Permalink Rise of radical anti-government sentiment in Germany

REDACTED P6 (КОТËЛ #6) | 🇩🇪 The rise of radical anti-government sentiment in Germany, which would sooner or later lead to an attempted coup or revolution, had long been known in Russia. If this information reached the AP (and it did), it was also in other key organisations. The phenomena in German society were seen as a rise in right-wing and neo-Nazi sentiment that began years ago, caused in part by the mass migration of Turks and other Muslim peoples to the Fatherland. The process escalated under Angela Merkel, who opened the migration gates even wider, accelerated sharply during the period of covid restrictions and rocketed upwards when the German economy began to have big problems because of the gas war and anti-Russian sanctions.  This is not the first time that Germans who are ready and preparing for a coup have been caught in Germany in recent years. The Bundeswehr is considered particularly problematic. Helping the Germans to catch the rebels is the American intelligence services, which control the Internet and the darknet more closely than the Europeans. All of this has also long been known in Russia - as well as the fact that the protest potential of the Nazis and right-wing extremists in Germany is almost inexhaustible and cannot be caught by everyone. However, the Kremlin did not see any way to take advantage of the situation, despite the obvious sympathies of the discontented with Russia and Vladimir Putin. The obvious parallels with the 1930s and the emergence of a super-national state in the place of a battered Germany were rather alarming.  As for the current arrests, the AP and, as it is reported, the Foreign Ministry, rather showily. It is expected that the right-wing parties, in particular the ADH, which won the elections but lost out in the formation of the left-wing government coalition, will be blamed. Not forgetting to call them "Russian agents". In this context, the already widespread information that the conspirators have tried to establish links with Russian structures, but have received no response, sounds strange. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator) (free version)

Germany arrests 25 people over far-right coup plot (Axios)
Explainer: Germany's Reichsbürger: Searching for an emperor and fascinated by guns (Reuters)
Who is Heinrich XIII, Prince of Reuss? Germany's Reichsbürger movement explained (Daily Mail)
Germany detains far-right group over plot to install prince by force (Reuters)

Permalink US Ineptly Denies Involvement in Strikes on Russian Airfields

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | US ineptly denies involvement in strikes on Russian airfields | Following the recent Ukrainian UAV strikes on airfields deep in Russian territory, conflicting statements have sprung from Washington. 💬 Secretary of State Anthony Blinken: "The US does not encourage the Ukrainians to launch strikes on Russian territory and does not give them the opportunity to do so." Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin: 💬 "The US is not creating obstacles for Kiev to develop weapons for long-range strikes.  The overall message is that the US is allegedly not involved in attacks by the AFU, including on Russia's strategic nuclear forces.  Meanwhile, commercial satellites from the US company Maxar, which cooperates with both the Pentagon and Ukraine, filmed Russia's Engels strategic airbase on 3 and 4 December and the airfield in Diaghilevo in late October.  Apparently, Western satellites were also used for direct targeting of these facilities by UAVs. At least that is what Ukrainian sources say.  Simply put, the US is lying. And the verbal excuses of their top officials are only meant to control the level of escalation of the conflict in Ukraine so that it does not spill over into the territory of NATO countries.  As has been said repeatedly, the key to ending the military confrontation in Ukraine lies not in Kyiv but in Washington. Only by addressing America's pain points will Russia be able to resolve the conflict in its favour. (DeepL.com)

Permalink And so it begins: “controlled gates at the city confining residents to their zone”

The madness of the '15-minute city' (12/06/22)

Russian Demiurge (Русский Демиург) | Something Wicked This Way Comes: Climate quarantines. | As predicted and feared, a quarantine over COVID is turning into a quarantine over climate change, and legal action is to be taken in the UK.  Oxfordshire County Council has approved plans to effectively isolate residents in one of six zones because of 'global warming'. Under the new scheme, electronic gates would be installed on key roads leading in and out of the city, confining residents to their own areas. If a resident wanted to leave their zone, they would first need permission from the Council, which must decide who is worthy of freedom and who is not. For those seeking freedom, they would first have to register their vehicle details with the council, which would then track their movements with smart cameras across the city. If you qualify, you can leave your area for a maximum of 100 days a year. Oh, and for families with two cars, both vehicles will count as one, which means you will have to split the journeys. The county council's tourism manager has insisted that the controversial plan will be implemented, whether people like it or not. People can travel freely in their own neighbourhood and can apply for filter permits to other neighbours as well, the chief said, but reiterated that this is only possible up to 100 days a year.  As Eric Worrall writes, "For almost a thousand years Oxford University has been a beacon of intellectual freedom. A number of leading Oxford intellectuals have been hanged or otherwise persecuted over the centuries because of their resistance to authoritarianism. So it seems incredibly sad that the heirs to this proud tradition seem so willing to turn their backs on the freedoms that their predecessors sometimes gave their lives to defend. And, as British commentator Neil Oliver says, "Anyone who puts up with this deserves whatever overlords plan next." These Oxford 'Climate Quarantines' are about control. For those who have not yet realised this, prepare for shackles and the tightening of the noose around your necks; similarly, for those who are not working towards freedom now, mentally prepare for slavery, because if you remain within their system, this future - unlike 'global warming' - is baked in, inevitable. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)

Permalink Moscow Reportedly Mulls Three Options to Retaliate Against EU Price Cap on Russian Oil

Earlier this week, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak warned that the introduction of a price cap on Russian oil can only lead to a decrease in global investments in the industry, which in turn will lead to an increase in prices. | Moscow is considering three possible options to respond to the introduction of a price cap on Russian oil by the EU and G7, a Russian newspaper reported.  The news outlet cited several unnamed sources close to the government as saying that the first scenario stipulates a full­-blown ban on the sale of Russian crude to those states, including G7 members, who supported the price cap, even if they purchase the oil from Russia through intermediaries or their chain.  The second option envisages a ban on oil exports under contracts that include a price cap-related clauses, regardless of which country acts as a recipient, according to the insiders.  They added that under the third scenario, a measure pertaining to an "indicative price" may be introduced. This price defines the maximum Russian Urals oil’s discount with respect to the Brent crude, and a potential deal will not be approved if the discount is increased.

Western price cap on Russian oil likely to be another spectacular failure

Permalink Ukrainian court rules SS division's symbols are not Nazi

The symbols of the SS Galicia Division, a notorious Ukrainian Nazi collaborator unit, are legal to use in the country | Ukraine's supreme court has ruled that the symbols of the infamous 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division, are not Nazi and therefore not banned in the country. The top court upheld an earlier ruling on the matter, ending a years-long legal battle over the controversial legacy of the notorious formation, comprised primarily of ethnic Ukrainians. The ruling has been praised by the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, which operates under Ukraine's cabinet of ministers, and has long claimed the unit's fighters were not actual Nazi collaborators, but merely "freedom fighters."

Permalink ‘We’ll Talk About This Later’: EU’s Borrell Sweeps Aside Security Guarantees for Russia

In late 2021, Moscow sent Washington and its allies two draft treaties on security guarantees designed to dramatically reduce tensions between Russia and the Western bloc. Weeks later, Kiev massed troops along the contact line in Donbass and began to intensively shell the region, prompting Russia to kick off a military operation in Ukraine. | The end of the crisis in Ukraine will be achieved through “security guarantees for Ukraine,” not Russia, European Union foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell has said. 💬 “As for Russia, we’ll talk about that later,” the EEU’s top diplomat told attendees of a symposium in Paris on Monday. “The end of this conflict will have to be done in compliance with international legality,” Borrell added, claiming this would include Moscow being made to pay “reparations” to Kiev, face “war crimes” trials, and withdrawing its forces.  Borrell’s comments appeared to be a direct rebuke of French President Emmanuel Macron, who said Saturday that he and his US counterpart Joe Biden sought to flesh out “the security architecture in which we want to live tomorrow,” and discussed “guarantees of security for Russia” if and when Moscow “returns to the table” for talks.

Permalink New Marine Fossil Found in Outback Queensland

Three amateur palaeontologists have discovered the remains of a 100-million-year-old long-necked marine reptile at an outback Queensland station. | In an Australian first, the complete skeleton of an ancient plesiosaur, an extinct marine reptile, was discovered at a sprawling remote property in the McKinlay region in what has been described as the Rosetta Stone of marine reptile palaeontology.  A team of museum palaeontologists travelled to the remote site to collect the fossil of the elasmosaur, a plesiosaur that lived alongside the dinosaurs. The Elasmosaurus lived in the Eromanga Sea, which covered large parts of inland Australia between 140 and 100 million years ago. There are well over a hundred species of plesiosaurs currently known worldwide—some had long necks and small heads, and some had short necks with giant heads. Elasmosaurus came to the water’s surface to breathe air and had slender teeth for catching fish, crabs and molluscs. Scientists have discovered plesiosaur fossils with stones in the stomach area, showing they swallowed stones (called gastroliths) to either grind up food in their stomachs or as ballast to aid in diving.  Queensland Museum Network CEO Jim Thompson, PhD, said the find would help paint a comprehensive picture of Queensland’s Cretaceous marine reptiles.

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