Permalink 21 Years Ago Today: US Rips Up ABM Treaty With Russia, Starting Slow Slide Toward Current Crisis

Tuesday marks the 21st anniversary of the decision by then-US President George W. Bush to quit the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, a landmark 1972 agreement which limited the anti-ballistic missile capabilities of the US and the USSR (and later Russia). The move became the canary in the coalmine of trouble in relations between Russia and the US.
💬 “I have concluded the ABM Treaty hinders our government’s ways to protect our people from future terrorist or rogue state missile attack,” US President George W. Bush said, speaking to reporters at the White House Rose Garden on December 13, 2001. “Today I have given formal notice to Russia…that the United States of America is withdrawing from this almost thirty year old treaty,” he said.  Six months later, on June 13, 2002, the agreement was history. The ABM Treaty, signed by Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and US President Richard Nixon in May 1972, limited Moscow and Washington’s ability to build ballistic missile interceptors, and was designed to slow the expansion of the superpowers’ arsenals of nuclear warheads and delivery systems, and to prevent either country from trying to gain an advantage over the other which would upset the global strategic balance.

Permalink Türkiye: We discovered $12 billion worth of oil on Mount Gabar

Speaking after the cabinet meeting, President Erdoğan announced the discovery of 12 billion dollars worth of oil in Gabar Mountain 💬 “One of the 10 greatest discoveries made on land in 2022.” In the Presidential ComplexPresident Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was in front of the cameras after the meeting with his elder brother, addressed the nation. Standing in front of the cameras after the cabinet meeting, President Erdoğan talked about oil exploration activities. Announcing the discovery of 12 billion dollars worth of oil in Gabar Mountain, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used the following statements: 💬 “We discovered 150 million net oil reserves in Gabar Mountain. It is one of the top 10 discoveries made on land in 2022. The reserve value is approximately 12 billion dollars.  We are soon inaugurating the facility in Saros, which enables the transfer of natural gas from the ships under construction to the national grid. We also intensified our oil exploration activities on land. We started to produce oil from wells where concrete was poured, saying that there was no oil before. The production of Turkish oil, which was 40 thousand barrels, increased to 65 thousand barrels today. Comment here (in Russian)

Permalink West facing ‘existential choice’ – Moscow

It can either address the security concerns of other nations, or stick to a “suicidal” egocentric attitude, a top Russian senator has said | Western countries are standing at a crossroads and must decide whether they want continue pursuing selfish policies that address only their own security, or recognize that this is a dead-end track, the vice speaker of upper chamber of the Russian parliament, Konstantin Kosachev, said on Tuesday.  Writing on Telegram, Kosachev, who also chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, said that 💬 “sooner or later, the West will have to make an existential choice” between catering for only its own interests, “or admitting that this suicidal strategy has exhausted itself.”  The senator noted that a return to the principle of “indivisibility of security architecture” was the only path forward. Kosachev explained that this means a “deliberate refusal to ensure one’s own security at the expense” of other countries, adding that it serves “as a cornerstone” for all complex diplomatic arrangements.  The vice speaker also claimed that there is a rift between Western countries on this issue. He pointed to the statements made by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the need for a new security framework after the Ukraine conflict ends.

Permalink Wait a minute, the Indians also want money

Marachow's time (Мараховское время) | There are, dear friends, those among us who have not yet understood what the buzzwords "decolonisation", "cultural appropriation", "privilege" and "anti-exploitation" really mean. Translated into human terms they all sound like "give me money give me money give me money give me money". The Guardian rejoices in the story of British yogini Nadia Gelani, who has released The Yoga Manifesto and exposes the horrible facts of life:

1) In Britain, most yoga teachers are white. The trainees are, too.
2) Classes are expensive, at £20 a class, unaffordable for many rightly branded "yoga" Hindus. In addition, the training must be in a hundred-pound leggings on expensive mat, and on it is drawn stolen from the Hindus OM.
3) And the global yoga industry is, by the way, forty billion dollars a year.
4) Something has to be done. "Not that I think yoga should be given back strictly to Indians and whites excommunicated from it. It won't work that way. But there needs to be a discussion!"

The discussion, of course, [is] about repenting and paying up...I wrote the other day that the most lucrative business in the developed twenty-first century is the business of selling trouble and accusations (even in cosmetics and energy, and if we read from this angle all the cries of all the Baltic, Eastern Europeans, Central Europeans and Central Asian decolonizers towards our country, we will easily recognize the attempts to do such business). But what is impressive is the speed with which the domestic guilt tax is being imposed on everything in the advanced world. It would seem that we don't care - but it's worth remembering that the poisonous sprouts of ESG, which in fact include the germs of all kinds of guilt, for which "we must pay and repent", have not yet been bothered to weed from our own soil. So many things will come our way as well. (DeepL)

Permalink Minsk Agreements: Why the Genocide of Donbass Failed to Stop

In the winter of 2015, The Minsk Peace Agreements became the sole possible means to reaching a lasting diplomatic resolution to the conflict in the Donbass. Why were the agreements necessary? What were their main points? Why did they fail to bear fruit and secure peace, and who was responsible?

Ex-Austrian Vice Chancellor Strache: Merkel's Words About Goals of Minsk Agreements are Frightening

Permalink Swedes Will Soon Be a Minority in Their Own Country, Politician Warns

Moderate Party politician Hanif Bali has warned that, rather than the melting pot everyone had been working to achieve, Sweden may turn into a “divided multi-ethnic society” where a large part of the population has been “deprived of both language and culture, resettled and dumped in ghettoized neighborhoods with a catastrophic social situation”. | Swedes are becoming a minority in their own country, Swedish Moderate Party politician and former board member Hanif Bali has warned, foreseeing the dire consequences of mass immigration.  In an opinion piece titled “Who will teach children Swedish when there are no more Swedes left?”, Bali sounded the alarm over how badly new arrivals are integrated. In his article, Bali called ethnic Swedes “majority Swedes” and warned that the group was on its way to losing its status. 💬 “The so-called majority Swedes are becoming a minority... in some parts of the country it has already happened. In Malmo, only 32 percent of primary school students have two Swedish-born parents, in Gothenburg and Stockholm the figure is 46 and 50 percent respectively — and these figures are shrinking every year,” Hanif Bali wrote. He also argued that statistics may be deceptive, as 💬 "the segregated second-generation” are having children too. Statistics Sweden considers these children to have a Swedish background because their parents were born here. But that is no guarantee that they are fluent in the language, norms and culture of Sweden,” Bali wrote.  Saddled with a plummeting birthrate and an ageing population, Sweden has in recent decades resorted to mass immigration to fix the cracks in the labor market and the gap in the pensions funds. Every fourth resident in the country has a foreign background and every third has at least one parent born abroad. The share of Swedes having a foreign background is rising constantly, because immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa tend to have a higher fertility rate than ethnic Swedes.

Permalink CDC and Census Bureau had direct access to Twitter portal where they could flag speech for censorship

More Big Tech-Big Government censorship collusion. | Emails between an employee at the United States (US) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Twitter have revealed that at least one CDC staff member and the US Census Bureau had access to Twitter’s dedicated “Partner Support Portal” which allows approved government partners to flag content to Twitter for censorship.  The emails were released by the nonprofit organization America First Legal and show Twitter enrolling a CDC employee into this portal through their personal account in May 2021 (pages 182-194).  On May 10, 2021, the CDC’s Carol Crawford sent Twitter employee Todd O’Boyle a list of example posts highlighting “two issues that we [the CDC] are seeing a great deal of misinfo about.” O’Boyle responded by saying that enrolling in Twitter’s Partner Support Portal is the best way for Crawford to get posts like this reviewed in the future.

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