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As Katherine Watt explains If the Govts can state there’s a NATIONAL EMERGENCY they can SUSPEND your right to informed consent. American Domestic Bioterrorism Program (Katherine Watt)

Permalink EU may strip Hungary of voting rights to seal Ukraine aid deal — Financial Times

"Maybe Hungary can create more trouble. Maybe Hungary can force us to use a few different tools. But ultimately Hungary cannot stop us providing money to Ukraine," said EU senior official | EU member states are considering the possibility of stripping Hungary of its voting rights in order to conclude an agreement on allocating funds to Ukraine, The Financial Times has quoted European diplomats as saying.  According to the officials, the EU may apply Article 7 of the 2007 European Union Treaty, which allows for depriving a country of the right to vote due to a violation of European legislation. This process can be blocked by any other EU member, but as the daily notes, after Poland's recent elections, "Hungary no longer has a guaranteed protector" the EU.  Despite this, some EU members are wary of the idea of imposing restrictions on Budapest. Instead, they intend to demonstrate to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban the "full costs" of isolating the country within the EU in order to force him to change his mind regarding the allocation of funds to Ukraine. If that fails, the FT says, the EU's 26 other members could strike a deal on their own, although "it would take time and only offer a short-term fix."

EU could stop Hungary voting on Ukraine – FT (RT.com)

Permalink Ukrainian soldiers ordered into ‘suicide missions’ – NYT

Waves of Kiev’s troops have reportedly been cut down in “futile” attempts to cross the Dnieper River in Kherson | Ukrainian marines are reportedly frustrated over the orders they are being given to launch wave after wave of suicidal attacks across the Dnieper River in southern Kherson Region, resulting in heavy casualties that belie the claims made by government officials.  Conditions are so difficult – and so contrary to the optimistic statements made by President Vladimir Zelensky and other Ukrainian leaders – that half a dozen of the men involved in the fighting along the Dnieper River agreed to tell their stories to the New York Times. “It’s not even a fight for survival,” one of the soldiers said in an article published on Saturday. “It’s a suicide mission.”  The newspaper described the cross-river attacks as “brutalizing and futile.” Ukrainian troops are being struck down on the riverbanks or in the water, even before they reach the other side. Although commanders declined most media requests to visit troops in the region, drone footage of the area verified the accounts of the troops who were interviewed, the US media outlet said.

UK contemplating sending troops to Ukraine – ex-ambassador (RT.com)

Permalink I was naive about the West – Putin

The president has admitted believing the crusade against Russia would be over after the Soviet Union’s collapse | President Vladimir Putin has said he was wrong to assume the West would establish productive relations with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In reality, it was determined to break the nation apart, the Russian leader explained. [...] The Russian president said that he had believed that the West understood that Russia had become a completely different country after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that there were no further ideological differences warranting a serious stand-off. 💬 According to Putin, even when he saw Western efforts to support terrorism and separatism in Russia two decades ago, he thought that it was the “inertia of thinking” that was to blame. “They had just got used to fighting the Soviet Union,” he believed. In reality, however, the West was deliberately trying to undercut Russia, the president said. “After the collapse of the Soviet Union they thought they just had to wait a little longer, and then they would break Russia apart as well.” [...] Putin has repeatedly said that the West was planning to split Russia into several states, warning that the Russian people could cease to exist if this happens, and naming its continued unity as the key condition for the country’s success.

Russia will be either sovereign or non-existent — Putin (TASS)
Putin dismisses Biden's claims that Russia would attack NATO as absurd (TASS)

Permalink The War in Gaza: It's Not About Hamas. It's About Demographics

Mike Whitney | We’ve been told repeatedly that the goal of Israel’s operation in Gaza is to “defeat Hamas”. But is that true? We don’t think it is. | The real objectives relate to an issue that is never discussed in the media, but is the primary factor driving events. Demographics. As we all know, Israel’s long-term plan is to incorporate Gaza and the West Bank into Greater Israel. They want to control all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The problem is, however, that if they annex the occupied territories without disposing of the people, then the Palestinian population will equal or exceed that of the Jews which would lead to the demise of the Jewish state. That is the basic problem in a nutshell.

Israeli sniper kills in 'cold blood' mother, daughter in Gaza church (PressTV)
"Palestinian Terror Operative" Means Anyone Still Alive (Moon of Alabama)
Israeli forces bulldoze Palestinian tents, crushing people alive (Middle East Eye)
'Israel' commits new massacre in Jabalia, dozens martyred across Gaza (Al Mayadeen)
Watch: Israeli children sing, “We will annihilate everyone” in Gaza (11/21/23)
Death and Destruction in Gaza (John J. Mearsheimer)

Permalink Self-Assembling Amyloid-Like Nanostructures From SARS-CoV-2 S1,S2, RBD and N Recombinant Proteins

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD | Please note the wording: REMARKABLY, THE RESEARCHERS FOUND SELF ASSEMBLY NANOPARTICLES AND NANOFIBERS OF VARYING SIZE. | Please note the Amyloid Protein polymerizaton is the same as self assembly protein polymers used in nano-technology. They are using a medical term for what I have been saying all along. Prion like protein, polyamide protein polymer, self assembly protein hydrogels all are describing the same thing- the rubbery clot material we have been analyzing and seeing in the live blood analysis. (Here is the link to the article)

Understanding Prior History Of Covid19 And C19 Vaccination Association With Amyloid Fibril Production and Prion Disease - Rationale For Methylene Blue - Literature Review (Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD)

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