and the newly-formed Danish coalition government are expecting their fellow Danes to drop a historic Christian Holiday that has existed for over 300 years in order to replenish the war chest scraped bare by the country's recent actions. 💬 “What we are asking for is for the Danes to work one more day so that we can live up to our international obligations in defense and security policy,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said, adding that the Danes must contribute “a little more” to the country’s defense.

We need Christmas - now more than ever (Neil Oliver)

Permalink Peru's Ex-President Castillo Says US Ordered That Troops Be Deployed to Suppress Protests

The Peruvian authorities have taken troops to the streets to suppress protests after the visit of the US ambassador to the Government Palace as Washington pursues profits in the country's mining projects, impeached President Pedro Castillo said on Thursday.

💬 "Compatriots, attention! The visit of the US ambassador to the Government Palace was neither for free nor in favor of the country. At the meeting, the order to take the troops to the streets and massacre my defenseless people was given, and, among other things, to pave the way for the extraction of minerals, such as from Konga, Tai Maria, and other [mines]. Peruvian media will not only keep silent about this but will also easily deny it," Castillo said in a hand-written note published on his Twitter.

On December 7, Peru's parliament impeached former President Pedro Castillo. Prime Minister Dina Boluarte took an oath as the country's new president within two hours of the impeachment vote, vowing to serve out the rest of Castillo's term until July 2026. Castillo, who had tried to dissolve the parliament before the vote, was arrested after the impeachment procedure and the Peruvian prosecutor's office launched a criminal case against him on charges of a coup attempt and crimes against the state. These events have sparked a wave of protests across the country. Demonstrators denounce the post-impeachment government and call for an immediate presidential election and termination of the country's parliament.

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