Permalink Infectious diseases sweeping Gaza; another blow to healthcare system

Illnesses and diseases are tearing through the survivors of the aggression. | Amid the turmoil Gazans have found themselves in due to "Israel's" genocidal war, with the lack of clean water, food, medicinal aid, overcrowded shelters, and the cold weather of December, illnesses and diseases are tearing through the survivors.  As Gaza remains deprived of aid and with the constant reckless bombardment that destroys hospice facilities and aid coming into the Strip, those who have fallen ill find themselves unable to receive treatment as doctors scurry the limited resources they still have to Palestinians who have been injured by Israeli strikes.  The catastrophic collapse of Gaza's healthcare system has made it unfeasible to collect data on the exact number of people and children consumed by illnesses, but the World Health Organization, with records from the Ministry of Health in Gaza and the UNRWA, reported at least 369,000 cases of infectious diseases. However, Shannon Barkley, the health systems team lead at the World Health Organization’s offices in Gaza and the West Bank, mentioned that the aforementioned number is restricted to southern Gaza and excludes cases in northern Gaza, leading the organization to predict a much higher number.

UN: Gaza Hospitals Stretched to Breaking Point by IOF Bombing, Infections Exploding (Alahed News)

Permalink Israeli army raids shelters in northern Gaza, kicks displaced Palestinians out

Israeli army forces stormed into a number of schools in the Al-Faluja area in Jabalia, kicked the women and children out, and arrested the men | The Israeli army on Monday raided several schools where displaced Palestinians have been taking shelter and kicked them out in the cold of the northern Gaza Strip.  Israeli army forces stormed into a number of schools in the Al-Faluja area in Jabalia, kicked the women and children out, and arrested the men, eyewitnesses told Anadolu. A state of panic and fear prevailed among the women and children who left the schools under the Israeli bullets and shelling, the eyewitnesses added. They also said they were forced to leave the shelters completely empty-handed, without even water, food, or even blankets to protect them from the December cold.

Israeli airstrikes on Rafah kill 20 — media (TASS)
Israeli soldier makes video vandalising Palestinian shop in Gaza (Al Jazeera) (VIDEO)

Permalink Yemeni Forces claim attack on Strinda oil tanker headed to 'Israel'

The Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson highlights that the "Israel"-bound Norwegian-flagged oil tanker was only targeted after its crew had rejected all warning calls. | In a televised statement, Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson Brigadier General Yahya Saree confirmed that the naval forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces targeted an oil tanker with a missile strike. [...] The Norwegian-flagged ship was loaded with oil and headed to the ports of the Israeli occupation, General Saree announced in the statement. The Yemeni Armed Forces succeeded in the past two days in enforcing the ban they had declared earlier this week without the need for military action.

Yemen's Houthis strike Norwegian-flagged oil tanker heading to Israel (aNews)
Missile Hit Causes Fire on Chemical Tanker in Red Sea - Reports (Sputnik News)
Palestine - Occupation Forces Have Serious Losses (Moon of Alabama)

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