Permalink Let's Talk About The Jews / Who Rewrote the Bible?

How and Why The Translators Have Deceived the Whole World by Deliberately Changing the Truth of the Bible. Find the answers to the questions that every Christian should be asking! "Who Rewrote the Bible?" by Dr. Lorraine Day (Book)

Permalink Major setback for US-led naval coalition as France, Spain and Italy leave

In a major setback to a US-led maritime task force in the Red Sea to protect passage of Israeli-owned and Israel-bound merchant vessels, France, Spain, and Italy have officially withdrawn their participation from the alliance. | The three nations have explicitly stated their commitment to operating exclusively under the command of international bodies such as the United Nations, NATO, or the European Union, choosing not to align with the United States. The French Defense Ministry announced in a statement that it supported efforts to secure freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and surrounding area and said it already operated in the region.  However, it said its ships would stay under French command and did not say if it would deploy more naval forces. Italy’s Defense Ministry also said it would send naval frigate Virginio Fasan to the Red Sea to protect its national interests in response to specific requests made by Italian ship owners. It said this was part of its existing operations, and was not part of the US-led naval coalition in the waterway.

Yemen: Anti- ‘Israel’ Ops to Intensify if ‘Israel’ Doesn’t End Aggression on Gaza (Alahed News)
The US and Israel face a powerful new enemy in the Middle East (Robert Inlakesh) (RT.com)
Russian Identification of Houthi Tanker Target in Indian Ocean (John Helmer)

Permalink Hamas urges international probe into Israel’s summary executions in Gaza

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has called for an international investigation into summary executions carried out by Israeli forces during the regime's ongoing genocidal war against the besieged Gaza Strip. | In a statement on Saturday, the movement said it has gathered testimonies proving that "the Israeli army [has] carried out the summary execution of 137 Palestinian civilians" in the northern Gaza Strip, including in Gaza City, since October 7, when the regime began its brutal attacks on the territory.

“Israel” Martyrs Hundreds in Gaza (Alahed News)
Over 20,400 martyrs in Gaza; IOF commit 5 massacres in Deir al-Balah (Al Mayadeen)
IRAN: US, Israel must stand trial for crimes against humanity in Gaza
UN Report Says Over 570,000 People Are Starving in Gaza (12/22/23)
Washington Post Maps Israel's Destruction of Gaza (Information Liberation)

Permalink Russia warns US of breakdown in diplomatic relations

Russia says it may decide to cut diplomatic relations with the United States “completely” if Washington confiscates the billions of dollars’ worth of Russian foreign assets held in US financial institutions to assist Ukraine in the war. | Washington’s political leadership “must not act under an illusion... that Russia is clinging with both hands to diplomatic relations with that country,” the Interfax news agency quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying on Friday.  Ryabkov said Moscow would not be the one to initiate a complete breakdown in diplomatic ties, but this could happen for a number of reasons, including, “asset confiscation, further military escalation, many other things. I would not go into negative forecasts here.” The Russian diplomat said Moscow was “ready for any scenario.”

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