Permalink China calls US a ‘direct threat’ to the world

Washington is making up excuses to preserve its “hegemony,” Beijing said | Washington intentionally hypes up the “China threat” as an excuse to boost its military spending, all in an effort to maintain its global dominance, the Chinese Defense Ministry said in a statement on Saturday, after President Joe Biden signed the 2023 US National Defense Authorization Act into law. 💬 “Facts have proved more than once that the US is the direct threat to the international order and the culprit of the regional turbulence,” said the ministry’s spokesman, Colonel Tan Kefei. The statement went on to claim that, in pursuit of its own interests, 💬 the US on multiple occasions has “either waged wars against other countries or created conflicts, causing massive casualties and displacement of innocent civilians.”

Permalink Snowden says ‘I told you so’

The whistleblower pointed at an AP investigation on how the Covid-19 pandemic has “normalized” spying on citizens | Former CIA and National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has claimed vindication after a media report exposed how surveillance tools deployed to fight Covid-19 are now being abused by law enforcement and other authorities – as he predicted over two years ago. 💬 “I talked about this back in early 2020 and was dismissed as paranoid, as is our tradition when someone points to the predictable outcome of a dangerous but popular new trend,” Snowden said in a Twitter post on Friday. The former US intelligence contractor cited this week’s Associated Press article on how Covid-19 had “accelerated and normalized” use of state surveillance and tracking tools against ordinary citizens and activists. Snowden linked to an April 2020 interview with Vice founder Shane Smith in which he predicted that emergency measures used to deal with the Covid-19 crisis would become permanent and be used to infringe civil liberties.

Permalink Selling a war: Report exposes how German media stirs up militancy in society and works to prevent negotiations with Russia

A shock study exposes how the press is pushing for confrontation with Moscow in the EU's most powerful state | Last week, the University of Mainz published a study of German news coverage of events in Ukraine, and Berlin’s official response to the crisis. The conclusions confirm that since February 24, the media has played a major role in keeping the conflict going, and making a negotiated settlement less likely, due to almost universally biased, pro-war, anti-Russia content being published at all stages.  Researchers at the university analyzed German-language reporting on the Ukraine conflict between February 24 and May 31, assessing the content of around 4,300 separate articles published by the country’s eight leading newspapers and TV stations: FAZ, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Bild, Spiegel, Zeit, ARD Tagesschau, ZDF Today, and RTL Aktuell.  During this time, Ukraine was portrayed positively in 64% of all coverage, and President Vladimir Zelensky in 67%. By contrast, Russia was portrayed “almost exclusively negatively” 88% of the time, and President Vladimir Putin in 96% of cases. Almost all reports – 93% in total – attributed sole blame for the war to Putin and/or Russia. The West was named as “jointly responsible” in only 4% of instances, Ukraine even less so at 2%.  The perspectives of Russia on the conflict were only considered or mentioned in 10% of news reports, less than the viewpoint of any other country, including Moscow’s neighbors. Alternative for Germany and the Left Party, which both oppose arming Ukraine and prolonging the fighting, “had practically no media presence in reporting on the war.” Government messaging and statements from ministers were completely dominant, being the focus in 80% of news coverage, more than four times above the figure for opposition parties.

Permalink Researchers Recreate Two Facial Depictions of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II Using CT Scan Technology - VIDEO

Pharaoh Ramses II belongs to the nineteenth dynasty in Ancient Egypt, where his rule extended between 1279 and 1212 BC. Nicknamed by his successors and subsequent rulers as the great-grandfather, Ramses II is considered the most famous and most powerful pharaoh throughout the Egyptian Empire. | Scientists were able to re-design the “handsome face” of the most famous pharaoh in Ancient Egypt, King Ramses II, by using a 3D model of his skull, in order to reconstruct his features scientifically.  A team of researchers from Cairo University in Egypt and the Face Lab at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in England have collaborated to reconstruct the facial features of Ramses II at the time of his death, at the age of 90, and at the younger age of 45, using a “digitally unwrapped” scan of his mummy displayed at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo, Egypt.  The two detailed images were created by means of computerized tomography (CT) scan technology, which is proved to allow accurate facial reconstruction, along with analysis software to parse out details in accordance with typical Egyptian measurements of facial muscle layers, explained Dr. Sahar Saleem, a professor of radiology at Cairo University and co-leader of the project.

Permalink New Paganism has new gods: Christmas installations near Lviv now have figures of Biden and Bandera

Объясняет Readovka | In Ukraine, in addition to traditional Christmas characters, sculptures of Bandera and Baiden have been installed in a historical and cultural reserve in the Lviv region. Such an action best describes the state of the modern Ukrainian religious field. | By and large, there is no faith in modern Ukraine. The Orthodox Church has weakened considerably after a series of schisms, the Uniates have not gained sufficient strength, and other religions and sects are also extremely small. The only idea that is believed in Ukraine is the Ukrainian construct. In many ways it is similar to the pagan faith - this "religion" has several gods, certain principled dogmas, sacrifices and, of course, the belief in a happy tomorrow.  The success of this "religion" is largely due to the support of the authorities. Kiev makes enormous efforts to spread the Ukrainian construct, while religious confessions on the territory of Ukraine either die on their own or are "helped" by the SBU, as it is now happening to the Kyiv-loyal UOC-MP.  Therefore, it is not surprising that the gaping religious void is being filled by Biden and Bandera. They are, one might say, the main deities, fully embodying modern Ukraine. Biden in the form of a Western master and a local "non-independent nationalist", sacrificing "Russians" for a "bright Ukrainian future".  Actually, Ukrainians themselves acknowledge such reasons for changing Christmas symbols - in their words, they are caused by "peculiarities of terrain, national and regional element", i.e. adjusting old holidays to the new Ukrainian "faith". (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)

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