Permalink UK confirms delivering Brimstone 2 precision-guided missiles to Ukraine despite Russia warnings

Britain has confirmed delivering precision-guided missiles to Ukraine, despite repeated warnings from Russia that Western weapon only serve to prolong the Ukraine war and will be considered "legitimate targets" for the Russian military. | The announcement was made by British Ministry of Defense via a tweet on Saturday. The ministry acknowledged arming Ukraine with Brimstone 2 missiles, saying the projectiles were meant to be deployed against Russia. 💬 "As part of its aid package, the UK has provided Brimstone 2 missiles, a precision-guided missile, to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This aid has played a crucial role in stalling Russian advances," the ministry said.  The missiles, which each cost about £175,000 ($212,000), are said to be able to hit targets through tracking a laser mark set on them by ground forces, aircraft, or vehicles. It can alternatively scan the battlefield and pick up targets from a pre-programmed list through the use of a radar. Developed by the European missile consortium MBDA, the Brimstone 2 missiles are available in the three air-launched, ground-launched, and ship-launched versions. The Ukrainian army uses Brimstones as part of truck-mounted missile launchers.  The new arms delivery to Kiev comes despite frequent warnings by top Russia officials that such weapon supplies only worsen the plight of the Ukrainian people and prolong the war. 

Permalink Kadyrov called on the entire Islamic world to fight NATO

A post has been published in Chinese in which the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, writes to the Islamic world with an appeal to fight the North Atlantic Alliance. This post was published in his personal Telegram channel. | He reminds everyone that for the past hundred years, America and Europe have organized dozens of wars and military coups, as well as invaded the territories of other states around the world. The result of all this is the death of millions of civilians. Kadyrov suggests that the West is trying to turn everyone into animals that are easy to manipulate. And urges not to allow this in any way. 💬 “We ask the entire Islamic world, all clear-minded people to unite against our common enemy,” writes the head of Chechnya.  He claims that the North Atlantic Alliance is a threat to the existence of the whole world.

От автора. ПК - 7,62-мм. пулемет Калашникова (Kadyrov_95 -Telegram)
Kadyrov addresses Muslims around the world in Chinese (Ukrainska Pravda / Yahoo)

Permalink Chinese experts named three goals pursued by the United States

By taking an active part in the crisis in Ukraine, America is pursuing three main goals, Chinese experts told the Global Times portal. 💬 “The United States has three goals in the conflict in Ukraine: to comprehensively weaken Russia, stabilize the Zelensky regime, and push Europe to follow US policy,” said Wu Xinbo, dean of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University.

US prolongs Russia-Ukraine conflict for three aims, aggravates nuclear war risk: experts at GT annual forum

Permalink Relations between EU and Serbia look like ‘marriage starting with adultery’

💬 “The EU is leading Belgrade to a ‘bright future’ on one hand while committing anti-Serbian provocations with the other,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman claimed. “This is betrayal from the outset,” she added, comparing relations between Brussels and Belgrade to “a marriage that starts with adultery.”  NATO seized Kosovo from Serbia in 1999, following the bombing of the country. The EU and US continue to support the breakaway region’s independence, which was unilaterally declared by Kosovo in 2008. Serbia continues to view the region as part of its territory.

NATO announces military exercise in Kosovo
Kosovo applies for EU membership

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