Permalink Data dam is bursting: Now it’s Korean studies revealing mRNA vax threats

KOREAN studies are revealing startling health outcomes following COVID-19 vaccinations, Dr Guy Hatchard, an international food safety and natural medicine advocate has revealed. | News of his findings was posted on X this week by UK Brexit Party candidate and businessman Jim Ferguson, who has been a leading voice in the current exposure of Covid19 vaccination crimes against national populations.  “Korean studies Indicate what our governments are hiding. In a groundbreaking revelation that’s sending shockwaves through the global health community, Dr Guy Hatchard sheds light on alarming findings from Korean studies about COVID-19 vaccinations,” Ferguson posted.  “These studies, emerging from the heart of Seoul, uncover disturbing trends in health outcomes for vaccinated individuals, drawing a stark contrast with their unvaccinated counterparts,” he said. Ferguson wants to know if this was the reason for former New Zealand PM and World Economic Forum cultist Jacinda Ardern who exempted herself and 11,000 others from vaccination. [...] Hatchard says the researchers concluded: 💬 “This study demonstrated the haematologic adverse events associated with COVID-19 vaccination using real-world data. The cumulative incidence rate of nutritional anaemia, aplastic anaemia, and coagulation defects significantly and constantly increased for 3 months after the COVID-19 vaccination compared to the non-vaccinated group.”

NZ vax scandal: Health Ministry says 4 dead from shots, when data points to 10,000 deaths (Cairns News)

Permalink How Israel uses an AI genocide program to obliterate Gaza

Jonathan Cook | According to whistleblowers, Israel’s AI system is generating targets so fast, based on inputs so broad, that everyone in Gaza is in the crosshairs | It should already have been evident from the scale of death and destruction inflicted on Gaza over the past eight weeks that Israel was implementing a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide against Palestinians in the besieged enclave.  Now Israeli whistleblowers have provided details of how these crimes against humanity are being carried out – and how they are being rationalised internally within Israel’s military and political echelons. An extraordinary series of testimonies jointly published by the Israel-based publications 972 and Local Call last week established that the huge death toll of Palestinian civilians is, in fact, integral to Israel’s war aims, not an unfortunate side effect.  The known dead so far are estimated at almost 16,000, with a further 6,000 missing, presumably crushed under rubble. Two-thirds of those killed by Israel are women and children.

Permalink Israel poses ‘greater than ever’ threat to global security: Iran

Iran has warned that the threat posed by Israel to global peace and security is now “greater than ever” amid the regime’s bloody aggression against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. | Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks in an X post on Thursday after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres invoked Article 99 of the UN Charter, urging the Security Council to act on the Gaza war. Infuriated by Guterres’ move, Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen claimed that the UN chief was supporting the Palestinian Hamas resistance group and called for his resignation, charging that his tenure was “a danger to world peace.” [sic!!!] Kan’ani said the fact is that 💬 “the Zionist regime has been a real threat to global peace and security since its illegal establishment and that its true nature has become more obvious to the world after Operation Al-Aqsa Storm.” “Now more than ever, it (Israel) is a threat to global peace and security as well as the entire humanity. The world has a responsibility to deal with this global threat.”

Borrell urges EU support for UN chief's Article 99 invocation (Al Mayadeen)
What is UN Article 99 and why has Guterres called for it to be used? (msn.com)
ARTICLE 99 (legal.un.org)(.pdf text)
Raisi: Palestine, Swift End To ‘Israel’s’ Gaza War Top of Agenda of Russia Visit (Alahed News)

Permalink Bruises found on bodies of Palestinians who died in Israeli detention

Report by Haaretz suggests six Palestinian prisoners died from violence or medical neglect, and follows eyewitness testimony of physical abuse from released detainees | At least two of the six Palestinian detainees who have died in Israeli custody since the ongoing war began in October were found with bruises on their bodies, Haaretz said in a report on Wednesday. Four of the six died in Israeli prisons, while two died in military detention facilities. Two were found with bruises, while evidence suggests four died from violence preceding their death, or of medical neglect. Abdul-Rahman Maree, 33, died in Megiddo Prison on 13 November. An autopsy 10 days after his death showed signs of trauma on his chest, and that his ribs and sternum were broken.

Permalink Israeli forces kill 4 Palestinians across West Bank: Health Ministry

Israeli forces have killed four Palestinians, including two teenagers, during violent attacks across the occupied West Bank, amid the occupying regime’s continuous bombardment of the Gaza Strip. | The Palestinian Health Ministry said in a statement that Israeli soldiers shot 16-year-old Omar Abu Bakr in the chest after storming the village of Yabad near Jenin on Wednesday. The ministry also noted that 24-year-old Abdul Nasser Mustafa Riyahi succumbed to his wounds after he was shot by Israeli forces during a raid on the Balata refugee camp, east of the city of Nablus. Palestine’s official WAFA news agency also reported that clashes erupted after Israeli forces broke into the camp and surrounded a house.

Strikes on Rafah sow fear in last area to which people can flee (Naharnet/AFP)
Four Palestinians Martyred by ‘Israeli’ Fire in Occupied West Bank (Alahed News)
62 days into war on Gaza; genocide ongoing, health system in shambles (Al Mayadeen)
Israeli Aggression in Gaza Enters 62nd Day, Leaving Devastation and Loss (Al Manar TV)

Permalink ‘Israeli’ Soldiers Suffer Eye Injuries in Gaza, Many Losing Their Vision - Report

Hundreds of invading ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers who are confronted by Hamas resistance fighters in Gaza suffered severe ophthalmologic injuries, with some even losing their vision in one or both eyes, according to a late Wednesday report by KAN News. | Most of the eye injuries sustained were caused by ‘Israeli’ occupation fighters not wearing protective gear, namely eye protection equipment, as required during battle, the report added. The eye injuries were sustained mostly through close contact with bullet shrapnel, and recoil, although some fighters suffered direct hits from Hamas fighter. Alarmingly, some 10-15% of the injuries sustained resulted in the loss of eyesight in one or both eyes. KAN further reported that some 40 soldiers with eye injuries were hospitalized at ‘Soroka Medical Center’ in ‘Beersheba’ since October 7. Further, five soldiers arrived at the hospital with severe injuries earlier this week. Two of the five reportedly underwent surgery in the past 24 hours.

Permalink Alliance With Russia as ‘Ambassador of New World Order’ Can Help Iran 'Prosper'

After brief visits to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia on December 6, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin's agenda for Thursday was set aside time for extensive talks with visiting Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. [...] Earlier, the Kremlin announced that after visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin would receive the Iranian president in Moscow on Thursday. The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, will arrive in Russia on a working visit accompanied by a high-ranking delegation. The sides plan to consider the current agenda of bilateral cooperation "with an emphasis on the implementation of promising joint projects in the trade and economic sphere, including transport and energy," it was stated. The two leaders will also exchange views on major international and regional topics.

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